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[YesAuto News] Recently, according to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Group is strengthening negotiations with the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt so that the two will jointly produce electric vehicle batteries in Salzgitter, near the headquarters of Northvolt in Lower Saxony. In addition, the Volkswagen Group is also looking for other battery production bases in Europe.

Recently, foreign media reported that according to the previous plan agreed by Volkswagen and Samsung SDI, Samsung SDI agreed to provide Volkswagen with more than 20GWh of battery output per year, but its current supply is only 5GWh. Due to the insufficient supply of Samsung SDI, Volkswagen Also had to switch to other battery manufacturers.

Volkswagen Group has stated that it will invest 1 billion euros (approximately 7.7 billion yuan) in the battery project with Northvolt, and Stefan Sommer, a member of the Volkswagen board of directors, also said in an interview with the media that Volkswagen The group will intensify negotiations on a more detailed plan in the coming weeks. In addition, Sommer added that Volkswagen is also looking for potential battery production bases in other parts of Europe, but did not provide further explanation for this plan.

Regarding the plan to seek a battery production base, Hans Dieter Pötsch, Chairman of the Volkswagen Board of Supervisors, stated that as part of the Volkswagen Group’s full electrification, it plans to secure battery production capacity through strategic cooperation. At the same time, Volkswagen also hopes to expand its presence in Europe. Battery production capacity to support the company’s growth plan. (Source: electrive; text / You Dongqing, the home of the car)