[YesAuto Test Drive] Speaking of Dongfeng Nissan’s small cars, perhaps some people thought that Liwei was not soft enough, so women are not strong, but now all of this has improved, the new generation of small cars-March Marci will definitely be born To make up for this, of course, I believe that some men will notice it, such as you and me today…

You must know that “March” is not a new-generation product. As early as 1982, the first-generation model has come out. To this day, the model in front of you is considered the fourth-generation product. In this way, it is wonderful It's not just women's choice. The result of progress and innovation should be the topic we are concerned about today.

● Tips:

March is one of Nissan's best-selling models. The new generation March was released in Japan in October 1982. In 1992 and 2002, Nissan successively launched the second and third generation models. March also developed from the initial three-door version to the five-door version and the convertible version. As of 2009, March's cumulative production reached 5.65 million vehicles in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

I don't want to say much about the appearance. One is that a static evaluation has been done at the Beijing Auto Show, and the other is that the benevolent should talk to himself through pictures. Now, I just want to say that Marchi's body is not big. The size of 3779mm×1666mm×1526mm (length×width×height) is relatively small in the current small cars, but this also makes it compact and Lovely, the growth of “female affinity” should be an inevitable result.

It is a little different from what I saw at the auto show. The March I tested today was not the top model. The aluminum alloy wheels, keyless start system and front fog lights did not appear in the test drive, which is a pity. The first two items are easy to understand, but the lack of the front fog lamp still makes me unacceptable. It is not too high a cost. After adding it, it will feel normal, but when it is not, it will feel that the gap is too big…

In addition, the tire specifications of the two different models are also different. The high-end cars use 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels with 175mm tires, while the low-end cars are one size smaller. One thing is more gratifying. Although the low-profile car uses steel wheels + plastic covers, it is difficult to see the difference between the two in terms of effect. It is not because of the size, but the styles of the two wheels are very similar! They are all in the shape of 7 spokes!

As a small car, our most common grade configurations are electric rearview mirrors, windows or sunroofs. However, there are also functions such as electric folding rearview mirrors and keyless start in March. The usage method is no longer necessary to introduce.

In the static evaluation of the auto show, I once said that March's style is more feminine, and I still insist on this view today! Take a look at its interior, a large number of circular elements are composed of softness or cuteness. Obviously, it lacks some masculinity. On the contrary, it will achieve the aesthetic direction of female consumers.

Featured configuration: e-car assistant

The so-called e-car assistant is a kind of “smart friend” function. It can actively remind the maintenance time, birthday, important anniversaries, etc., and also actively greet the car owner when getting on and off the car. Although it is not the kind of voice prompt, but when you watch To “Hello”,
“Goodbye”, “Happy birthday” and other greetings will also feel very intimate. Let me tell you first, this is a “toy” that all cars will be equipped with!

It only needs two buttons to operate easily when setting, and input the corresponding information through the display of the dashboard. For example, the birthday reminder is just a few months and days. It is basically not difficult and belongs to a one-minute crash. In addition to displaying birthdays or anniversaries, the e-car assistant will also send out a friendly reminder after you have been driving for a long time, telling you that it is time to rest. At this time, an image of a cup of coffee will appear on the screen, which is very interesting. In addition, it can also display the situation of the reversing radar, which is rich in functions and especially not available in cars of the same class.

The audio area has been distinguished from other positions in the center console. The silver matt area is very textured, especially the buttons are delicate and soft as mentioned above; its key travel is short, and the damping is also very soft. Contact again Later, I relived my good feelings for it. In contrast, the damping of the air conditioner knob is slightly stiff, and the hand feel is very ordinary.

You can still find some storage space in the car, but the location is not too much, and it is basically enough. The front door has a specially designed cup holder, and the middle and back rows of the two seats also have the same function. There is definitely no shortage of places to place drinks! The fly in the ointment is that the utilization rate of the center console is almost zero. In order to obtain a brilliant functional area design, the fully squeezable storage space is occupied by various cute shapes, the visual effect can be scored full marks, but the practicality cannot be scored.

