[YesAuto Evaluation] It is said that Changan Yuexiang has also worked hard in the domestic independent small car market for several years. When it first went on the market that year, under the nickname of “Little Horse Three” and relatively kind price, it also achieved brilliant sales performance . However, after entering 2011, Yuexiang’s sales began to show fatigue, and now the monthly average sales of about 3,000 units are no longer comparable to the level of nearly 10,000 units in 2010. In order to save the decline, Changan also launched Yuexiang's 2012 model at the beginning of the year. After replacing the new engine and a number of configuration upgrades, the competitiveness of the new Yuexiang seems to have improved. So, how much real improvement can the changes in data and configuration bring to Yuexiang? Let us pass the test to reveal the answer for everyone.

What came to our editorial department this time is the new Yuexiang 1.5MT luxury version, priced at 60,800. The two most important changes compared to the old model are the new 1.5L DVVT engine and the upgrade of the rear wheel drum brakes to disc brakes. In our earlier static experience article, this was also introduced in detail. For more details, please click on the picture below.