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[YesAuto original test drive] Latitude is a model specially developed by Renault for the Asian market. Its life experience is almost the same as that of Koleio. It is a European car that uses Japanese technology and is produced in South Korea. To put it more directly, it is a Nissan with a shell. The nature is just like the relative relationship between Keleao and Qijun. Renault is one of the few imported brands that have not officially entered China. Now the French arrogance is finally overwhelming. Perhaps it is because the sales of Koleo are very good, or the profit-making jealousy of other manufacturers. In short, they have already Begin to attach importance to the domestic market. As Renault's first mid-size car to enter the country, what will it perform?

Latitude has been on the market during the auto show. According to the difference in power and configuration, the car has four models. As an imported model, the price range of 20.28 to 292,800 is quite attractive. The model we want to experience and test drive today is exactly the top model. Equipped with 2.5L flagship navigation version.

Appearance French cars become conservative

I am a person who prefers French cars, but I have very little contact with Renault, because it is still a rare brand in China. The unique design of French cars often resonates with my romantic feelings. However, Latitude seems to be “unique” in the French brand because of the moderation of this newly born medium-sized car. More serious, it has lost the characteristics of French cars a bit, and this is also the result of compromise with the market.

Seeing the front face of Renault Latitude, I feel a little visually tired. If I remove the logo, I would never think that this is a French car. Obviously Latitude has broken the shackles of family style. The popular front face is very popular. It's plain, and I can't find any bright spots. It looks a bit like an autonomous mid-size car. Which one do you think it is? The size of the latitude body is 4897mm*1832mm*1483mm, and the volume is not small, in line with the normal body standard of a medium-sized car.

In order to be accepted by more conservative consumers, Latitude has cancelled some of the more unique designs of French cars. In the Renault family, such standard sedan models are rarely seen. The wheelbase of 2762mm is slightly shorter than that of the same platform. The space performance will be explained later. All Latitude series are equipped with tires of the same specifications. This Michelin Green X series is an environmentally friendly tire, which can theoretically reduce rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

I prefer to observe this car at 45 degrees from the side and rear, because I think this is the best angle for it to look at, and how the shape of the rear taillight looks like the eighth-generation Sonata. Generally speaking, its appearance lacks the characteristics that the Renault family should have. Almost all of the media friends who test drive together have this view. Perhaps the media people are more sensitive to the model and do not know what consumers' attitudes towards the Latitude design are.

Latitude’s top models use smart sensor keys. In addition to being designed as a card, the most important thing is to have a sensor function. When the key leaves the vehicle for about three meters, the door will be automatically locked, and it’s easy to return to the front of the vehicle. It will unlock automatically, but this function can only be activated without interfering with the buttons at all. If you are using a remote control key to lock the door, you must use the same aspect to unlock it.

Interior fragrance diffuser is the highlight

Entering the interior of the latitude car, it is not as modest as the exterior, but continues to retain the elements of the Renault family. The interior colors of the upper black and the lower rice are very compatible. If you like sports, there is a pure black interior. Available for selection.

The 5.8-inch screen of the center console is mainly used to display audio and navigation information. The navigation map uses the world-renowned brand TOMTOM. In actual use, it is a bit unhuman when planning routes. I don’t know if it is an optimization of domestic roads. Not enough. The full set of navigation operations are realized by the button group behind the bar, which looks quite technological, but it is still not as straightforward as a touch screen.

The design of the instrument is more traditional. I used to look at the dial with a variety of background lights to enhance the atmosphere and then look at the latitude. I feel that a little bit is actually quite good. It is a pity that the content of the central display has not been finished in Chinese. I want to officially enter China. , These details still need to be more careful. Latitude also uses a multi-function control lever to act as a multi-function steering wheel. It integrates Bluetooth phone and audio system control, but it takes a period of time to get used to it for the first time. After getting used to it, it is actually quite convenient.

Let the spices evaporate in the car, I am afraid that only French people have such a romantic idea. It can also put two different spices at the same time, and choose which flavor to evaporate through the button. Renault calls it a “fragrance diffuser”. At the same time, Latitude also has the function of disinfecting and purifying the air in the car, but the effect is difficult to judge subjectively, but it cannot be denied that this is a very creative design. However, these two functions are only available for top-of-the-line models.

The sound control and the buttons in the air-conditioning area have a different feel. The former emits a crisper sound like the Audi model, while the latter is softer and more delicate. Sometimes certain designs of French cars always make people feel strange. For example, it puts the speed limit and cruise control switch button next to the gear bar. In the traditional concept, it should be located near the steering wheel.

