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[YesAuto Industry] Recently, Mercedes-Benz released a promotional video called “Standards, More Than One”, because the content uses the story of the well-known NBA basketball star Allen Ezail Iverson to promote its 1.3T engine. Aroused widespread concern, Iverson’s domestic agency also sent a lawyer’s letter to Mercedes-Benz. On the evening of December 18, Mercedes-Benz officially apologized and stated that it had made direct contact with Mr. Iverson’s authorized team this morning and had received the understanding of Mr. Iverson and his authorized team. Ferson himself responded to this.

Mercedes-Benz said that after the release of the “Standard, More Than One” video, it received feedback, criticism and suggestions from netizens and fans. He immediately stopped the dissemination of the video and deeply reflected on it, and sincerely apologized to everyone for this, especially to the legendary star Mr. Iverson. Benz said: “He is a legend of an era and an idol in many people's hearts. Our original intention is to pay tribute to Mr. Iverson and the great sportsmanship. We have made direct contact with the authorized team of Mr. Iverson this morning , Sincerely apologized. We also got the understanding of Mr. Iverson and his authorized team.” Mercedes-Benz also mentioned that thanks to netizens and fans for promptly helping them find problems, Mercedes-Benz must accept criticism with an open mind and let this experience become a driving force for its growth.

For Mercedes-Benz’s public apology, Iverson himself responded: “Hello everyone, recently you may have seen a video using my story without me. This is not cool at all. A film about Allen Iverson must show the real Allen Iverson. Mercedes China apologized to me, we will soon do something to everyone’s satisfaction, so please also Pay attention to the follow-up progress.”

Edit comment :

The outflow of Mercedes-Benz's ads quickly caused fermentation, which not only aroused the dissatisfaction of many basketball fans, but also caused widespread concern in the automotive industry. But at present, Mercedes-Benz has reached a negotiated settlement with Iverson himself, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress.