[YesAuto F1 Formula One] Former F1 Formula One driver Robert Kubica is expected to return to the F1 arena through surgery. This unintentionally will be an unexpected good news for him, the F1 racing community and fans.

The driver from Poland has played for the BMW-Sauber F1 team and also participates in some other events. In 2011, he was involved in a serious accident in an Italian rally. He suffered a comminuted fracture in his right hand. Although he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, he still lost the ability to continue driving the F1 car.

Kubica, who loves racing, continued to show his energy in the rally, but his biggest dream is to be able to return to the F1 arena. It is reported that Kubica will undergo a series of surgeries this winter and is expected to “resurrect his arm with blood” and realize this dream.

Regarding the outcome of the operation, no one dared to pack a ticket, just like Kubica himself said: “I have my dream, but we must face the reality.” We can only wait and see what the outcome will be, and we wish in advance. Kubica can really return to the field and return to F1.