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[YesAuto Design] In the 8.2 exhibition hall of this year's Shanghai Auto Show, a mysterious company occupies a corner, and a sports car with a strong Italian super-running atmosphere on the booth has won the audience's attention. So what is the sacred company of this company called G-TECH? Who made this supercar from? Today, we interviewed Mr. Sun Baihui, Chairman of G-TECH, and Mr. Fabrizio Giugiaro, a real master in the automotive design industry, to reveal the mysterious life experience of G-TECH.

G-TECH: Provide fresh ideas for future car design

    The orange pure electric supercar on the G-TECH booth is sharp. Many people are curious about its technology platform. If I say that it is in the same line as the future K50, I’m afraid everyone will guess the company’s G-TECH. Life experience. That's right, G-TECH is an independent third-party automotive design and development company headquartered in Shanghai, a joint venture established by Great Wall Huaguan, a well-known third-party automotive design and development company in China, and Italian GFG Design Company.

As an independent automobile design company established in 2003, Great Wall Huaguan has accumulated profound experience in vehicle design and research and development. Not only that, in 18 years, Great Wall Huaguan also won the “dual qualification” of new energy vehicles in one fell swoop. Today, Great Wall Huaguan has grown into a company with capacity for mass production of pure electric vehicles, as well as vehicle design, R&D, production, and sales. As one company.

When it comes to GFG, I don't know much about it, but after seeing the two names on its official website, it suddenly dawned on me.

Giorgheto Giugiaro and Fabrizio Giugiaro are the decisive figures in the automotive design world. The father and son have designed countless classic cars. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60 million cars they designed driving in all corners of the world.

The stories about Giugiaro and the cars they designed can be told one day and one night here. So here is still back on track, let's take a look at how the Great Wall Huaguan and GFG sparked. In 2015, Giugiaro and his sons independently founded GFG Design Company, which provides vehicle design services for automobile manufacturers around the world. With the blowout of the Chinese automobile market, the huge market scale has an irresistible gravitational force for companies in the automobile-related industries all over the world.

The cooperation between the two parties originated from an accidental opportunity. As early as 2007, Giugiaro and Great Wall Huaguan provided design services for a well-known domestic OEM at the same time. However, due to cultural differences, the cooperation project between GFG and the OEM did not progress well. Great Wall Arima, which has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years, has played a good role as a “buffer”. By signing a tripartite agreement, Great Wall Arima has coordinated the resources of both parties and modified technical details to make the project progress smoothly.

With the precedent of the first cooperation, the two sides realized that their respective advantages are very complementary: Great Wall Huaguan has excellent vehicle research and development technology and localized resources, while GFG represents today's world-class industrial design level. . At the same time, in view of the growing prosperity of the Chinese automobile market, especially the new energy automobile market, industrial upgrades and consumption upgrades are also the general trend. Therefore, the two parties hit it off and decided to establish a joint venture company in China to provide Chinese OEMs with integrated vehicle design and technology research and development. solution. So far, the G-TECH company jointly established by the two parties has been formally established last year, and the headquarters is set in Shanghai, where automotive talents and industrial chains gather.

Regarding the positioning of G-TECH, Mr. Sun Baihui, chairman of G-TECH, said in an interview that the current Chinese auto market has gradually matured, and consumers' demand for cars is not just a means of transportation. Therefore, the importance of car design is becoming increasingly prominent. Combining the world's top design level, G-TECH will provide domestic customers with high-end model R&D and design services. At the same time, it will actively explore the cutting-edge design of automobiles to provide vehicle companies with fresh ideas and inspirations.

Dialogue with Giugiaro: What makes a good-looking car?

At the auto show, I was fortunate enough to meet Fabrizio Giugiaro (the little Giugiaro). Take this opportunity to let him introduce to us the Italian design in his eyes and his latest work-this kangaroo hybrid supercar on the booth.

Speaking of Italian design first, Giugiaro confidently said that with years of successful practice, Italian design represents a wealth of experience and super creative and innovative capabilities. However, Chinese consumers agree with European innovative designs. Therefore, he is also quite optimistic about the future of G-TECH. In addition, thanks to years of design experience, they have efficient and high-quality systems and methods in vehicle design, and the name Giugiaro itself is a well-known trademark.

Speaking of the pure electric sports car named Kangaroo exhibited at the auto show, Giugiaro couldn't hide his excitement. Kangaroo means kangaroo, and the original intention of the name is that this car will be able to run fast under any terrain like a kangaroo. And this is why it is called a Hybrid (hybrid, which represents the overall capabilities of the vehicle and cross-border positioning) supercar.

Of course, this Kangaroo is just a concept car used to showcase G-TECH's design and technology research and development capabilities, and there is almost no possibility of mass production. In addition, we also consulted Mr. Giugiaro on issues of concern and curiosity. Speaking of the standard of a “beautiful car” in his eyes, he said that the proportion of key parts of a car is the most important, which determines the overall visual effect of the vehicle and the layout of other visual elements. Secondly, how can one become a car design master? He said that there is no shortcut to success. If you want to become a car designer, you need to learn from the basics of art, have the necessary artistic literacy, and also need to learn design knowledge in professional colleges, and finally you need to be polished in countless practices. Practice and improve your level.

Full text summary: Italian design has created countless classic and dream cars for us. Today, when “family”, high-efficiency and low-cost design is gradually becoming popular, if it can bring a breath of fresh air and new inspiration to car design, That would be a very good plus for automotive product strength. Therefore, we also expect this G-TECH design to create a new classic in the future.