[YesAuto Test Drive] On March 26, 2008, GM Chevrolet's “Big Mouth” Le Cheng was officially launched and the price was announced. The 1.2L and 1.6L two-displacement models are new models. If they are fighting in the small car market, the Chevrolet Lecheng 1.2L model should receive more attention. Due to some reasons, the Lecheng 1.2L officially appeared on the market late. Recently, Autohome was fortunate to be invited by the manufacturer to have the opportunity to test drive this car.

At the beginning of 2008, Shanghai General Motors officially opened the curtain of an all-round green strategy with the theme of “greening the future”. The subsequent launch of Xin Le Cheng equipped with a 1.2L S-TEC small displacement engine is also one of the green products with low fuel consumption. The small displacement means that the model must have a more affordable price. Of course, the configuration and power are also the focus of consumers. Next, let us take a look at this car and see what highlights are worth making consumers buy.

● After the facelift, the lines are more smooth and the exterior trim configuration is practical

The appearance changes of Lecheng mainly focus on the front face and rear design. At first glance, compared with the old model, the new Lecheng has completely got rid of the previous simple personality. The big mouth front face adheres to the Chevrolet global synchronization design, making the whole The car looks younger and more stylish. Although the upper/lower honeycomb black air intake grille is separated by the horizontal bar with golden car logo, it looks very strong overall. The lines of the front headlights and the front fog lights are very impactful when viewed from the side, and the small changes to the front face are very successful!

The changes in the rear design are mainly reflected in the taillights and rear bumper. The taillights have a circular design on the original basis, which is more cute. The inverted trapezoidal black honeycomb decorative strip at the lower part also lowers the visual center of gravity. Because Le Cheng 1.2 is a low-profile model, the rear window wiper and the LED brake lights on the top of the window are not cancelled. Such a safety configuration is indispensable for drivers.

Lecheng wheelbase: 2480mm; body size (length/width/height): 3920/1680/1499mm, such data is more prominent in small cars. If the competitor is locked in Swift, Le Cheng will definitely have an advantage in the space of the car.

The Lecheng 1.2L model adopts a practical style in configuration, which can also be seen from the exterior configuration of the body. The configuration of 14-inch 5-spoke steel rims is not fashionable enough, but it seems to be passable, and cost control also reduces the price; the exterior rearview mirror uses a black color that is different from the body, and the adjustment method is manual.

● Beige interiors have ample front/rear space compared to homes

Lecheng's interior design completely adopts current Lefeng. From the user's point of view, Lecheng and Lefeng have a closer sibling relationship. From the manufacturer's point of view, this is also conducive to cost control, and to a certain extent, it can also reduce consumers' car purchase costs. The 1.6L model has a sportier-looking black interior to choose from. If the 1.2L model also has such an interior, Le Cheng may be more popular with consumers.

From the point of view of materials, the upper part of Lecheng's center console is made of harder plastic material, and its surface has small recessed pits, which has a good touch and does not feel too hard. The mahogany color decorative plastic panels that surround the interior of the car does not seem to be upgraded. If it is replaced with a matt silver decorative strip that is the same as the door handle in the car, it may be more harmonious.

The matt door handle feels better, and the rearview mirror is adjusted manually. The Lecheng 1.2L model does not have a central control door lock, which will bring a certain amount of change to consumers. When you get off the car, don't forget to check whether the five doors are locked. After parking, you have to go around the car to check the door locks. The owner does look a little embarrassed. It is recommended that you install a central lock in the 4S shop after purchasing the car.

Lecheng 1.2L model loses to the kind, front double airbags, ABS+EBD, five-seat standard seat belts (front row height adjustable, front row pre-tensioned), front seat belts are not attached to the alarm Devices and child safety locks for the rear doors, etc., are available in the same series of cars. Manufacturers regard these security configurations as standard, and users will feel very considerate.

The storage space inside Lecheng matches well with practicality. However, it is not advisable to place too high or too thick beverage bottles on the two small cup holders. When the vehicle is turning, the lower design cup holder cannot hold the bottle firmly.

The driver's seat of the Lecheng 1.2L model can be adjusted in six directions, and the co-pilot has only four-way adjustment. During the test drive, the editor did not find the manual lumbar support function. In addition, the front seats are generally comfortable, and the lateral support is insufficient when the vehicle is turning. In terms of space, the front/rear head space is relatively abundant. Because the brother model Lefeng has a good internal driving space, Lecheng will not be inferior in terms of space.

Le Cheng's trunk has a large opening, with a maximum volume of 1190 liters. After the 6/4 split foldable seat is laid down, although you cannot get a very flat space, there are as many as 5 combinations, and you can always find a suitable way to enlarge the object.

● Medium and high speeds can effectively cope with urban road conditions, no problem

The Lecheng equipped with a 1.2L displacement engine has only manual models. While ensuring certain driving pleasure, it is the main purpose to extract as much power from the engine as possible. From the factory data, the engine parameters of Le Cheng 1.2 do not make the data poor because of the small displacement. The maximum output power of 64kw/6000rpm will not be lost to the 1.4L displacement model, from the maximum torque of 112Nm/4400rpm. From a point of view, the power of this engine breaks out at medium to high speeds.

In addition, the Lecheng 1.2L displacement car has a faster air-conditioning cooling speed and good air-conditioning. A small car at this price, this small advantage, is very useful to drivers and passengers in the sweltering summer.

