[YesAuto Evaluation] Cadillac actually lowered the entry price of its flagship product in China to 388,800, and the highest 2.0T we tested was only priced at less than 500,000. You must know that this is a Cadillac. This American mid-to-large car with 262 horsepower and knife-cutting lines makes your choice no longer trapped between E-Class, 5 Series and A6L. By the way, the turning rate of driving on the road is obviously higher than that of the opponents.

However, the displacement of only two liters appeared on the flagship model, which is too inconsistent with the impression given by Cadillac in the past. Don't forget that this is a brand that is used to large displacement naturally aspirated engines. When the weightlifter suddenly announced that he would go When participating in a gymnastics competition, people inevitably have to have questions: Is it okay to do so?

● Exterior and interior display video

◆ Note: Since there have been two in-depth test drives before, this test car did not have a special static experience. Readers who need to understand this part of the content, please click on the link below. You can take a closer look at the performance of Saiwei's rear space:

● Engine and gearbox

Yes, this is indeed the first time that Cadillac is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in China, but this power unit code-named LNF under GM has been in service on many models, such as the Pontiac Solstice GXP (transformed King Kong, the “Jazz” torn in half by “Megatron”), Opel GT, Chevrolet HHR SS, etc., and the new Regal and the new LaCrosse that we are familiar with in the domestic market are also equipped with its low-power version.

In terms of technical data, its cylinder diameter and stroke are both 86mm. I have introduced the advantages of this design in the test article of Nissan Sunshine (click to view): the balance between power and torque; in addition, although there are only four Cylinders, but the designer is still working on exhaust. Cylinders 1 and 4 share one exhaust passage, and cylinders 2 and 3 share one exhaust passage. Exhaust gas from the two exhaust passages is injected into the turbine one after the other. It is similar to the single-turbo twin-scroll tube design of the BMW N55 engine, so the peak torque of 360N·m can start early from 2000 rpm and continue to 5000 rpm (in contrast, the 2.0T of the Audi A6L using EA888 is 280N·m, 1800-4200rpm); Finally, the variable valve timing, direct injection, etc. will not be elaborated. In addition, the maximum power output of 262 horsepower is really rare in the same level.

The gearbox number is 6L45. It has enough ride comfort and average sportiness. Of course, CTS should do the sports. However, its shifting logic is really conservative, and it doesn’t like downshifts. You see, this is “tuning.” The function of the word, in order to be faithful to the comfortable car character, even 6 gears are not more active than some aggressive 5AT.

● Daily driving

As a car built for rear passengers, power and control will never be ranked first, but the unusual parameters of the 2.0T engine have really attracted a lot of attention. At present, there is no other car in the same class on the market. Higher nominal number, but in actual driving did not feel any abruptness and discomfort, the large body is always flat on the ground, the speed is raised unconsciously, you can see a great one below The acceleration performance of the car, but the usual sense of explosion is difficult to reflect on this body.

The 2.0T version and the 3.6-liter model use the same gearbox. Together with the reduction in the weight of the vehicle, its workload here is a bit smaller. Theoretically, the smoothness of the power connection will increase. The actual experience is in the low-speed stage. The upshift is not compact enough, and things are much better after 3rd gear.

In order to fully take care of the VIP in the right rear seat, the gearbox occupies an overwhelming control position in front of the driver. It is difficult to stimulate downshifts with a simple deepening of the throttle action, but with a wide torque output platform, this car can almost It provides the necessary power response under any working conditions, and at the same time avoids the frustration and power loss caused by frequent shifting of gears.

Maybe it's because the car that “cures all kinds of dissatisfaction” is driven too much. The word 2.0T directly brings out a lot of passionate memories in my mind, and the matching result of the engine and the gearbox in Saiwei will not easily let the match result. You feel the swiftness, everything is in the service of comfort, its task is to send the boss to the meeting at the upper limit speed allowed by the law, and it can't let the boss negotiate bad business because of motion sickness. So you should be able to see the meaning of 2.0T from the neat and tidy engine compartment. This is not a restless heart.

