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[YesAuto Design Decode] After entering China, foreign trend elements merged with Chinese traditional culture, resulting in a brand-new trend concept of “national tide”. Nowadays, the national trend is no longer limited to the fields of clothing, art, etc., and the national trend is also blowing in the automobile circle, which also includes the participation of SAIC. In recent years, the Roewe brand has introduced national tide elements into the car styling design. Many of its three “frontier” Roewe iMAX8, RX5 PLUS, and i6 MAX cars are “national tide” models built based on a new design concept. , The national trend has blown into the more entry-level family car field, and the new Roewe i5 is “new.”

● National tide elements have become the most obvious feature of the Roewe brand family .

Although many car buyers in the market now prefer SUV models after their consumption upgrades, and many brands also invest more resources in the development of mid- and high-end models in order to improve the overall brand tonality, Roewe still has not given up on the development of entry-level sedan models. Invest. From the beginning of the Roewe 350 to the current new Roewe i5, the entry-level compact car of the Roewe brand has gone through four generations. The new Roewe i5 launched this time follows the brand’s latest family design features, which is Roewe’s current flagship ” National tide” wind.

Starting in 2020, the SAIC passenger car design team has introduced the “Dougong” structure of ancient Chinese architecture into the car design. Since then, the Roewe brand has fully launched a brand rejuvenation strategy. A number of new cars were launched that year, including the Roewe RX5 PLUS, The Roewe i6 MAX and the brand's first MPV model Roewe iMAX8 both use the latest family design language. The most obvious feature is the parametric Ronglin grille . The new i5 is the fourth new car that Roewe has introduced into the family style. Shao Jingfeng was the only “star” designer who was talking about looking at the stage on behalf of the SAIC passenger station before, but now Martin Kropp and Shao Changshan have also walked from behind the scenes to the stage. Martin has worked as an exterior designer for Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mazda brands. His joining will bring more diversified international vision to SAIC.

The new i5 continues the technical architecture of the current i5, with the main changes being breakthroughs in appearance and interior styling. The main target customers of new cars are those energetic young people. In order to create a “high-value” to attract attention, brilliant colors are essential. The new car offers a total of six body colors in two series: the cutting-edge version and the regular version. In addition to the fluorescent yellow embellishment in the details, the cutting-edge version is mainly in cool colors, which blends coolness and sports; the regular version is more Most of them are mainly warm colors, which are more in line with the tonality of family cars, and are also warm and warm.

The newly designed front face is the biggest attraction of the new i5. Since the Roewe 350, every time the design is updated, the area of the air intake grille will be enlarged by a circle. Just when we thought that this time the new i5 will copy the super-large Ronglin grille on the iMAX8, the design team did the opposite, using a multi-layer grille style borrowed from racing cars. The lower grille is not only larger in size, but also in shape. The inverted trapezoid design looks very sporty.

What is eye-catching is not just the Ronglin headlights. In some details, in order to enhance the visual sense, some subtle aspects of the front of the car have also been changed, such as the “halberd”-shaped decorations on both sides of the front bumper and “eyes”. The deep LED headlights and the new style of two-color wheels have played a considerable role in embellishment.

● The side shape still follows the golden ratio.

The side and rear changes are relatively small compared to the front part. The ratio of the window to the door, and the wheelbase to the length of the car follows 0.618 to 1, which is the golden ratio, and the visual sense is full and comfortable. The upper and lower side waistlines play a great role in enhancing the visual three-dimensionality, which is the main reason why the i5 looks more sporty than the i6. The extension of the rear window shape on the C-pillar and the thickening of the chrome-plated window trim at the end of the C-pillar also make the upper part of the vehicle look more stretched.

Many people still have a soft spot for traditional sedan, so the new i5 still retains the unique layout of sedan, but in terms of details, the sense of sportiness has changed a lot compared to the cash. The most eye-catching aspect of the tail shape is the two “spouts” on the rear bumper that resemble a total of two bilateral “spouts”. The part that was originally just a black guard plate has also been changed to a carbon fiber texture diffuser shape. The atmosphere has been created. It's in place.

● The brand-new center console shape and color scheme redefine the sports style.

I have to say that the interior changes of the new i5 are too great. The interior design of the original i5 mainly follows a simple route. In some areas, leather and stitching are used to improve the texture of the whole car. The new i5 directly uses an asymmetrical design similar to the spacecraft cockpit. The entire cockpit is deployed with the main driver's side as its center of gravity. It has a strong sense of movement and makes the driver have a desire to operate. The new i5 currently only provides a “cosmic star and rain cockpit” with black as the main tone, and the ubiquitous fluorescent yellow elements echoes the embellishment of the exterior.

At the interactive level, the new i5 will provide a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 10.25-inch floating central control screen with a built-in Zebra VENUS interactive system. Although the intelligent connection system is gradually becoming popular in some entry-level cars, such a large-size full LCD instrument It is still rare, the new i5 has already walked ahead of many competitors in terms of technology configuration. As for the Zebra VENUS system, we have already experienced it many times before. If you want to know more about this system, please click “Magic MPV Experience Roewe iMAX8 Zhilian He Demon” to learn more!

Comfort and relaxation are the most basic requirements of car users for seats. Under the premise of ensuring good filling and softness and comfort, in order to create a stronger sports atmosphere, the seat still adopts a partial sports style. . The lumbar support for the main and co-pilot seats adopts a thick design, which provides good lumbar support for passengers when cornering.

● Article summary:

This time, the mid-term remodeled Roewe i5 began to try a younger design idea, especially on the front face. The huge chrome grille that originally embodied a sense of luxury converged to the upper and lower double-layer black grille style. The horizontally extended lines help Increasing the visual width and enhancing the sports atmosphere at the same time, this may be the adjustment made by the Roewe design team in response to the aesthetic trend of young people. Of course, in terms of product positioning, the Roewe i5 is still a compact product for the entry-level car market. With a new design language, we also expect it to become the first car that more and more young people can own.