[YesAuto in-depth experience] Rare? That's right! To tell the truth, I have only seen it twice on the road, and this is the second time I have come into contact with this brand of models. The first time I gave it to the Lotus L3, this time it was the Lotus L5 sportback. I don’t want to worry about the relationship between Lotus, Lotus and Proton anymore. Anyway, the manufacturer claims that L5 was built by the British team. Here, I just want to introduce what I know about L5 Sportback (hereinafter referred to as L5). For everyone, the conclusion of our discussion is: it is a “partial subject”.

Previously, L3 left me with the impression of extremely aggressive movement. The sound of closing the door is accompanied by a strong metallic feeling. It feels very mechanical when the handle enters the block. Simply speaking, it feels a bit like a MINI. It is very mechanical and very direct. You can say that this is a lotus for The demands of pure sports, yes, it is indeed pure enough, I'm sure there are not many cars with pure sports genes like this. Holding the initial impression of Lotus, I took the key and started to experience L5.

The Lotus L5 is priced at 9.98-12.18 million. There are too many mainstream models in this price range. Standing on the side of the road, you will know that most of the household compact cars are in this range. You might as well give a few examples, familiar mainstream cars such as Cruze, Mazda 3, Focus, and Sega. Now there is a serious real problem, that is, the competition for models at this price is too fierce. When you buy a car, will you think of the Lotus L5 the first time? I think the answer is clear to you and me.

However, there is one thing that cannot be denied. In China, Lotus is one of the few manufacturers that has always insisted on pure sports. It has a strong ability to capture the eyes of passersby on the road. There may be several reasons for this. First, its appearance is indeed sporty, and the overall design also belongs to the category of personality. At first glance, you can see the British descent, and the design of the front face incorporates retro elements, and the back is slippery. The design is also more fashionable, which is enough to arouse the curiosity of passersby anyway. The second is that people have never seen it, and don't know what car it is. They will inevitably think of Lotus when they see the “Lotus car” at the rear of the car.

L5 Sportback, as the name suggests, this is a hatchback. In fact, I personally like the design of the hatchback. Not only is it outstanding in terms of dynamics, but the trunk is very practical, and the storage space is much larger than that of an ordinary sedan. The same is true for the Lotus L5, which has an absolute advantage over competing models of the same level, which is very suitable for home use! However, its trunk does not have a reasonable and convenient switch from the outside. It can only be opened from the gap. It is very inconvenient, and the trunk cover is very tight. It is a painful process every time. The main reason is that there is no Handle, so it is recommended to consider improvement. Not only is the trunk lid tightly closed, but the door damping is also too large. In the experience, a woman did not pull the door when closing the door, and she cut her fingernail because the door limit was too tight, but the mechanical sense was still very strong. I really like it.

Except for the two dissatisfactions mentioned above, the rest of the design can still be recognized. The body lines are smooth and the mesh is strong. This is a decoration method that many British cars like to use; the Lotus L5 also has a daytime bike. Lights, the entire front face design is not eye-catching, but there are still bright spots. The atmosphere at the rear of the car tends to be sporty. Some people say that the taillights are a bit like Jaguar. As for whether everyone can recognize it, it depends entirely on personal aesthetics.

Lotus L5 uses Dunlop tires, the model is sp sport LM703, the size is 205/50 R16 tires, the flat is relatively low, official information says that this tire design is still biased towards urban comfort, and the market price is more than 600. Let’s compare the tires of the same level models. Most of them use Kumho, Goodyear, Bridgestone, etc., but only a few of them use Dunlop, which is quite honest in comparison.

Interior design workmanship and feel

Pull the car door and sit in at once. The first feeling is that the center of gravity is low. The seat position and posture are similar to sports cars such as the BMW 3 Series. It has a strong sense of movement. This is what we want to see. The domestic lack of such a pure design. .

Of course, I only mean the driving posture and visual experience. If the seat is more comfortable, the chair shape can fit the body better, and the seat cushion can be thicker. In contrast, the lateral and leg support is not bad, and the cushion length is sufficient.

The steering wheel feels very good, the size is small and the grip is solid, and it is very driving desire with the low sitting position. Although the steering wheel can only be adjusted up and down, it is worthy of affirmation that despite this, we can still find a suitable driving posture. It is much stronger than many self-owned brand cars. This makes me very satisfied. In order to reduce the burden of the driver when driving at high speeds, the cruise control is standard for all L5 series, and the multi-function buttons are also very convenient. Well, turn the key door to start the car. The sound of the engine is strong, which is obviously different from the sound of the models that are biased towards home use at the same price. I don't know if it has been specially tuned and designed.

