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[YesAuto News] After the closing of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress on the morning of March 20th, Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign reporters who interviewed the first meeting of the 13th National People's Congress in the Golden Hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the People and answered questions raised by reporters.

Reporter: Hello, Prime Minister. We have observed that you pointed out in the government work report that more fair and full employment should always be the highlight of high-quality development. However, in real life, for example, the employment of college students and the reemployment of transferred workers will be restored. There are still many difficulties in reemployment for transferred military personnel, which also means that China's job market will face many challenges in the next five years. How are you going to solve these difficulties?

Li Keqiang: The effectiveness of employment is judged by the masses. If there is unemployment, it cannot be covered up. So I can only answer your question this year. What will happen in the next five years depends on how well you do this year.

In the past five years, China's economic operation has remained within a reasonable range. One of the big highlights is that more than 66 million urban and rural areas have created new jobs, maintaining relatively sufficient employment. Employment is a big deal for a family. Without a job, a family will be lifeless. If college students are unemployed after graduation, there is no hope. Therefore, we must compare our hearts to each other. Governments and their staff at all levels must take employment in their hearts and shoulders. This year's government work report included the urban surveyed unemployment rate as the expected target for the first time, in order to more fully reflect the employment situation in urban and rural areas. It can also be said that this is self-imposed pressure.

Here I want to make a big report. Our actual new labor force in urban areas this year is 15 million to 16 million. Our goal is to ensure at least 11 million jobs, but the direction is more than 13 million. We have done it in the past few years. When it comes, there is no reason not to do it this year. At the same time, we still have 280 million migrant workers who have built buildings and paved roads in the process of urbanization, and made great contributions to China's development. Promoting the employment of migrant workers is also an important part of the new-type urbanization. Peasants who go to cities for migrant workers increase their incomes through work. This year, at least three to four million rural migrant laborers will be added. For this, we must be duty-bound to serve the peasants. Workers create stable employment opportunities.

This year, the number of college graduates reached 8.2 million, which is a record high. There are also nearly 5 million technical secondary school graduates, plus nearly a million demobilized soldiers and overcapacity transferred workers. We must work hard to ensure their employment and never allow zero employment. The emergence of families requires us to further expand employment, especially to cultivate new kinetic energy. In the past few years, the new kinetic energy can be said to have made great contributions to the increase of jobs. We must ensure more adequate employment through various efforts, which can actually create more wealth. Think about it, everyone. With a population of 1.3 billion and a labor force of more than 800 million, if sufficient employment can be achieved, the wealth created will be immeasurable, and it will also bring surprises to the world market. Thank you. (Source: Xinhuanet; Compiler/Car Home Chen Shuo)