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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] The Lamborghini Miura found in the barn mentioned yesterday is expected to be sold for 9 million yuan. It seems that overseas barns are a blessing for vintage car lovers. This weekend, at a large-scale auction held in South Dakota, the United States, about 120 vintage American cars of different eras were presented to the public. Most of these cars have slept in barns or garages for many years.

Whether it is the original Ford Model A or the modern American Van, you can find it here. Due to the state of zombie vehicles placed in a barn or even in the open air, many vehicles are not in ideal condition, but they may be repaired and refurbished. As long as they can be found by their new owners, they have the possibility of rebirth.

The 120 dilapidated old cars have a wide variety of models. Among them, models like the Chevy Chevy, as their collection value continues to increase in recent years, will inevitably become the object of competition for everyone to bid. Among the many American pickup trucks on the auction day, the Ford pickup truck in the 1950s had the highest return on investment of its kind. The Ford F-100 modified pickup truck driven by Stallone in the movie “The Expendables” drove everyone's interest in the modification of such models.

The Mercury Montclair in 1956, the pink Chevrolet Bel Air in 1957, the Plymouth Belvedere in 1967, the Chevrolet Impala convertible in 1967, and the AMC GremlinX in 1974 are all models worth considering. Unlike those rare and famous car auctions, barn car auctions with a large number of such models and poor car conditions are usually very down-to-earth.

Most of the bidders who come to search for old vehicles are old car enthusiasts, with the purpose of enriching their collection, looking for potential refitting embryos, or finding a life-saving accessory car for their aging car. This kind of activity is quite suitable for Guo Song, the author of “Reverse Time”, to participate in. Maybe you can find a few accessory cars at the price of cabbage… (picture from the Internet / Li Haopeng, the home of Wenzhou Automobile)