[YesAuto Appearance Modification] Domestic off-road vehicles and SUVs are becoming more and more available. Off-road vehicles are favored by more and more riders due to their excellent road passability and flexible interior space combination. As people's demand for off-road vehicles increases, more and more car owners begin to modify and upgrade off-road vehicles to fully meet the needs of work, life, and leisure.

As the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers in Japan, KYB has always appeared on many vehicles in the form of original OEM shock absorbers since its inception. It has been committed to the research and development and manufacture of shock absorbers in order to fill the rise of off-road vehicles. In the absence of the shock absorber market, KYB adheres to the principle of professionalism and the concept of focusing on safety. It has joined forces with the well-known Japanese off-road vehicle modification brand JAOS to create a series of shock absorbers called BATTLEZxDP type VF.

The BATTLEZxDP type VF series shock absorber is a set shock absorber designed for off-road vehicles with a 2-inch elevation. The product uses KYB patented technology “HARMOFREQ”. The frequency of ”and “fast and small amplitude” is analyzed as the number of cycles, which realizes the self-adjustment of damping according to the road conditions. To put it bluntly, it is adaptive soft and hard, you can change the valve opening of the internal damping oil according to different road conditions, thereby changing the soft and hard.

As a participant, I was fortunate to have a test drive experience today. My earliest knowledge of KYB was more about the sale of civilian suit shock absorbers. KYB’s reputation in the civilian class is indeed good, and most riders have chosen the original factory upgrade. KYB suit. The arrival of this upgraded product today has deepened my impression of KYB. The 2-inch elevated suit has a very large range of options in the market. It is really worth experiencing, let’s talk about driving, because it’s product positioning belongs to the mass consumer group. Feelings.

The test-driving vehicle is an upgrade based on the four-door version of the Wrangler. As we all know, the Wrangler is a front and rear hard axle model. When encountering irregular bumps, the ride comfort of the vehicle will be greatly reduced. Today, two subjects were arranged in the venue. Both subjects are very simple, but they can explain the problem. One is a small-radius piling project, and the other is a bumpy road.

Let’s start with the pile-through. The pile-through is actually the best way to test the chassis. The superimposition of the left and right center of gravity transfers can tell whether the stability of the chassis is even. When I drove this big man to walk between the pile barrels This car is not as clumsy as I thought. When entering the serpentine pile, you can feel the superimposition of the body's center of gravity, and you can also feel the compression and release of the shock absorber. This is due to the multi-stage adjustable damping oil. The coefficient valve filters the physical inertia brought by the body and the ground through soft and hard adjustments. The use of springs is also relatively clever. The design of the same thickness up and down is to not lose the original elasticity of the spring when the vehicle is greatly compressed. In addition, the texture of the spring is also very particular. The manufacturer’s engineers use titanium to make it to reduce the weight of the product itself. At the same time to ensure the service life of the spring, the lateral support force of the overall suspension system is also moderate, and the softness is mixed with the control.

In the experience of the bumpy road, the coach asked us to pass quickly. This time, my subjective driving experience is that the chassis is very solid, the body will not shake particularly, and the bumps on the road are all absorbed by the shock absorber, and I sit in the car. You can hear the sound released by the shock absorber during high-speed compression. The ride is not comfortable during high-speed bumps, but it definitely makes you know that there is no place for the body to diverge, and the tires do not leave the ground due to bumps. Everything is reduced. The vibrator is absorbed.

BATTLEZxDP type VF series shock absorbers are mainly aimed at improving the control, suitable for long-distance field self-driving, without affecting the comfort, improving the control performance of the vehicle, making driving more enjoyable and safe.