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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The K5 Kaiku, the first model based on the third-generation i-GMP platform, is a new generation model of Kia K5, which was just launched on September 7. There has been a lot of waves in the mid-size car market. I believe you have learned about all aspects of this new car from our past test drives and technical articles. Today, our focus is on this brand new UVO intelligent vehicle linkage system.

Cockpit with a sense of science and technology

The two models in China are equipped with a 7-inch semi-LCD instrument panel as standard, and can be equipped with a 6,000-piece technology package to obtain hardware configurations such as full LCD instrumentation, driving assistance capability supplement and wireless charging.

My favorite is the “smart weather” theme. During the live experience, a heavy rain was brewing in Shanghai. In the weather theme on the dashboard, correspondingly, I could see thick clouds.

K5 Kaiku's design serves functions on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also serves its youthful and technological sense. We have seen some “games” between the two in the interaction. At the same time, careful thoughts such as “split screen”, “quick control panel” and “custom page card” can give drivers a good impression.

Maps and entertainment features

Its characteristic functions include using WeChat to share location. Baidu Maps users can use the WeChat applet to send their current location to the car, and the driver can set up navigation with one key to pick up people at the destination.

In addition, in terms of mobile phone interconnection, Baidu CarLife is supported but CarPlay is not supported. In general, for the two “high-frequency just-needed” functions (map navigation and audio entertainment), Kia K5 Kaiku performed very solidly. The convenient navigation settings and the rich audio content library are the basis for our evaluation.

Duer OS voice recognition

Support OneShot, you can directly say “Xiaodu Xiaodu + instruction content” instead of using “Xiaodu Xiaodu” to wake up the voice, wait for the response and then give the instruction.

Share your key

In addition to these functions in the car, Kia K5 Kaiku is more forward-looking in terms of “outside the car”, and a considerable part of the functions are at the forefront of the field of intelligent car connection.

Support nowadays the more popular “express to car”, which is to unlock the trunk remotely. When you are not at home or stuck with things at hand, you can remotely unlock the trunk and let the courier help you put the courier in the car.

In addition, your mobile phone can be transformed into a K5 Kaiku car key. Through BLE Bluetooth, as long as you are close to the vehicle, the mobile phone can replace the car key to unlock the vehicle. This function is built on the basis of opening the UVO mobile app.

Regarding remote control and smart home, here is an official animation demonstration video, which can help us understand more clearly how to use the related functions of Kia K5 Kaiku.

to sum up

UVO is the name of Kia's in-vehicle systems worldwide, and you can see this word in many places. For this generation of models, Kia took into account the localization problem and introduced Baidu to build a service ecosystem for it. Simply put, it is to cooperate with local suppliers to rebuild K5 Kaiku's map navigation, voice and in-car entertainment functions.

It’s hard to say that Kia K5 Kaiku’s intelligent vehicle linkage system is at the forefront of the Internet of Vehicles. However, compared with the previous Kia, compared with a bit of “broken” Liangtian and some German brands, the Chinese version of UVO is at least Practical basic services are provided, and excellent screens and other hardware are not turned into vase decorations, and functions such as blind spot monitoring on the dashboard are also dazzling. It is a rare self-breakthrough. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)