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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] 5 years ago, I was still a car salesman. Once I took a customer to pick a car. Everything went smoothly. I quickly picked the one I liked, paid the money, and prepared for the next day. car. Everything looks normal. The accident has just begun. The next day the customer came and the nest exploded: “Why is the gap in this car big on one side and small on the other?” I was stupid at the sight of it. Yesterday the car was too dirty. I only found out after washing it today. After the car was closed, the gap between the two sides was obviously deviated. Although I didn't understand how this happened, I explained it. Of course, the result was predictable, but it didn't happen… Except for returning the car, it was a scolding by the boss. Lost! Indescribable.

Later, after I became an automobile editor, I realized that although automobiles are produced by assembly lines, generally speaking, the difference between vehicles of the same style is quite small. However, considering the differences in the quality of parts and the subtle differences that may occur during assembly, even vehicles that have just left the factory cannot be exactly the same. Especially like the above example, some small defects in the factory may eventually lead to more serious failures. So the question is, as a new car that has just rolled off the assembly line, what final inspection process does it have to go through before it can come to us? For a new car, how are its quality standards measured? With these questions, we walked into the quality control department of FAW-Volkswagen…

● New car picks up ? “Professional team” is also not working

For ordinary consumers, the most troublesome thing in the process of buying a car is not the discount rate or the tangled configuration, but the process of picking and watching the car. Do you dare to say that you can see through the appearance flaws at a glance? How many people specially invited old drivers, industry experts, connoisseurs, and friends from 4S shops for this purpose, and waited for a large number of professional teams in order to pick a reliable car in the last step.

Too tangled? Listen to what the quality inspection engineer has to say!

With such confusion, we walked into the quality control training room in the FAW-Volkswagen Foshan factory, intending to solve the problem that still exists in our fun. For the new car that has completed the final assembly, this does not mean the end of the production process. Because there is another very important link: how important is quality inspection? They are a group of “virgos” who report directly to the top of the factory.

Later we heard that the department responsible for quality control is the only employee in the factory wearing red tooling. For them, red means warning, rigor, and even the bottom line and red line of a manufacturing company. This is absolutely insurmountable. of. After listening to the brief introduction, are you in awe of them? Don’t panic, I’m just creating an atmosphere. We really found the right person for picking and inspecting cars, because all the employees in this department are professional “fault-finding masters!”

Floating in the “table”: car body surface inspection

For a new car that is off the assembly line, the first impression is often given to us by the paint surface. Whether the paint surface is smooth and beautiful, with no traces, this is not simply a matter of just looking at it. At this time, not only You need a good look, knowing how to use light to check is the right way! The most intuitive manifestation of the surface of the car body is the three main reference parts of paint, scratches and gaps.

Painted/Appearance: Not only good eyes!

Parts matching degree: small gaps, the university asks!

The seemingly ordinary gaps, I didn't expect it to be so exaggerated, right? For appearance inspection, quality inspection workers need to measure on professional testing equipment, and then mark all points according to the measurement results, and compare with the original factory guidance data to find the gap, and then communicate with the production department Improve the process, and finally reach the standard.

It is also through the above simple learning that we have a new understanding of appearance quality inspection. The seemingly simple feeler gauge measurement and the inconspicuous drop of a few millimeters may be behind the huge improvement in the production process and the increase in cost.

Walk in “inside”: internal functional test

Finally, let's find a new car for a real battle!

Edit summary:

A short visit made me understand that a car is not only well after the four major production processes in the factory, but the subsequent quality inspection is actually more important. At least after personal experience, I personally think that the final inspection The process is really not an easy task. The average age of the employees here is not much older than us, but almost everyone has a strong sense of touch, keen nerves and sharp vision. I believe that it is precisely because of the existence of such a group of people that the new car that is transported to the consumer has an extra layer of protection, so that everyone can safely buy a perfect new car.