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[YesAuto News] Recently, the power battery industry giant Ningde era has many happy events. It has just beaten a number of companies including LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Lishen into the global supply chain of Volkswagen Group. Here, the chairman of CATL, Zeng Yuqun, said in an interview that CATL is about to decide the location of the European factory, which will be its first overseas factory.

In Zeng Yuqun’s view, “The European market has great opportunities. Although Korean competitors use low-cost means to compete with us, they have not made great technological progress in the past two years, and we have made rapid progress. Catch up with them.” Zeng Yuqun said that European factories will provide products for mainstream car companies such as BMW.

According to people familiar with the matter who did not want to be named, CATL is investigating Germany, Hungary and Poland, or setting up its European factories in one of these countries. It is reported that CATL hopes to find factories in Europe at the lowest cost, and the production capacity of the factories will be determined by the market's demand for electric vehicles.

In addition to building factories in the European market, CATL also plans to build a factory in its headquarters in Ningde, Fujian Province. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance data, the plant can increase the production capacity of CATL by 5 times, by then the company will become the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries. Bloomberg also said that the construction funds for the Ningde plant will come from the company's initial public offering.

Prior to this, Liang Chengdu, president of the Ningde Times Research Institute, revealed in Tokyo that in addition to building factories in Europe, Ningde Times will also set up a sales office in Japan in May this year. CATL established a sales office in the United States last year.

At present, Japanese automakers such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have indicated that they are considering whether to install Ningde era batteries in electric vehicles produced in China. And just recently, it was reported that CATL was included in the Volkswagen Group’s global supply chain. The bidding companies included LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Lishen and other companies. CATL finally got the order and became the current Volkswagen Group in China. The only domestic power battery company that has priority purchases in the world and is applied to the MEB platform. In the future, some Volkswagen electric vehicles will use batteries from the Ningde era.

As early as September 2017, the Volkswagen Group publicly stated that by 2025, in order to ensure the production line of electric vehicles, it will need more than 150GWH of lithium battery production. For this reason, Volkswagen has begun to find partners in China, Europe, and North America. Volkswagen expects that this will provide 50 billion euros of cooperation orders for the battery industry.

As a leading company in power batteries in China, according to the data from the Travel Federation, of the total installed power battery capacity of 36.24Gwh in 2017, CATL successfully won about 1/3 of the domestic power battery market with 10.4Gwh installed capacity and became a domestic power source. The sales champion of battery companies.

Currently, CATL is advancing the IPO process and plans to land on the Growth Enterprise Market. In November 2017, CATL issued a prospectus for the initial public offering of shares on the Growth Enterprise Market. According to disclosures, CATL’s issuance of shares does not exceed 217 million shares and the total share capital after the issuance is 2.17 billion shares. The shares issued this time account for no less than 10% of the company’s total share capital after the issuance. Based on this estimate, the market value of CATL after fundraising is about 130 billion yuan, which is about 50 billion yuan more than the market valuation in March 2017. (Information source: Gasgoo; Compilation/Car home Zhang Lianyi)