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[YesAuto New Energy] On April 10th, Li Xiang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Ideal Auto, published a post on Ideal Auto’s official App. The post conveyed three messages: 1. After the first anniversary of the release, Ideal ONE became No. 1 in sales of plug-in hybrid models in the Chinese market; 2. Ideal Cars will provide free replacement seats for some Ideal ONE models; 3. An important free hardware improvement will be provided to early car owners at the end of April.

In the post, Li Xiang gave a detailed explanation on the issue of “replacement of seats for some car owners for free”: Some of the vehicle seats produced in December 2019, because the supplier's capacity climbed, the seat hardness was not well controlled. There is a problem of too hard ride. Ideal Auto will carry out free replacement of new seats (in compliance with the hardness standard) for vehicles equipped with these seats. The specific measures are to release instructions and procedures for appointment, inspection, and replacement at the end of April.

Li Xiang further explained: The seats with hardness problems in this batch are qualified in terms of environmental protection, safety and quality, but the comfort is not up to the standard of an ideal car. Regarding another important free hardware improvement at the end of April, Li Xiang did not elaborate. Ideal ONE, as the first mass-produced model of Ideal Auto, was priced at 328,000 yuan after subsidies. The delivery started in December 2019. As of March, the inventory has exceeded 4,000 units.