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[YesAuto Internet travel] I still remember when I was practicing driving many years ago, I was scolded several times by my dad. “.” The formula is to find the feeling and practice parking; later, reversing images and panoramic images gradually become more popular, and girlfriends parking is to watch reversing images; and as the generation Z in people’s mouth grows up, today we are smart In the car test, a very important item is-“automatic parking”, allowing the car to park itself.

Today we are going to experience the automatic parking function of the MARVEL R model under the SAIC R brand. So what is its technical route and what is the measured effect, let's look down together.

Measured analysis

In addition, in any interface of the system, you can also enter the parking space search state by directly calling “automatic parking” through voice control. Compared with the situation that some models cannot find the function entrance for a long time, MARVEL R is relatively convenient.

In this most standard working condition, MARVEL R's automatic parking can be used. First, the parking position is in the middle, and the process time is within an acceptable range, and it is not particularly inked. So, let's make it more difficult.

The biggest problem lies in the oblique parking space. First of all, when the diagonal parking space is drawn and the left and right parking spaces are without cars, the oblique parking space cannot be recognized by MARVEL R.

For oblique parking spaces, MARVEL R is obviously not specially calibrated, and we do not recommend friends who have purchased MARVEL R to use the automatic parking function in this case.

In addition to this problem, MARVEL R has a strong ability to recognize obstacles and people in parking spaces. We placed a pile bucket and a person in the first two of the three vertical parking spaces.

This is why, MARVEL R's automatic parking perception is realized by ultrasonic radar and vision camera. The vision camera under the rearview mirror is used to observe the parking space on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is the position of the front wheel. The requirements are very demanding.” Almost every time the vertical parking space is parked, the distance between the left and right front wheels and the parking space line is surprisingly consistent.

However, because the rear wheel does not have the “always attention” of the camera, when a certain problem occurs in the algorithm, only the ultrasonic radar is used to judge the distance to the obstacle, especially when there is no car on the left or right, the occasional position will be more awkward.

In general, the 12 omni-directional ultrasonic radars make MARVEL R have a strong ability to identify and park in non-marked parking spaces. Even when the diagonal parking spaces are recognized as vertical parking spaces, the stumbling and staggering, relying on the radar to finally fall. You can park your car, but it will be very slow. Accurate recognition of obstacles, especially when there are obstructions facing the parking space, relying on the algorithm MARVEL R can quickly and accurately adjust and enter the position. Relying on the assistance of the vision camera, it can be used in most scenes.


Two or three years ago, we tested the automatic parking function of the Roewe MARVEL X. Many details have been forgotten. The vague impression is that I will never use this function.

At the beginning of the “next decade”, after experiencing the automatic parking of the R brand MARVEL R, I will feel that it is not bad. In some scenarios, someone should be willing to use it. Especially in recent years, OTA has prevailed. With sufficient hardware foundation, if the R brand is willing, some of today's problems can be solved in the future. Maybe, MARVEL R's automatic parking has a chance to replace people.

“Lazy” is the primary productive force of human progress. Except for a few very conservative people, people ridicule and spit on automatic parking, not because they don't like it, but because it is not easy to use. If it is stable enough and easy to use, who would refuse to save time and energy? Everyone is already alive and tired. Be it MARVEL R, or other models with automatic parking function, see the real chapter in the details, and the future can be expected. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)