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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Every car fan will have this kind of curiosity more or less. What do the heads of car brands do everyday? First of all, it must be a model of its own brand. For the head of Toyota Akio Toyoda, its flagship model Toyota Century is naturally the first choice.

However, Akio Toyoda, who loves motor sports, seems to want more people to know that his pursuit of performance must always be one step ahead. Even the daily scooter must look sporty, so we saw it in September 2018. His latest car-Toyota Century GRMN.

As the president of Toyota Motor, Akio Toyoda has stated in public on many occasions that he really likes this exclusive business car, which is the only one in the world. Toyoda said that he likes this type of vehicle very much and hopes to see the combination of the high-performance GRMN and Toyota’s flagship model Century. The birth of the Toyota Century GRMN can also be seen as the master’s overall transformation of Toyota. confidence.

Today, the latest generation of Toyota Century can be easily seen in Tokyo’s business districts, but you can’t own the white GRMN Century of the Toyota Akira gay model. Although Toyota displayed the Black Century GRMN at the 2019 Osaka Auto Show, we don't know when it will be mass-produced and the specific output. If you can't buy a real car, you can always start, right? Kyosho recently launched a 1:18 Toyota Century GRMN limited to 700 vehicles.

The 1:18 ratio Century GRMN launched by Kyosho has a high degree of reduction. If you don’t look carefully at this set of pictures of Kyosho, you will really think it is a real Century GRMN car. The details are in place. The honeycomb grille and the GRMN exclusive kit are all restored very meticulously. The slender carbon fiber spoiler at the rear also reflects the level of the old car model brand of Kyosho.

Through the car window, we can see the small details on the center console, the instrument panel, the golden phoenix on the center control screen, the steering wheel multi-function buttons and various small buttons are all clearly reflected. Toyota did not disclose the details of GRMN for many centuries, but Kyosho said that although the appearance of this car is quite sporty, it retains the air suspension, 19-inch BBS forged wheels and Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tires. These details are in This model also pursues a high degree of reduction.

The power system of the Century GRMN is still a mystery. According to overseas media reports, the car is equipped with the same 5.0L V8 hybrid engine as the standard version, but the power parameters after GRMN tuning are higher than those of the standard version. The Toyota Century sold in Japan only costs 19.6 million yen (approximately 1.281 million yuan), and there is still no news of the Century GRMN production car, but now it only costs 19,800 yen (approximately) to own a 1:18 model of the same model. (1294 yuan), the limited edition of 700 Toyota Chapter Gay White Century GRMN will surely become a wealth management product. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car