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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency control. In order to ensure that Jietu owners can use their cars with peace of mind, Chery Holdings Jietu has allocated 36 million yuan and launched targeted products that reach the “N90” filtering level. The air-conditioning filter system upgrade program, Jietu car owners can make an online appointment with a local dealer for a free upgrade. From February 20th to April 30th, Jietu car owners can make appointment upgrades through multiple channels such as 400 calls, Jietu App, and “many-to-one” car owner service group.

Some qualified regions and dealers can also provide services such as door-to-door pick-up and door-to-door delivery after the entire vehicle is disinfected. Car owners can complete related upgrades without going out. The introduction of this policy is also upgraded to a new service matrix of “5+1” in conjunction with the “Five Cares for Car Owners” policy previously launched by Chery Holdings Jietu.

In order to ensure the safety of the air quality in the car, JET has developed an on-board fresh air system before that, and it has been installed on the new Jietu X70 model. It is also equipped with a negative ion generator for high-end models. The advantages of the fresh air system in the car are: First, it is intelligent. The air quality can be automatically detected after the vehicle is powered on. As long as light pollution of the air is sensed, the large screen immediately pops up a window, prompting to close the window and turn on the on-board fresh air system. Second, purification is fast and efficient, and the air quality in the car is optimized.

The negative ion generator equipped with high-end models will produce a large amount of negative ions and a trace amount of ozone after being energized. The combination of negative ions and ozone can continuously and effectively adsorb harmful particles, bacteria, and droplets and aerosols attached to viruses to produce them. The change of structure or the transfer of energy can inhibit and kill the virus to a certain extent. After turning on the negative ion generator, the PM2.5 concentration and various pathogenic bacteria in the car can be effectively suppressed.

In the future, all models of Jietu will be equipped with an on-board fresh air system. At that time, a higher-level composite air-conditioning filter element will be used to complete the air purification in the car under the control of the intelligent system. The filter material in the filter element effectively filters the dust, harmful particles in the air, and droplets and aerosol particles with a diameter of about 0.74μm that are often adsorbed by the new coronavirus. At the same time, the vehicle-mounted negative ion generator will also be further upgraded and strengthened to exert stronger sterilization and adsorption effects. (Compilation/Car House Li Na)