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[YesAuto 车台勐料] At the 14th G20 summit held recently, the heads of state or government from the G20 and guest countries gathered in Osaka. So what arrangements have the Japanese made for the travel of these big figures? Let's take a look.

For this kind of multi-national event, generally speaking, the host country will equip guests from each country with roughly the same fleet. Judging from the images exposed on the Internet, the standard configuration of this G20 summit leader team is as follows:

At the forefront of the fleet is a large-displacement police motorcycle. Each fleet is equipped with three motorcycles in an arrow-shaped queue. The models are uniformly white Honda CB1300P commonly seen in the Japanese Mounted Police.

Immediately behind the motorcycle is a police car with a standard paint. The model is the representative of Japanese police cars-Toyota Crown, and here is the Athlete model of the fourteenth generation model. The front overlapped inverted trapezoidal air intake The grille is its most obvious feature.

Behind the Crown police car is the head of state's car with a small national flag in the front. Japan is uniformly equipped with the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars for leaders of all countries. Judging from the thick black edges of the windows, these cars are all S-class Guard version bulletproof cars. It is worth mentioning that although these cars have license plates for the Shinagawa area of Tokyo, they are all left-handed models that are the opposite of Japan.

The heads of state’s bullet-proof cars are followed by a security vehicle that is always on alert at all times. The models of these vehicles are not as fixed as the previous ones, but they are large black cars with warning lights on their heads, based on Lexus LS and Infiniti Q70 dominates.

After that, there are vans and MPVs with varying numbers of entourages. The models are all black or dark blue Toyota Hiaces, and there are also a small number of Toyota Alpha. Judging from the green license plates on these vehicles representing operating vehicles, they should be rented specifically for this event.

Generally speaking, each team used a Toyota Crown police car with a standard paint to postpone. The above are the standard vehicles of the Führer fleet. In addition, some fleets will have more different security vehicles, but these “optional” vehicles are not available in every fleet.

The leaders of most countries will ride in the S-class bulletproof car unified by the organizer, but there are some exceptions. For example, the leader of Japan does not ride. The national flag in his motorcade is not Mercedes, but Japan’s Lexus LS. Sedan, and it is the previous generation model.

In addition, leaders of some countries brought their cars to Japan. Turkish President Erdogan’s car is a Mercedes-Maybach S-class bulletproof car. In addition, although the Saudi crown prince was riding in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class of the same model as the others, his car did not have a Japanese white license plate, but a blue foreign affairs license plate, suspected to be his own or embassy vehicle.

Of course, the typical representative of the self-owned vehicle during the visit is the President of the United States. Donald Trump’s fleet is very large. Except for the “standard” vehicles arranged by Japan, most of them are Americans’ own vehicles. Naturally Including the new “Beast” that has been in service for less than a year.

The leader who has just changed to a new car is also Russian President Putin. He also brought the domestic presidential Aurus Senat, which was unveiled in May last year, on this trip to Japan.

The Chinese delegation participating this time also brought its own domestically-produced cars. Through the images exposed on the Internet, it can be seen that there are two red flags and two Beijing cars.

Well, let’s stop here today. For more interesting and predictable car news in the future, please pay attention to the cultural channel of the car home. (Wang Meng, home of the car/picture from the Internet)