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[YesAuto News] According to foreign media reports, due to the Sino-US trade dispute, Lincoln's goal of “300,000 global sales in 2020” may be postponed. At the same time, Lincoln Motors also expressed that it is seeking to speed up the process of localization.

The current Lincoln Motors President Joy Falotico said in an interview during the Los Angeles Auto Show that due to the impact of the Sino-US trade war, the 300,000 vehicle target set by former Ford CEO Mark Fields may be abandoned. “Considering various factors, sales are not our most important goal at the moment. We want to achieve profitable growth through healthy sales, rather than building cars and selling them at a discount.” Joy Falotico said bluntly.

In July of this year, China raised tariffs on imported goods, including automobiles, to 40% in order to counteract the increase in tariffs by the United States; in addition, due to the decline in consumption in the luxury goods market in the US domestic market, Lincoln Motors also reduced its investment in the US market. , Multiple factors caused Lincoln to abandon its previous sales target.

In 2014, Mark Fields, then CEO of Ford, set a target for Lincoln to sell 300,000 vehicles in 2020, and invested $5 billion to start the Lincoln revival plan. At present, Lincoln's global sales have increased from approximately 100,000 vehicles that year to 188,000 vehicles in 2017. But this year, Lincoln's rapid growth in the US home market has stalled. Therefore, it is particularly important for Lincoln to accelerate its pace in the Chinese market.

Joy Falotico said that Lincoln is seeking to speed up the process of localization in China. According to previously exposed news, Lincoln plans to realize the localization of five new cars in China in 2022 to reduce costs and increase sales. Among them, the new Lincoln Aviator will be made domestically in 2019; Lincoln MKC and Lincoln MKZ will follow closely behind; and the Lincoln Nautilus will be made domestically in 2021. (Source: AutoNews Compiler: Car Home/Wang Lin)