Saiwei has a huge body size, and with the help of various electronic systems, it is not difficult to drive. The variable speed steering assist allows you to grasp the head of the car at a suitable scale at any time. At the same time, due to the weight of the engine compartment The sensitivity of the steering is also improved a lot. The electromagnetic suspension system continuously adjusts the damping according to the driving state, the road surface information feedback is sufficient, and the attitude control in the corners is also greatly exceeded expectations.

● Accelerated testing

The official acceleration score is 8.69 seconds. I think they may have found a fat man to test. Americans should eat less fast food, because our best score was 7.27 seconds, which is much faster.

The starting speed should not exceed 2500rpm, otherwise the rear wheel will slip for a long time and affect the performance. There is not much bursting pleasure in the car, and it has reached 100km/h unknowingly. The performance of the gearbox here is not in place. In the face of heavy load conditions such as the 100-kilometer acceleration test, its upshifting action is not clear enough. However, it is very difficult to achieve this result with a vehicle weight of more than 1.9 tons, and 7.27 seconds can give full marks.

● Brake test

The brake system is facing severe tests. 1.9 tons will not only affect the acceleration performance, but also put forward higher requirements on the details of the caliper, the cooling system and so on.

The final result of the test car is 40.21 meters, which is a little bit away from the 40 meters I expected. In fact, it is also an excellent number, but it is a bit eclipsed compared to top players like Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle enters the state a bit slowly, and the braking performance is getting better and better for many times. The thermal attenuation does not appear. The reliability is commendable. The maximum G value is maintained at a level close to -1g, and the braking system can be stronger. .

● Noise

The noise control of Saiwei 2.0T does not live up to the title of a luxury brand. The main noise source during driving comes from the wind noise caused by the car's exterior rearview mirror. In addition, although the engine sound is not loud, it is not very pleasant, and it does not match the temperament of the whole vehicle.

● Fuel consumption test

Starting from this fuel consumption, we used a closed loop route map. This route was determined after repeated discussions by colleagues in the evaluation shopping guide group. It includes highways, loops, and frequently congested sections. Only time will be needed in the future. Allowed, we will use this route for fuel consumption testing, so that the data obtained in the horizontal comparison is more fair.

It should be noted that it takes a long time to run this route, and the entire test process takes half a day. Because the length of time the test car is loaned varies, we can only run this route when there is plenty of time, and a few are only outside. If you borrow a car for two days or even a day, you can only guarantee the routine test items first. I hope everyone understands.

In the traditional impression, there is no Cadillac car that is not a gas tiger, and the appearance of the 2.0T will change this situation. Compared with other 3-liter engines under the same door, this four-cylinder engine has a rather small appetite.

The test road section includes road conditions such as congestion, loops, and high speeds. The major proportions of each road condition can be seen in the schematic diagram. The whole journey is 125.4 kilometers and consumes 12.14 liters of fuel. Therefore, its comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in this test is 9.68 liters.

This figure needs to be more detailed to understand: this is a medium-to-large car with a curb weight of more than 1.9 tons, plus a driver and photographic equipment, it also weighs almost two tons, and you also have a wheelbase of more than 3 meters. Adjust the seat angle in the rear seat while watching TV while enjoying a massage…I mean, for this high-end model, 9.68 liters is very satisfying, and I have doubts about Cadillac’s fuel consumption. People can find strong data support on this engine.

● Summary

From the price point of view, the executive version we tested is equipped with almost all the configuration that can be installed, especially the care for the rear passengers is the most thoughtful in the same class, which truly reflects the meaning of the word “luxury”. After the engine is slimmed down from 3.6 liters to 2.0T, the power is still sufficient, but the fuel consumption is greatly reduced. The most important thing is that the price of the whole series has been lowered by 200,000 at a time. In the face-to-face confrontation with the A6L, E-class, 5 series and S80L models, consumers can naturally compare the configuration list for who has the highest cost performance. come out. Although only a 2.0T engine was installed, the benefits of light installation are obvious.

The only thing that worries me is the sharp exterior design. Although it looks good, in the eyes of many middle-class people who admire low-key behavior, driving such a car will inevitably have a little high-profile concern. In any case, the battle at this level has become more and more exciting due to the addition of 2.0T Saiwei. With such a highly cost-effective opponent, no matter what, everyone has to be nervous for a while.

● 2011 Cadillac SLS Saiwei 2.0T detailed parameter configuration table