[YesAuto Test Drive] Dating back to the 1970s, the red-violet-blue BMW racing car is definitely a star on the track. In order to meet the demands of enthusiastic and persistent BMW owners, BMW began to produce mass-produced cars suitable for daily driving with the same performance, and the “M” model came into being. However, the BMW M series, priced at millions of RMB, is only a plaything for a small number of BMW fans, and many consumers cannot afford this price. BMW Brilliance has launched BMW 3 Series models with M aerodynamics and sports accessories, which may be able to provide more benefits to owners who like M equipment.

Based on the 325i luxury model launched in December 2008, the 325i M sports model is equipped with BMW M kits, and the power system remains unchanged. On April 19, 2009, the 325i M sports model was officially listed at a price of 495,000 yuan, which is 53,000 yuan more than the guide price of the 325i luxury model. Less than a month after the listing, we happily ushered in his full test drive. What are his changes? How much improvement does the M kit have on the control? Next, we will go to the track to experience it together.

● Look at the control changes affecting the 3 series from the “M” kit

The 325i M sports model launched by BMW Brilliance this time and the 325i luxury sports model launched in 2007 are not too different from the M sports kit and accessories. The main function of the M sports kit and accessories is to further increase the downforce of the air when the vehicle is driving, thereby enhancing the handling of the vehicle. Because my colleague Zheng Yu has already written a real shot article about the BMW 325i M sporty. Here, I will not elaborate too much on the appearance and interior changes. Next, I will summarize the main changes for everyone to see. (Please click on the actual shooting article: “Real shot of Brilliance BMW 325iM sporty with sportswear” )

External equipment kits and accessories:
1. Air diversion front and rear surround and side skirt sports kit
2. 17-inch front wheel 225/45 R17 W tires with M logo (Bridgestone Potenza tires)
3. 17-inch rear wheel 255/40 R17 W tires with M logo (Bridgestone Potenza tires)
4. Follow-up control headlights (including turn signals to improve the visibility of corners, a configuration designed very carefully!)
5. The black door lintel is the same color as the body (mainly for decorative effect)

The use of 255/40 R17 tires on the rear wheels can improve the grip and at the same time enhance the overall sports performance of the vehicle. In addition, the change of tires is not only reflected in the size of the rear wheels, the front and rear tires are all directly upgraded from Continental run-flat tires to another higher-grade — Bridgestone Potenza tires.

It was mentioned before that the 325i M sports headlights are very high-end, and he uses the same light sets as the imported 335i models. Xenon headlights with integrated far and near beams are also the most high-end headlights of the domestically produced BMW 3 Series. In addition, the halogen headlights next to it increase the follow-up control. When the vehicle turns, this light will light up with the rotation of the wheels. The active safety of the vehicle is increased, and the excellent road lighting is ensured when the vehicle is turning.

From the appearance, you can see the characteristics of the 325i M sports type very intuitively. From the demo pictures, we can clearly see that the BMW M aerodynamics kit is by no means the same thing as the effect of the M sports kit on the airflow through the car body! These changes can effectively reduce the wind resistance and the lifting force, and to a certain extent can also quickly reduce the temperature of the shock absorber and the brake system, and overall improve the stability of the vehicle at high speeds.

● Upgrade of steering wheel and seat can enhance the sense of control

Just seeing these BMW M sports kits and accessories added above will definitely make you excited. Next, let's take a look at the interior of the car.

★ Internal equipment kits and accessories:
1. Welcome pedal with BMW M logo (improve visual effect)
2. Leather perforated M-type multifunctional steering wheel (with shift paddles as the 325i luxury type)
3. Front M sports seats (electrically adjust the lateral wrapping and manually adjust the seat length. The seats are really great!)
4. Dakota saddle brown leather seats and glacier silver aluminum interior panels
5. The sunshade in the rear row can be switched electrically (why not the 325i luxury model?)
6. New car Bluetooth system (same as above, why is there no 325i luxury model?)
7. iDrive is equipped with TV receiving function (accepting local stations is very clear!)

The 325i M leather-perforated M-shaped multifunctional steering wheel has a smaller diameter and a thicker and softer feel. It is definitely worthy of praise! In the subsequent test drive, I felt that the small-diameter steering wheel really helped to improve the sensitivity of the vehicle's handling, and the heavier steering force made the vehicle more fun to drive.

I believe that no matter who it is, as long as you open the door of the 325i M, you will be attracted by the color matching and materials used in the interior. The most direct visual shock is the welcome pedal steering wheel with the word “M”. After all, the addition of a kit similar to the word “M” is what many BMW 3 series owners desire. The left foot rest pedal is made of aluminum alloy and has the word “M”, and the accelerator and brake pedals are more ordinary. However, think about the BMW M3 that I have seen before. The two pedals are the same. At this time, the psychological feeling will be much more balanced for such a configuration.

