[YesAuto Auto Race] In the Chengdu 5-hour CEC China Endurance Championship that just ended, I won the runner-up and the GT category champion. After the race, I am honored to receive an invitation from the Beijing JRM team to let me and the team participate in this weekend's China GT Supercar Championship Chengdu.

The JRM team is a professional team in Beijing, participating in hundreds of professional races across the country and abroad. Whether it is from the driver lineup or from the technical strength, it is worth learning and praise. I will join the JRM team this time and I will go there with a lot of learning attitude.

In order to race smoothly, the JRM team has already stationed at the Chengdu International Circuit and is actively preparing for the race. I will still drive a Porsche Carrera after joining the team this time, hoping to learn valuable experience from top drivers. Maybe you don’t know much about the China GT Supercar Championship. Let me introduce it to you.

● What is the China GT Supercar Championship?

China GT is sponsored by the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation, undertaken by Beijing China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Development Co., Ltd., and promoted by Beijing Zhongshi Jiazi Cultural Development Co., Ltd. for the China Supercar Championship. At present, there are many teams participating, 40 top GT drivers have signed up for the competition, and there are 20 vehicles competing in the same field.

The competition models are one of the highlights of the event, Ferrari F458 Challenge, Lamborghini Huracan Supertrofeo, Porsche 997 cup, Audi R8 LMS CUP, Aston Martin GT4, Nissan GT-R and many other super sports cars, such as the most cutting-edge GT racing technology of many representative car manufacturers Of the models will be unveiled in Chengdu. Although there are still a few days to prepare for the official game, the players are already gearing up, and the smell of gunpowder is extremely strong. There is a feeling of “war is imminent”!

Finally, I also hope that all partners can support and encourage me. I will also take advantage of this precious opportunity to study hard and strive to improve. After the competition, I will share with you the history of this competition. Please continue to pay attention.