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[YesAuto News] On March 18th, Bosch and Zebra Networks signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announcing that the two parties will start product development in various fields such as automotive intelligent networking, in-vehicle infotainment systems, intelligent human-computer interaction, fleet management, and mobility. , Operation and project execution and other links, and jointly expand future solutions suitable for human and vehicle life and transportation scenarios in China. In the next step, the two parties will also cooperate in areas such as autonomous driving, V2X, and human-machine collaboration.

In fact, the cooperation between Bosch and Zebra has started in 2017, and there are now specific customers, and the project is being implemented. “Our two parties have joined forces, and more ideas are for all OEMs and customers around the world, not just limited to China.” said Xu Daquan, executive vice president of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

As early as February this year, Bosch officially announced that it would establish a new intelligent network business unit to promote the company’s business transformation to an intelligent transportation service provider. It is committed to integrating entertainment, navigation, and telematics through a series of intelligent solutions. And driver assistance systems are integrated into the vehicle, turning the car into a brand-new, fully connected living space. In the future, Bosch's latest intelligent in-car human-computer interaction technology will use brand new digital displays, voice assistants and tactile feedback to realize the personalized interconnection between the car and the driver, while helping the driver to focus more on the road conditions and improve traffic travel. Safe and convenient.

Zebra Networks is a joint venture company jointly invested by SAIC and Alibaba Group, dedicated to providing overall Internet car solutions for the automotive industry. The Zebra Smart Mobility system has now been fully applied to passenger cars under the SAIC Group's Roewe, MG and Chase brands.

According to reports, through Zebra bringing Ali’s ecology into the car, Bosch can focus on the future life patterns and traffic travel scenarios of Chinese consumers, empower every organization and end user’s travel needs, and solve the end customers’ drive and enjoy a series of The problems faced by travel services help automakers optimize user experience, create value for third-party service providers, and promote the development of China's connected auto industry.

At the same time, Hao Fei, CEO of Zebra Network Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that cooperating with Bosch also has multiple benefits for Zebra: First, it combines Bosch's automotive industry technology with the AliOS intelligent operating system and Zebra's overall smart network car solution; Bosch has a deep understanding of OEMs and the entire industrial chain in the automotive market, which will help Zebra serve OEM customers and give users a better experience; Bosch is a global company that can help Zebra Networks further deploy multinational companies and overseas markets.