The interior colors of the 325i M seen in this test drive are saddle brown, silver, and black, and the roof is also completely black. The car Bluetooth system has almost become standard in the imported 3 series, but we can only find it on the 325i M after domestic production. The 325i luxury model also does not have a Bluetooth configuration. Maybe the cost is really high? So why is the rear windshield electric sunshade only available on the 325i M? There is no 325i luxury electric sunshade, and this configuration is a bit puzzling.

The main sports emphasizes good control, and the 325i M must be equipped with a good sports seat. The front M sports seats can give you extra points for improving track performance. The seat can be electrically adjusted for lateral wrapping, and the length of the seat can also be manually adjusted. Depending on the driver's seat, different lateral wrapping strengths can be adjusted. When cornering at high speed, it can strongly support your body. BMW is not stingy with this configuration, and the passenger seat can also be adjusted in this way.

Maybe it is because there are adjustment devices on both sides of the seat, this part is a bit hard to pinch up. If you are not running on the track, such a seat may not provide a soft side wrapping feel. The manually adjustable length of the seat cushion is a bright spot, and I don't feel much about its effect on the track. However, I believe that this design is absolutely great for leg support during long-distance driving!

All the equipment is ready, then go for a walk on the track. Since the 325i M sports power system is no different from other domestic 325i models, the different feelings of its control mostly come from the tires, steering wheel and M sports seats. Restricted by various conditions, the feeling brought by the M sports kit is not particularly obvious. Looking forward to further testing by the professional evaluation team of Autohome after getting the single test drive in the future.

Driving in the Shanghai F1 circuit can feel the stability and handling of the vehicle. After all, it is a professional F1 track. If you want to run close to the limit, you still need the guidance of professional racers. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Ringo, the chief trainer of BMW Asia Pacific, for his explanation of the track and the professional leader in the whole process.

After finishing the two hot car projects, he was officially on the track. Like other BMW 3 Series models, the 325i M sports steering wheel is also heavier, but the steering control is still precise. In corners, the electronic stability system has a little tolerance, and the vehicle will feel a little oversteer when passing through the hairpin bend at 60Km/h. However, Bridgestone Potenza tires, coupled with the size of the rear wheel 255, enable the entire body to have a good grip when passing corners, and improve the stability of the vehicle's dynamic driving.

After a few laps of the track control experience, the 325i M sports model is undoubtedly stable and flexible in the corners. In a few consecutive corners, the very flexible suspension can give you a lot of confidence, of course, the credit is also inseparable from the rigid chassis. When the cornering speed reaches the limit you think, that is to say, when you feel the roll is more obvious. On the next lap through the same location, you can also increase your speed a little bit to corner. The real fun of the track is reflected here, and you can find new ways to surpass yourself every lap.

Look at the vehicle exit point, and there must be a chance to use the full throttle state to accelerate the exit on the field. After reaching T11, you can control the throttle and try full throttle at T13. Take a quick glance at the tachometer pointer before approaching T14. When the pointer surpasses 6500 rpm, you can feel the power of 218 horsepower exploded by the engine, and then the gearbox reacts to the gear shift. At this time, the speed is 85Km/h. The left and right speed drops to around 3000 rpm. Then continue to use the full throttle state, then the speed can be pulled up to around 7000 rpm again, and then the continuous acceleration has made the vehicle speed faster than 200Km/h.

For novices, the speed should be controlled within 60Km/h when reaching the tightest bend of T14, so as to ensure the smooth passage of the car. Therefore, the previous 200Km/h speed should be reduced as soon as possible. At T16, you need to watch the center of the curve to step on the brakes again, and there will be a hearty big straight acceleration zone below, and you will rush to the “Red River Bend” T1 with full throttle. You must keep your mind clear when passing the “Red River Bend”. A little thought will completely dizzy in the near-circular bend. With a good chassis and suspension system, the 325i M can pass through this corner at a speed of about 88Km/h, but I feel that it has potential to tap.

● Summary of track test drive

The test drive activity lasted from the morning to 5 pm, during which the BMW 325i M sports track control fun was fully experienced. With the excellent BMW 3 series chassis and suspension, coupled with the cooperation of various M kits and accessories, the 325i M has completely released its power. The track is where it really comes into play! Although the price of the 325i M sports model is much higher than that of the 325i luxury model, you should not forget that the entire M sports kit and accessories are estimated to be worth around RMB 70,000. On the whole, for consumers who like a strong sports atmosphere and are happy to experience better driving control, the 325i M sports model seems to have a lot of temptation.