The 1.2L S-TEC II engine has applied a variety of leading technologies and has low maintenance costs. It is worth mentioning that the metal chain timing design is durable and maintenance-free for life. The equipped Y4M five-speed manual gearbox is different from the D16 five-speed manual gearboxes of the other two displacement models. It has a short stroke, smooth shifting, and no jerky feeling in the first experience. The clutch stroke is a bit long, and the oil-disconnect coupling can be adapted only through a short experience, which is more suitable for novice driving.

After all, the engine displacement is small, and the power of Le Cheng 1.2 at high speed is still relatively limited. If you have to squeeze the ideal power performance, you must increase the speed to more than 3500, because the throttle response below 2000 rpm is relatively weak. If you want to overtake, the 4000 rpm Lecheng 1.2 can also be considered small, and it is easy to cope with overtaking and merging in the city. It should be said that Le Cheng 1.2 is a small car that is very suitable for urban driving. Its light style and economical fuel consumption performance are its positioning.

With a five-speed manual gearbox, if you want this engine to perform at its best, you must control the speed at 3500~4000rpm. At this time, the throttle response is sensitive and overtaking will appear more powerful.

Postscript: The manufacturer's guide price of RMB 69,900 for the Lecheng 1.2 model is a bit high, and the price-performance ratio seems to be inferior to those of the self-owned brand with a price of less than RMB 60,000. Fortunately, its current market transaction price has decreased. It is understood that the actual transaction price of Le Cheng 1.2 in some 4S stores in Shanghai can be around 64,000 yuan.

From the perspective of power, Le Cheng 1.2, as a small displacement car, can meet the needs of daily transportation. Although Lecheng 1.2L has a smaller displacement, its power performance is pretty good compared with the same displacement model. It is indeed its shortcoming that the configuration is not high, and the two advantages of large space and low fuel consumption can make up for this to a certain extent. Shortcomings, these two points may be more important for small cars that are based on urban transportation.

If you want to know the real fuel consumption of Lecheng 1.2L model, click the big picture below to enter the topic!

Lecheng 1.2L model detailed price, parameters and configuration

Model picture
Basic parameters Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Model name: Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Quotation: 69,900
Brand: GM Chevrolet
level: Small car
engine: 1.2L 87 horsepower L4
Gearbox: 5-speed manual
Length × width × height: 3920×1680×1499
Body structure: 5-door 5-seater hatchback
Body Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Length (mm): 3920
Width (mm): 1680
Height (mm): 1499
Vehicle weight (Kg): 1095
Wheelbase (mm): 2480
Front track (mm): 1450
Rear track (mm): 1430
Minimum ground clearance (mm):
Body structure: Hatchback
Number of doors (pieces): 5
Number of seats (a): 5
Fuel tank capacity (L): 45
Luggage capacity (L): 195
engine Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Displacement (cc): 1206
Displacement (L): 1.2
Way of working: inhale naturally
Cylinder arrangement type: L
Number of cylinders (pcs): 4
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs): 4
Compression ratio: 10.5
Valve structure: DOHC
Horsepower (Ps): 87
Maximum power (kW): 64
Maximum power speed (rpm): 6000
Maximum torque (N·m): 112
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 4400
Engine-specific technology:
Fuel: gasoline
Fuel label: No. 93
Fuel supply mode: Multi-point EFI
Cylinder body material: iron
Cylinder head material: aluminum
Environmental protection standards: Euro IV
Gearbox Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
name: 5-speed manual
Number of gears: 5
Gearbox type: MT
Chassis steering Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Drive mode: Front Predecessor
Front suspension type: MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type: Torsion beam semi-independent suspension
Power type: Mechanical hydraulic power
Wheel brake Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Front brake type: Dish
Rear brake type: Drum
Front tire specifications: 185/60 R14
Rear tire specifications: 185/60 R14
Spare tire: Full Size

Safety equipment Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Driver's seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Knee airbag:
Electronic anti-theft:
Central control lock in the car:
remote key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
ABS anti-lock brake:
Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC):
Brake assist (EBA/BAS/BA):
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):
Body stability control (ESP/DSC/VSC):
Parking brake system:
Lifting (air) suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Active steering system:
External configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Rearview mirror of the same color:
Same color anti-scratch strip:
Sports version bracket:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Internal configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Leather steering wheel:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel front and rear adjustment:
Multifunction steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:
Rest pedal for left foot:
Cruise control:
Parking assistance:
Reversing video image:
Driving computer display:
HUD head up digital display:
Seat configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Leather seats:
Sports seats:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Power seat memory:
Seat heating:
Front seat center armrest:
Recoil central armrest:
Front row cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Seat massage/ventilation:
The rear seats are down as a whole:
The rear seats are down proportionally:
The third row of seats:
Multimedia configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
GPS navigation system:
Multimedia control system:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Center console LCD screen:
Rear LCD screen:
External audio input (AUX/USB/iPod, etc.):
CD supports MP3/WMA:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD converter:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 speaker system:
4-5 speaker speaker system:
6-7 horn speaker system:
≥8 speaker speaker system:
Lighting configuration Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Xenon headlights:
Automatic headlight:
Turning headlights (auxiliary lights):
Front fog lights:
Rear fog lamps:
Adjustable headlight height:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/Rearview Mirror Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Front power windows:
Rear power windows:
Anti-pinch function of car window:
Electric adjustment of rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror heating:
Rearview mirror anti-glare:
Rearview mirror electric folding:
Manual rear sun blind:
Electric rear sun blind:
Rear side sunshade:
Sun visor makeup mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator Le Cheng 1.2SL MT
Manual air conditioner:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
Air conditioning in the car:
Car refrigerator: