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[YesAuto News] On June 6, the 2018 Chongqing Auto Show officially opened at Yuelai National Expo Center. We learned from the official BAIC Magic Speed that it plans to launch 31 models in the next 4 years, including traditional fuel vehicles (15 models) and new models. Energy vehicles (16 models) are involved. The specific product planning includes the following:

Products include three series: X series, S series, H series

It is reported that the BAIC Magic Speed brand will enter three subdivisions. Among them, the X series will focus on youthful sports SUVs, the S series will focus on home practical SUVs, and the H series will focus on home MPVs.

Beiqi Magic Speed X/S Series New Car Plan
Model Product Positioning Time to market
C21 5-seater compact SUV October 2018
C60 5-seater mid-size SUV December 2018
X7L 7-seater mid-size SUV November 2018
X8L 7-seater medium and large SUV March 2019
X9L 7-seater large SUV August 2019
2019 S5 5-seater compact SUV Second half of 2018
S3X 7-seater compact SUV Second half of 2018
S7L 7-seater mid-size SUV Second half of 2018

●An independent new energy vehicle R&D center has been established

It is reported that BAIC Magic Speed has established an independent research and development center for new energy vehicles, and has built its own battery, motor, and electronic control three-electric base. Under the premise of ensuring the technology of car manufacturing, the transformation from fuel vehicles to hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles will be realized. In terms of new energy product lines, the three major product sequences of plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric passenger vehicles, and pure electric commercial vehicles are all under planning.

From 2018 to 2020, new energy products will be launched one after another

    Specific product planning includes:

Plug-in hybrid vehicle field : C21 PHEV and C60 PHEV will be launched in 2019, and X7L PHEV, X8L PHEV, X9L PHEV and other models will be launched in 2020;

Pure electric passenger vehicles: S5 EV and H5 EV will be launched in 2018, EL10 and EJ11 will be launched in 2019, and EC40 will be launched in 2020;
Pure electric commercial vehicles: Small King Kong (206 EV) and Donkey Kong (H6 EV) will be launched in 2018, and will be launched in 2019: ED20, ED50, EA10, EN10.
The pure electric SUV models unveiled at the auto show-BAIC Magic Speed S5-EV and the pure electric logistics model Donkey Kong, will be on sale this year.

Public information shows that the “Fantasy Speed” brand released in March 2014 once relied on two star products to obtain 84,686 orders within 9 months of launch. In 2015, the cumulative sales of the brand once exceeded 300,000 vehicles. However, in 2017, the annual sales volume of BAIC Magic Speed was only 255,000 vehicles, and the alleged weakness was beginning to appear. We will continue to pay attention to whether BAIC Magic Speed can find new growth points through the use of new energy.