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[YesAuto original test drive] First of all, Guangzhou Automobile Group has given a good name to its first self-owned brand mid-size car. It is not difficult to imagine the high expectations the manufacturer has placed on this car. Secondly, I believe that the appearance of Trumpchi can vividly divert your attention to the GAC Group's joint venture body, and there are all kinds of confusion and even doubts. Can Trumpchi be called a truly independent model? The word “independence” has undergone a transformation from rare to common in recent years. To be recognized by consumers, you must have hard power that can be obtained, so please forgive me for starting this trial with an attitude of searching for the truth. Driving activities, and I look forward to a comfortable answer like you.

● Appearance

People who are good at communication will always tell you how important the first impression is. It can often allow you to establish all your own judgments within 3 seconds. When you read this article, Trumpchi has been officially listed at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and you should have seen many photos of it. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you think of GAC Group's joint venture cars, it is also in line with reasonable logic. Now that this is the case, we might as well take a look at the performance of hardware fundamentals.

Due to the use of more “thin” lines, Trumpchi looks smaller than the real situation. In fact, its body size data is considered medium to large in medium-sized cars. The wheelbase of 2702mm is comparable to that of Volkswagen Magotan, which makes people worry about the internal space. This question will be answered below.

The designer engraved two very eye-catching raised lines on the engine cover. As for what he wants to express, it is already obvious. The shape of the front chrome grille also reminds me of some content about power and speed. Using an upward lens to record the front part of the Trumpchi, the focus here is the muscular atmosphere formed by the headlights, fog lights, rear-view mirror turn signals and wheels.

In contrast, the side lines are much more flat, with no particularly prominent parts, and the overall performance is very balanced, leaving a simple and clear impression. At this level, looking comfortable is a little bit more important than showing personality. The sight shifted to the rear of the car, and the low-key expression technique continued here. The designer did not choose a complicated modification technique, but solved the outline of the main components with a few simple strokes.

◆ Appearance summary

Trumpchi’s front face adopts a lot of passionate designs, while the sides and tail gradually return to calmness, which makes people have a soft transition in psychology. The shape of the whole car reveals the fundamentals of “the golden mean”. A touch of dynamic, the temperament fits the class of medium-sized cars.

● Interior configuration

If you can find some sports genes in the exterior, Trumpchi's interior is completely home style. It’s hard to find exciting designs here. From an aesthetic point of view, there is nothing new to say. However, what we want to talk about today is not visual enjoyment, but its obvious advantages in workmanship and configuration.

It is very common to find some wood-grain patch decorations on cars of this level. For example, Trumpchi uses this material on a large area in the central control, door and other parts. Thanks to the delicate workmanship, these things will not cause Disgusting. In addition, every button and knob you can touch in the car are assembled in a decent and compact state. I think this performance is closely related to the rich experience accumulated by the manufacturer.

GAC has prepared a plain-looking but very good-feeling steering wheel for Trumpchi. The 3 and 9 o'clock positions can be easily controlled after being thickened. It is believed that it will be more comfortable if it is a three-frame design. However, considering the identity of a medium-sized car, it is still Try to be docile.

Trumpchi has a total of 6 models on the market. Except for the lowest configuration, the other 5 models will be equipped with ESP system. The front seat heating and the standard automatic zone air-conditioning of the whole series are also unexpected extra points. At this level It is not easy to see among the autonomous models of.

The touch screen can operate DVD, navigation, reversing image and other functions, but the response speed of the software is a bit lagging, so you need to get used to it. In addition, although the reversing image is very good, it does not have the reversing radar and warning sound. .

◆ Summary of interior configuration

Trumpchi’s interior design lacks highlights, and the plain lines are difficult to attract interest, but its advantage lies in its high-quality control of details. The exquisite workmanship obviously benefits from the rich experience accumulated by the GAC Group. There are many surprises in the configuration. If you don't focus on the vision, Trumpchi's carriage is still very flattering.

● Space

As mentioned earlier, the wheelbase of Trumpchi is only 2.7 meters, which is equivalent to that of Magotan, and it uses a space-consuming multi-link independent rear suspension, which can be said to have two inherent disadvantages. So will the riding space be restricted as a result?

The person in the picture is 1.75 meters tall and can get a punch in the head room in the front row, and keep the seat position in the back row. Here, the experience person has just a punch in the head space and more than two punches in the leg space. ! It can be seen that Trumpchi's riding space is still quite guaranteed, especially the spaciousness of the rear row is far beyond previous expectations, which deserves praise.