In March Marchi's explanation meeting, the factory personnel mentioned its space many times. As a small car, this problem is likely to determine the competitiveness of the product. After all, if you put your head there, whoever can better interpret the space utilization rate will have an advantage! Through personal experience, Marchi still showed his experience in this project, such as the head space.

Regardless of whether it is the front row or the rear row, the head room of the car is really lacking. All the margins of more than a punch can fully accommodate passengers over 1.8 meters tall; however, the rear legs are relatively ordinary. It’s normal to get a punch, so let me be a model as a demonstration…

Marchi's rear seats cannot be folded down at 4/6 points, which means that when you need to use the maximum space in the trunk, you can only accommodate two people. When the seat is folded, you need to open the locking mechanism on both sides at the same time to operate. Because the width of the trolley is limited, it is easy to complete such an action independently! Look! The state in the largest space is also pretty good.

At present, the car is equipped with a brand new 1.5L engine (code-named HR15DE) with a maximum power of 79Kw and a maximum torque of 138N·m. You know that in Europe, Marci has two other engines to choose from. One is a 1.2L 3-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 59kw and a maximum torque of 108N·m; the other is a 1.2L supercharged direct injection engine. , The maximum power is 72kw, the maximum torque is 142N·m; the matching with these two engines is a 5AT or CVT gearbox. However, after being introduced to China, the powertrain of Dongfeng Nissan Marci was changed to the current 1.5L engine + 5MT or 4AT gearbox.

Although there is no outstanding gimmick in the powertrain, it is enough to adapt to the current small car market. In fact, most similar models are at this level, so I think it is not difficult to accept. In this test drive meeting, I have been in contact with the 1.5MT model the longest. Now I will briefly introduce how I feel.

First of all, the use effect of the 5-speed manual transmission is worthy of recognition, the shifting force is very light, and the gear is definitely a clear type! If the blocking lever can be a little shorter, that kind of “cleanliness” will definitely be more complete! The strength of the clutch pedal is the same as the steering wheel, but I prefer to describe it as “comfortable”, especially the steering wheel! At low speeds, the force is lighter, and there is a sense of fineness in operation; as a male driver, I don't think there is any challenge in contact with Marci. Presumably, when it encounters the opposite sex, the feeling of easy handling will also exist!

It is easy to drive a small car of this size with a 1.5L engine. From the start, you can feel its effortlessness. At low and medium speeds, the power output of the engine is very linear, without any abruptness in acceleration, and the gradual increase in speed will also make the whole process delicate and Japanese.

At around 2000rpm, the initial response of the throttle is pretty good. Although it is not really on-call, it is definitely a good deal. Want some excitement? Slowing down the timing of shifting is the only way. Once the speed exceeds 3000rpm, the 1.5L engine will drive the car to start playing. As long as you don’t think the engine noise becomes more obvious, then continue to experience the overtaking and its brisk footsteps. .

In the test drive meeting, I also tried the automatic version briefly. To be honest, I don’t think it has any appeal to me. Although it eliminates the cumbersome clutch and gear shifting actions, its actual power performance is comparable to that of manual operation. The obvious difference between the version of the model still makes me more willing to choose the latter; in addition, the physical structure of the 4AT will appear too simple, unless you are a lazy guy, or I suggest you consider a manual model.

Some people may ask, where is Marchi's advantage? When it comes to sports, Mazda 2 and Swift should both have a say, and in terms of practicality, Fit is one of them. Since both parts are difficult to break through, will the position of Machi be embarrassing? I was also asking myself before. In addition, I also threw this topic to the manufacturer. The answer is this…

Different from other models, Marci is a product with a history. It began its journey in the car industry in 1982. After nearly 28 years and the continuous evolution of four generations of models, Nissan has developed a research on small cars. Rich experience and accurate positioning-its target group is designed to be a young consumer group born in the 1980s, and women may occupy a larger proportion. Most importantly, Marchi will use a good price-performance ratio to compete with competitors!

Speaking of which is what I care most about, that's right! It's the price! Since Marci is still a “new generation” product in the Chinese market, and benchmark-level opponents have stood in front of it before, the price advantage should be a weapon that highlights the encirclement. It is understood that the price of the car will start at around 70,000 yuan. Whether or not it is attractive or how attractive it is, then it will depend on how this figure performs.