[YesAuto Test Drive] Some people say this is a trend, some say it is a habit, and others say it is a kind of war. No matter what kind of it, I think it can explain the meaning of its existence. The so-called trend is the touch of “sports”, the so-called habit is to explain that the products in the past are usually divided into “ordinary” and “sports”; and “war” refers to the increasingly clear opposition between models. If you tell you it directly Its opponent is called the Lavida Sports Edition, and you must be able to guess the answer, yes! It is the (new) Bora Sportline.

There is no doubt that the Bora Sportline is also a sports brand, but due to the needs of product positioning, it has only been adjusted in appearance, just like the LaVida sports version. I personally feel that there is nothing to regret, think about it, if you really have a major “heart-changing” surgery, the high “surgical fees” will naturally be paid by consumers, even if you don't lack the money, maybe not Will accept it like it is now, because FAW-Volkswagen's compact product line has more sporty and more attractive Sagitar champions and golf GTI!

Since the main promotion this time is sports effects, the Bora Sportline will naturally make a fuss about the visual effects, such as new adjustments in the front face, tail and interior. Next, we will follow the pictures and texts to understand.

In this change, the front face has changed the most. From the lights, the net to the bumper, there are new feelings, and the overall look is quite energetic! Especially with its red body. The blackened headlight is an element that symbolizes sports. There have been many precedents before, so I won't be too wordy here; for the China Open, the Bora Sportline removed the two previous chrome bars and replaced them with more concise Chrome-plated wire plus all black grid.

The contour of the vent on the bumper has not changed, it has become a chrome-plated design. It used to be a cross-line, passing through the fog lights on both sides, but now it is changed to a symmetrical contour with the middle net, and the width is slightly larger. , This point is very similar to Lavida; in order to better echo the headlights, the Bora Sportline also turned the light frame black. To be regretful, I think the car should really add a TSI logo on the China Net. What you want is a little bit of “red”, right? The rear end of the car has relatively minor changes, mainly the darkened lights and a Sport badge.

The changes in the interior also come from vision. The all-black deployment of red stitching and metal decoration is definitely a symbol of sports! These elements can be seen on the center console, seats, handlebars and doors. This has been learned from the Golf GTI and Sagitar Champion Edition, so there is nothing to say directly to praise!

The new metal pedal of the Bora Sportline is a bright spot! Do you see the logo above? That is the symbol of the “R” series! To be honest, at first glance, he looked a little excited.

According to the configuration sheet obtained, it can be seen that the Bora Sportline has two models, 1.4TSI+5-speed manual and 1.4TSI+7-speed DSG; in terms of configuration, the automatic transmission model should be the same as the “normal version” 1.4TSI comfort type ( There is also an optional navigation package, which includes DVD and Bluetooth communication functions); that is to say, the 4000 yuan extra for the Sportline version should be the consumption amount of the above sports elements. As for the value of the money, it varies from person to person. I think someone will always pay for it; if I analyze it from a personal point of view, I guess I will still take the practical route, add another thousand yuan to buy a Bora luxury model, with additional seat heating and automatic air conditioning to enjoy…

In terms of power system, the Bora Sportline has not changed. It is still the standard 1.4TSI+DSG, commonly known as the TD combination. 1.4TSI engine (code-named EA111 131 horsepower) Maximum torque 220N·m/1750-3500rpm; maximum power 96kW/5000rpm; it is necessary to mention another sentence, it replaces the previous 2.0L product, first of all, there is a great improvement in parameters (The 2.0L model is 180N·m, 88kW, and 120 horsepower). In addition, it also has certain advantages in terms of fuel economy and preferential policies.

Since it has not been specially trained, Sportline should be said to be as usual in terms of driving, perhaps it is more appropriate to describe it as familiar! In daily driving, the industrious shift of the 7-speed DSG gearbox makes the 1.4TSI engine very gentle. This is also a common topic. Perhaps many car owners already feel the same. It can’t be said how laborious, but it’s definitely not a joy. Because at about 60 km/h, the highest gear of the 7th gear starts to work. At this time, the speed will remain very low, so low that the turbocharger can only exert about one-fifth of the power. Because of this, I also change Come silent comfort and economy.

Judging from previous tests, this is indeed the case. Both the Sagitar and the Golf 6's 1.4TSI automatic models have very good fuel consumption performance. So maybe you are ready to take a shot, don't you have some comfort? In fact, when introduced by other friends, I will also talk about the characteristics of this power system. The 1.4TSI engine is not blindly low-key and without passion; and the 7-speed DSG is not “industrious” from start to finish. As long as it instantly drops from 7th to 3rd or keeps the shifting speed at around 3000, driving a “TD Combination” car can also be very exciting! Of course, the two changes I'm talking about refer to full throttle and S mode.

After switching to S gear, the tachometer will pull to around 3000rpm without hesitation. In this range, the turbocharger can work happily! And it's very efficient! The throttle response will become much more positive, and the dynamic performance will also abandon the implicit coat, the 1.4TSI engine can finally make you feel “powerful”! Facts have proved that the 100 km acceleration of more than 9 seconds is completely super level! You must know that this has surpassed some 2.0L models. (9.2 seconds for Golf 6; 9.3 seconds for Sagitar; 9.7 seconds for 2011 Bora)

As mentioned at the beginning, the appearance of the Bora Sportline has filled the “sports” vacancy of this model. At the same time, in the younger market, it can also compete head-on with the LaVida sports version! Although in the competition of ordinary models, the new Bora is still secretly catching up, but after taking out the “sports model”, it is hard to say who wins or loses. After all, there is a more convincing name for Bora, and in appearance, it has to Being young, perhaps this will be one of the factors that make it successful.