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[YesAuto Preliminary audition] Everyone’s purpose for buying is different. Some people value motivation, and they like the smooth acceleration after the big-foot accelerator is stepped on; some people value appearance, and they use emotional language to show others everything; For more consumers, economy is undoubtedly a more important principle in choosing a car. Reliability and practicality have become their first consideration when buying a car, especially for ordinary people who are not sufficiently funded.

For small cars, 1.3 liters is not a displacement that can make you excited. It will not bring you excellent acceleration, but it has better performance in terms of fuel consumption. At the same time, the price will be cheaper and economical. Sex and motivation are such two contradictory subjects. If your daily driving is based on transportation, there is nothing wrong with small-displacement vehicles. 1.3 liters seems to be the balance point of power and economy, and joint venture vehicles have some advantages over autonomous vehicles in terms of quality and stability. We recommend four mature models.

GAC Honda Fit

Fit is a very popular small car. It has been produced for two generations in China. Its fashionable appearance and excellent overall quality are important bargaining chips for its attractiveness. Therefore, it has become a priority target for many young people or family users.

Fit is a contestant with a very characteristic design among small cars. It incorporates the style of MPV and creates a very smooth appearance. At the same time, it is also conducive to the use of space. The small area of the headlight makes the front face more and more cute. , The standard LED rear taillights enhance the visual effect and higher brightness at the same time, which increases the safety in driving.

The Fit 1.3-liter engine has a maximum power of 99 horsepower and a maximum torque of 127 Nm. Compared with the displacement, the power per liter is still good. Although it drives the lighter body of the Fit, although the power performance is not excellent, it does not appear to be tired. The peak power output of the engine has a high speed, so if you want to make the vehicle not fleshy, you have to be willing to give it fuel. It also has Honda's i-VTEC variable valve timing technology, which provides the best fuel economy and fuel economy under different working conditions. Engine performance, if you can ensure smooth and soft driving, Fit will not let you down in terms of fuel economy.

price Fit 1.3 MT Comfort Edition Fit 1.3 AT Comfort Edition
Manufacturer's guide price: 89,800 99,800

At present, there are two models of Fit’s 1.3-liter models, priced at 89,800 and 99,800 respectively. The configuration is exactly the same. The only difference is that it is equipped with different gearboxes. In many regions of the country, the Fit has different degrees of discounts, the range is about In the range of 3000-6000 yuan. In terms of configuration, the two 1.3-liter models do not have any exciting equipment, the configuration is very low, and even only has a 2-speaker speaker. Relative to its price, the price is actually average. However, some user-friendly designs are worthy of appreciation, such as the four-way adjustable steering wheel and the cup holder in front of the air outlet.

If you prefer easy driving, Fit’s automatic transmission model seems to be more worthy of choice, because it matches a 5-speed automatic transmission, and most models of the same level are 4AT, although it is not as smooth as the CVT of the previous generation model, but Compared with rivals at the same level, the design of 5 forward gears is undoubtedly more advantageous in terms of fuel economy.

Fit is one of the more prominent models in small cars. The editor with a height of 180cm does not feel depressed sitting in the front and rear rows. Especially the body shape close to the MPV brings a relatively good height. The car is among the best, and at the same time, the large-area windshield also brings an excellent view, which makes people feel more open when driving, and the mood will be particularly relaxed.

In addition to the outstanding seating space, the Fit’s trunk is also one of its highlights. Although the capacity is average under normal conditions, if it is placed down, it will form a very large load space, and there is a space between the seat and the trunk. It has no protrusions and is highly practical. It is easy to carry large household items, and all the seats of the Fit series can be folded 4/6.

Finally, let’s talk about the Fit’s interior. Although it uses ordinary materials, the workmanship of Japanese cars is reassuring. The design of the curve is full of transformations. The design is quite technological. The barrel-type self-luminous instrument is very beautiful. Each model has a trip computer, which is easy to grasp the instantaneous and average fuel consumption of the vehicle, but the center control panel of the 1.3-liter model is a bit rudimentary, and the simple single-disc CD player does not seem to be upscale.