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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] When you mention SUV, I believe you will be able to pop out a few keywords about it in the first place. Large space, good passability, and meeting the needs of multiple scenarios are all its advantages. In China, major auto companies have also observed consumers' recognition of SUVs, and their products have become invincible. So what are the products worth paying attention to? This time we have selected 14 SUVs that will be launched or released in 2021 to see which of them you are most looking forward to.

● New Audi Q5L
Continue overseas design, face-to-face confrontation with X3 and GLC after mid-term facelift

With the latest hexagonal grille, family-style headlights and OLED taillights, the new Q5L does look younger. At the same time, based on empirical guesses, in the future, the domestically produced Q5L is expected to adopt the latest generation of MMI in-vehicle system the same as overseas Q5, and the voice recognition function will be more powerful and more convenient.