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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] When you are driving on the road, you suddenly find that a car in front of you is facing you, but driving in the same direction as you, do you think he is reversing? However, this is not necessarily the case…

Recently, a driver in Massachusetts, USA, was driving on the road and suddenly noticed that there was a Chevrolet pickup in front of him. He looked closer and saw that the car was “reversing” and the speed was not slow. Until it reached a three-way intersection, the “reverse” pickup truck turned on the “right” turn signal, and then turned left… In fact, this pickup truck is not reversing, but a modified car. A modified car with the shell turned around! And the turn signal he turned on when he turned left is no longer the right turn signal of the past, it is now the left turn signal.

This pickup is a Chevrolet C/K 1500, and its owner is Ron, who is an American car enthusiast. Although it seems to simply turn the car shell 180 degrees, this project took Ron four years! This is because not only the car's shell turns the direction, but also the seats, steering wheel, transmission system, and light lines, etc., many facilities must be modified accordingly.

It can be seen from the video that this car can not only run normally, when braking, the two turn signals on the front of the car also light up at the same time as rear brake lights, and can also flash separately as turn lights. Although there is no close-up shot of the interior of the car, it is vaguely visible that everything inside has been turned around. In addition, Ron also installed two rear-view mirrors on the original B-pillar position to allow him to see the situation behind him clearly.

A car suddenly appeared in front of the front facing its own car. I believe that no matter who it is will be shocked. Therefore, many people will definitely question: Is this modification legal? In fact, it is really legal. At present, this car has passed various safety tests in Massachusetts and can be used on the road legally… It seems that not only car fans abroad have big brains, but also the hearts of relevant departments. Big… Similar things are not only this case. Last year, a couple in Australia also built a car that was interchangeable end to end. Extended reading: “Overseas version of QQme? The Australian Couple Builds the End-to-End Interchangeable Car” (Guo Song, Home of Wen Auto)