Comfortable space performance of front seats is average

Sitting on the latitude seat, the soft seat and seat back will undoubtedly reveal the comfortable style, and the ride feel is no less than the Nissan Teana on the same platform. Comfortable ride is only one of the highlights of latitude, and the rich seat adjustment functions are even more attractive.

Seeing the densely packed buttons on the driver’s seat, I believe you will also feel curious. In addition to the seat heating, Latitude also has a seat massage function, which can be activated during driving. The massage method is a rolling ball rolling up and down on the back. , To a certain extent, it can alleviate the fatigue of the driver. In addition, I think its humanized design is worthy of recognition is the backrest support that can be adjusted in three parts, which I have not seen in many high-end cars.

In terms of riding space, passengers with a height of 180cm are adjusted to a suitable driving position, their head is only two fingers away from the roof, and there is also a problem of poor headroom performance in the back row, which may be related to its high seat cushion. relationship. The relatively cramped space combined with the shorter rear seat cushion support, coupled with the overly inclined backrest, all at once neutralized the softness and comfort of the seat, anyway, the rear seat is not very decent.

As mentioned in the previous article, the latitude air conditioner is independent of the three zones, the rear passengers only have the right to control the temperature, and the air volume has to be determined by the front row. The panoramic sunroof is the favorite of the French, but now I see it more, there is nothing to say.

Storage space

All the storage spaces of Latitude are illustrated in the above picture. Except for the glove box which is really deep, the other storage compartments are normal, but it lacks a storage box suitable for storing small items. As far as visual inspection is concerned, the capacity of the trunk is similar to that of a normal medium-sized car. Most people will certainly not complain about it being small. The seat of this car also supports 4/6 tilting down. It is estimated that it might be possible to pull down any large items. There is almost no sex, and it is quite convenient to take a trunk from the car.

Test drive experience

Renault Latitude has two displacements of 2.0L and 2.5L. The 2.0 model is equipped with a CVT continuously variable transmission, while the 2.5 model we tested is married to a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. This 2.5L engine comes from Nissan Teana, but the tuning is slightly different, the maximum power is reduced by 13 horsepower, and the torque is increased by 1N·m.

Latitude is easy to drive. The light steering wheel and accelerator pedal will not cause any difficulty in getting started, but the response of the accelerator is slightly lagging. In fact, the most impressive thing is the comfortable suspension and excellent sound insulation of Latitude, which is also what it emphasizes. Don’t forget the very comfortable seat with massage.

Each car has its own personality. The latitude and the same platform's Teana and Citroen C5 are completely a routine. It is not prepared for handling and intense driving at all. The soft shock absorption effect brings comfort. The driving experience is that the suspension absorbs the road completely during driving. When suddenly encountering big bumps or driving a little bit more intensely, you can obviously feel the strong support of the rear section, so the latitude is not a soft mess.

I am a person who pays great attention to the sound insulation of vehicles. In this respect, Renault Latitude is just right for my appetite. It can well isolate wind noise and engine noise during normal driving, giving people a relatively heavy package feeling. Recognized by fellow media teachers. However, its gearbox tuning is a bit sluggish, and it is not very active when downshifting when deep stepping on the accelerator. Perhaps in order to avoid the shock of downshifting, it is deliberately adjusted so that it starts to act when you are sure that you need to downshift.

With a kick to the end, the engine speed will be pulled up to 6000 rpm before shifting gears. This time, a high-pitched roar has been heard in the cabin, but the car will still maintain a calm posture and move forward steadily, seeming to change from 2000 to 2000. The acceleration feels very little change between 6000 revolutions. The media friends in the same industry say that they can’t speak without pushing, but it is not so exaggerated. It is for sure that there is no passion. The official acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 10.7 seconds. And the actual performance is still very gentle.

Full text summary

The appearance of the Renault Latitude is very modest, and basically does not retain any family elements. This kind of compromise to the market makes people feel a bit regretful, because it is a bit too lacking in characteristics. But the French car is still a French car after all. Aside from the appearance, the Renault Latitude still carries some unique design elements. The most impressive thing is probably the fragrance diffuser, which can be understood as French romanticism. A kind of embodiment, the seat with multiple adjustment and massage function is also very rare in the same price model, and the design of some small details mentioned in the article reflects the uniqueness of the concept of the French system.

Regardless of the ride or driving experience, Renault Latitude focuses on comfort, and is a very thorough comfort style. As an original imported model, the price of 202,800 to 292,800 is very tempting. It is in the field of imported cars at this price. It seems that there is no obvious competitor. Although Renault is not well-known in China, it is because there are few cars coming to China. This brand is absolutely no problem. If you agree, then Latitude, as the first medium-sized car to test the water in China, is comfortable and comfortable. Can it impress you?

Renault latitude parameter configuration