Model picture
Brand: BMW Brilliance
Model name: BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Manufacturer's guide price: 495,000
Basic parameters BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
level: Mid-size car
engine: 2.5L 218 horsepower L6
Gearbox: 6-speed hand-in-one
Length × width × height (mm): 4531*1817*1421
Body structure: 4-door 5-seater sedan
Launch year (year): 2009
Maximum speed (km/h): 242
Official 0-100 acceleration(s): 7.7
Official 100-0 braking (m):
Official fuel consumption (L): 8.8
Measured 0-100 acceleration (s) on this site:
Measured 100-0 brake (m) on this site:
Measured fuel consumption on this site (L):
Vehicle warranty: Two years unlimited kilometers
Body BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Length (mm): 4531
Width (mm): 1817
Height (mm): 1421
Wheelbase (mm): 2760
Front track (mm): 1506
Rear track (mm): 1535
Minimum ground clearance (mm):
Vehicle weight (Kg): 1530
Body structure: Sedan
Number of doors (pieces): 4
Number of seats (a): 5
Fuel tank capacity (L): 63
Luggage capacity (L): 460
engine BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Cylinder volume (cc): 2497
Displacement (L): 2.5
Way of working: inhale naturally
Cylinder arrangement form: L
Number of cylinders (pcs): 6
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs): 4
Compression ratio:
Valve structure: DOHC
Maximum horsepower (Ps): 218
Maximum power (kW): 160
Maximum power speed (rpm): 6500
Maximum torque (N·m): 250
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 2750-4250
Engine-specific technology: Double VANOS/Valvetronic
Fuel: gasoline
Fuel label: No. 97
Fuel supply mode: Multi-point EFI
Cylinder head material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Cylinder body material: aluminum
Environmental protection standards: Euro IV
Gearbox BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
name: 6-speed hand-in-one
Number of gears: 6
Gearbox type: Automatic transmission (AT)
Chassis steering BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Drive mode: Front rear drive
Front suspension type: Front axle with double ball joint spring damping strut
Rear suspension type: 5-link rear suspension
Power type: Electric power
Chassis structure: Load-bearing
Wheel brake BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Front brake type: Ventilated pan
Rear brake type: Ventilated pan
Parking brake type: Handbrake
Front tire specifications: 225/45 R17
Rear tire specifications: 255/40 R17
Spare tire: no
Safety equipment BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Driver's seat airbag:
Co-pilot airbag:
Front side airbag:
Rear side airbag:
Front head airbag (air curtain):
Rear head airbag (air curtain):
Knee airbag:
The seat belt is not fastened:
Engine electronic anti-theft:
Central control lock in the car:
remote key:
Keyless start system:
Control configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
ABS anti-lock brake:
Braking force distribution
(EBD/CBC, etc.):
Brake assist
(EBA/BAS/BA, etc.):
Traction control
(ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):
Body stability control
(ESP/DSC/VSC, etc.):
Automatic parking brake system:
Steep slope rising/falling slowly:
Adjustable suspension:
Air suspension:
Tire pressure monitoring device:
Continue driving with zero tire pressure:
Active steering system:
External configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Electric sunroof:
Panoramic skylight:
Rearview mirror of the same color:
Same color anti-scratch strip:
Sports kit:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Internal configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Leather steering wheel:
Steering wheel up and down adjustment:
Steering wheel front and rear adjustment:
Multifunction steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:
Cruise control:
Parking assistance:
Reversing video image:
Driving computer display:
HUD head up digital display:
Rest pedal for left foot:
Seat configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Leather seats:
Sports seats:
Seat height adjustment:
Lumbar support adjustment:
Electric adjustment of front seats:
Manual adjustment of rear seats:
Electric adjustment of rear seats:
Power seat memory:
Front seat heating:
Rear seat heating:
Seat ventilation:
Seat massage:
The rear seats are down as a whole:
The proportion of rear seats down:
The third row of seats:
Front seat center armrest:
Rear seat center armrest:
Front row cup holder:
Rear cup holder:
Electric trunk:
Multimedia configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
GPS navigation system:
Large color screen in the center console:
Human-computer interaction system:
Internal hard disk:
Bluetooth system:
Car TV:
Car phone:
Rear LCD screen:
External audio source interface
(AUX/USB/iPod, etc.):
CD supports MP3/WMA:
Single CD:
Multi-disc CD system:
Single DVD:
Multi-disc DVD system:
2-3 speaker system:
4-5 speaker speaker system:
6-7 horn speaker system:
≥8 speaker speaker system:
Lighting configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Xenon headlights:
Daytime running lights:
Automatic headlight:
Turning headlight (auxiliary light):
Front fog lights:
Rear fog lamps:
Adjustable headlight height:
Headlight cleaning device:
Glass/Rearview Mirror BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Front power windows:
Rear power windows:
Anti-pinch function of car window:
Electric adjustment of rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror heating:
The rearview mirror is automatically anti-glare:
Rearview mirror electric folding:
Rear windshield sunshade:
Rear side sunshade:
Sun visor makeup mirror:
Induction wiper:
Air conditioner/refrigerator BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Manual air conditioner:
Automatic air conditioning:
Rear seat air outlet:
Temperature zone control:
Air conditioning/pollen filtration:
Car refrigerator:
High-tech configuration BMW 3 Series 325i M Sport
Automatic parking:
Parallel auxiliary:
Night vision system:
Adaptive cruise:
Panoramic camera: