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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Whenever you mention PM2.5, disinfection, epidemic prevention and other vocabulary, I believe most people will immediately know that this is a health-related topic, and yes, what we are going to discuss today is also the air purification in the car. In order to protect users from the harsh external environment during their journeys, major car companies have introduced equipment including anti-PM2.5 particulate air conditioning filters, air purifiers, and negative ion generators into many of their own products. Following the Roewe RX5 MAX, on the new MPV model Roewe iMAX8 launched this year, SAIC also brought some advanced filtration technology and purification equipment. Let us take a look now.

30 seconds to quickly understand the Roewe iMAX8 active health cockpit

The cabin of the Roewe iMAX8 is airtight. After the air conditioner is turned on, the internal pressure is about 20-60Pa higher than the outside.

The negative ion generator and high-efficiency air-conditioning filter are integrated in the air-conditioning system, and the air is cleaned when the air-conditioning is turned on.

The AVTECH filter element has a three-layer structure, which has a better adsorption and inhibition effect on germs and tiny particles.

● Roewe iMAX8 adopts positive pressure cockpit design to inhibit the invasion of external pathogens.

SAIC already has a wealth of experience in the management of air quality in the car. Even in March of this year, I also experienced the Roewe RX5 MAX active healthy cockpit system ( click here for details ), and saw the high-efficiency air-conditioning filter, Deep-ultraviolet disinfection lamps, vehicle-mounted negative ion generators and other equipment. Although Roewe iMAX8 is also equipped with high-efficiency air-conditioning filter elements and negative ion generators, both the integrated form and the filtering performance have been improved.

Since 2013, in response to people’s concerns about smog, SAIC has begun to develop independent air filtration equipment. In the existing Roewe models, including the Roewe RX5 MAX, MARVEL X and other models are equipped with independent air purification devices. The Roewe iMAX8 integrates all purification devices in the air conditioning system. The car is equipped with two air conditioning systems at the front and rear. The front air conditioning provides internal/external circulation. It has a built-in purification equipment anion generator and AVTECH filter element. The rear air conditioner has only A form of internal circulation, with AVTECH filter element as standard.

SAIC has built the Roewe iMAX8 cockpit into a positive pressure cockpit. Because the entire cockpit has good airtightness, after closing all windows and turning on the air conditioner, the air volume is adjusted to gear 3. At this time, the air pressure in the cockpit is slightly lower than that of the outside. High, the pressure difference between inside and outside is about 20Pa. When the air volume is adjusted to the maximum, the pressure difference between inside and outside can reach 50-60Pa (a standard atmospheric pressure value is 1.01325×10 to the fifth power of Pa, and the difference of tens of Pa is almost imperceptible in somatosensory). Maintaining a certain pressure difference helps prevent unfiltered external air from entering the car through tiny gaps and affecting the health of the occupants.

In order to achieve a better car interior purification effect, the most commonly adopted method is to replace the air-conditioning filter element, and SAIC's models are no exception. SAIC has cooperated with many filter element suppliers and launched two products, activated carbon filter element and PM2.5 high-efficiency filter element. The AVTECH air-conditioning filter element used by Roewe iMAX8 has been increased from the two-layer structure of PM2.5 filter element to three-layer, and the meltblown cloth fabric with electrostatic adsorption function is added, and the filtering and antibacterial effect has reached a new level.

According to the official statement, the AVTECH fabric was developed by the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the deputy director of the Eco-Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the academician He Hong, a scientist at Zhongke Dingsheng. The fabric has been tested and verified by the P3 laboratory of the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The function of the virus (SARS-CoV-2), and certified by the CMA/CNAS certification laboratory, the fabric also has an inactivation rate of more than 99% for other infectious viruses (such as H1N1/H3N2, etc.).

In order to verify the filtering effect of the filter element, we did an on-site experiment. A Roewe iMAX8 was stuffed into a smoke-filled confined space, and then the air conditioner in the car was turned on to see if the vehicle can really achieve the purification effect. First, we made smoke in the cockpit for experiments. After a round of testing, if the front and rear air conditioners were turned on and the air volume was adjusted to the maximum, it took about 3 minutes for the PM2.5 concentration to drop from 500 to less than 20. Then we filled the entire tent with smoke for testing, and the air conditioning system can also achieve excellent filtering and purification effects.

● Article summary:

The excellent environment of the Roewe iMAX8 cockpit is mainly realized by the air conditioning system. The negative ion generator and AVTECH filter element built in the dual air conditioning system are the most important equipment to deal with external pollutants. It can be seen from the field experiments and third-party reports that these two parts are indeed It plays a vital role in improving the air quality in the car and protecting the health of the occupants. In the complex external environment, having such a reassuring cockpit does provide users with more protection for travel.