In terms of storage space, the front and rear door panels have independent cup holders and storage slots, and there are also two independent cup holders next to the front handbrake; the volume of the central armrest box is not small, but the flaw is the general depth; the rear central armrest is designed It is very large, and it is also equipped with two cup holders and a storage tank inside.

The glove box has a small volume, and the inner wall is covered with non-slip flannel. The workmanship is exquisite and exquisite; the trunk volume is 505 liters. Since the rear seats cannot be put down, the loading capacity is restricted. When needed, it can be connected through the rear seats. Take some small items by mouth.

◆ Summary of space performance

Although the wheelbase is only 2702mm, Trumpchi has still done enough homework on the seating space, especially the rear passengers are well taken care of. Configurations like co-pilot seat adjustment that only appeared in high-end cars in the past have also appeared. , The back leg room of more than two punches can also reassure most people. As for the storage space, the performance is mediocre. Trumpchi did not spend too much energy in this area, and such performance can only be regarded as qualified.

● Driving experience

One thing I have to admit is that Trumpchi does seem to have the shadow of a Japanese car. Under this premise, assuming that it also drives like a Japanese car (this is an indisputable way of thinking), considering the car-making experience of GAC Group, then this kind of uninspired behavior will be a reflection of the spirit of independent innovation. The blow to consumers cannot be justified. Before the test drive of Trumpchi, I was most worried about this: because it seems to be too Japanese.

Even though it is known that it uses the Alfa Romeo 166 platform, it is difficult to think that it will leave me with such a first impression before the actual driving: this is a European car with a Japanese appearance. Regardless of steering assistance, suspension adjustment or body rigidity, they all reflect the confidence and compactness, especially on bumpy roads. The performance is very pleasing. The rich information is fed back to the driver, and it will not be too tough. I feel uncomfortable. I don't know if Alfa Romeo 166 also has such a performance. Its platform gives Trumpchi the attributes of driving joy and sitting satisfaction. It is commendable, and the previous worries are also wiped out in an instant.

The front double wishbone, rear multi-link suspension, and 2.7 turns of the steering wheel are rarely seen on medium-sized car bodies. While enjoying the driving pleasure, I suddenly remembered the “extended” one. word. From the source point of view, Trumpchi has excellent innate conditions, so it is very fortunate that Guangzhou Automobile Group did not use the way of pulling and pulling to meet the “rear passenger needs”, otherwise its performance in the corners will inevitably not be so easy, the driver What you can play with will be exploited by the “rear demand” a lot. Of course, I can't judge whether products with longer wheelbases will be derived on this platform in the future, at least the status quo of Trumpchi has satisfied me.

The prototype of the 2.0-liter VTML naturally aspirated engine also came from Alpha 166, which was assembled on Trumpchi after a series of complicated technical transformations by GAC. The initial output is very positive, the throttle response is sensitive, the explosive power in the low and medium speed range is satisfactory, and it is easy to deal with urban road conditions. The performance at high rpm is ordinary, and the momentum of speed increase gradually eased after 4500 rpm. There is not much to squeeze before the red line area. It seems that the manufacturer has adopted technological transformation to make this engine better integrate into the domestic use environment. The effect is good.

The gearbox adjustment from Aisin is not smart enough. We often say that “the gearbox that you don’t notice is a good gearbox”, and the 5AT equipped by Trumpchi always reminds you of its existence. The gear shifts in gentle driving are still relatively smooth. Once the accelerator is stepped a little deeper, it will actively downshift, and there will be a noticeable setback. Combined with the meaning of the previous manufacturers at the technical briefing, this should be one of the means to deliberately increase the sports atmosphere. It is a good thing to have this kind of awareness, but for a mid-size car, it will be counterproductive if it affects the comfort.

● Summary

The appearance of Trumpchi is easily reminiscent of a joint venture product of Guangzhou Automobile Group. The advantage is that consumers will be more likely to accept this somewhat familiar design. The disadvantage is that this design sends out the wrong signal and makes people mistakenly think that this is a certain model. The car is a replica of the car, and only those who have actually driven Trumpchi will suddenly realize that the original Japanese shell is actually Alpha 166 blood.

In fact, this kind of solid dynamic performance is building a good basic platform. On this basis, Trumpchi has a good appearance and a quite eye-catching configuration table, as well as the strengths in workmanship accumulated over many years of experience. The factors are integrated together to get a very competitive self-branded medium-sized car, so the top priority now is not the product itself, but to make efforts in the sales and service network, brand image, product image construction, etc. The only way is to do marketing. It is possible to fight this first battle well only when it is in place.