All L5 series are equipped with automatic air-conditioning as standard, which is not common in cars with a range of 100,000 yuan. It is a model for those joint-venture family cars with the same price. However, the air-conditioning temperature of our test car is not linear enough, and the heating and cooling are uneven. Hope This is an individual problem. Also, the position of the central armrest box is too low, except for the large storage space, there is basically no armrest function, and the depth of a central water cup slot is reasonable.

After talking about some feelings, let's take a look at the workmanship and materials. The workmanship of the center console is relatively neat. The materials on the center console are slightly soft, not pure plastic, and there is also a soft wrapper out of the door, at least where it can be seen. There are no major flaws in static conditions. After driving, the voice is high and loud, and the desire to step on the accelerator can be aroused at all times. Naturally, this car will not let you down. The early engine tuning is very exciting. The interior of our test car had annoying noise during driving, which needs further improvement.

The design of the L5 dashboard is very simple. There is nothing wrong with this, but there is one thing that is not used to it, that is, there is no prompt on the dashboard when the enlightenment wide light and the low beam light are turned on, which means that you can only switch by vision and light. Location to determine whether the lights are turned on. In addition, there is no switch on the air outlet of the air conditioner. These two points of humanized design should be perfected. This is the true meaning of sports and practicality, otherwise you can only be a partial student. Throughout the whole experience, we have been listening to the music in the U disk through the USB interface. The six-speaker audio sound effect is much better than I thought. The car is equipped with a USB cable.

Storage and riding space and power system

The main driver's window is one-click, and the door panel storage space is average, while the glove box space in front of the co-pilot is very practical and the storage space is regular.

In terms of riding space, the 175cm-height experiencer has plenty of headroom in the front row. From this sitting posture diagram, it is not difficult to see the positional relationship between the steering wheel and the seat. There is not a “truck driving” sitting posture like many independent brands. The legroom in the back row is close to two punches, but the headroom is a bit tighter due to the shape of the slip-back. In addition, the rear seats are also not comfortable enough, the cushions are not full enough, and the cushions are thin, which is not a good thing for the rear passengers. If you have children, you should pay attention when buying safety seats. This car does not have ISO FIX or LATCH interfaces. You need to buy seats with fixed seat belts. Many independent brands have begun to equip safety seat interfaces. Now, it's time for Lotus to act.

Lotus L5 is equipped with a “red-head engine”. The engine is a 4-cylinder 1.6L naturally aspirated. From the point of view of parameters, it is basically at the same level as competing models at the same price. There is no obvious disadvantage, not to mention that the engine also uses a radical Feminine style. Compared with the manual transmission, the 4-speed manual transmission is undoubtedly more convenient, but the manual is the favorite of sports lovers.

Relying on the Lotus technology, the L5 still has a certain foundation in chassis tuning. The multi-link suspension is equipped with stabilizer bars. The tuning style of the suspension is tough and sporty. We are not disappointed. I will not elaborate on it here. I will leave it to us. Dynamic evaluation articles and you will talk in detail.

Summary of static experience:

After three pages of presentations, I can finally prove our conclusion here. Why is L5 a “partial subject”? After a whole day of experience, I found that in many details, the Lotus L5 Sportback is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of a sports car. This is determined by its genes, dynamic and individual shape, and proper sitting posture. , The steering wheel with a good feel, and the aggressive training are all different from its opponents of the same level. We have to admit that such pure brands and products are really rare, and the charm of the products themselves is obvious. However, it is precisely because of this pure design idea that it can only give up some comfort and become a “partial student”. Just like MINI, I don't think anyone would say that MINI is a comfortable car, both of them. Compared with the similarities in the products, the sales are completely opposite. The reason is simple, the difference in brand recognition and appeal, so I also raised the real problem-“When choosing a 100,000 yuan level When you are a compact car, when do you think of the Lotus L5” first?

[YesAuto Review] Youth Lotus is a young brand. Newcomers are usually low-key and restrained when newcomers arrive. However, this brand is more public and always emphasizes that it has an aristocratic dad from overseas. In order to express the love between father and son, it also uses “dad”. The name-“Lotus”. Interestingly, the “dad” declared that he had never had such a son, so he changed his name to “Lotus” for this reason. There must be a story!

The story is not complicated. The Youth Group acquired part of the shares of Guizhou Skylark Automobile, which ceased production in 2002, and intends to introduce existing foreign models into the domestic passenger car market. It selects the Proton Gen2 produced by Malaysia Proton Automobile, which is now independently produced. Lotus L3. The Proton Group acquired the British “Lotus” in 2003. The Youth Group hoped to use the “Lotus” popularity to promote it, so it took the name “Lotus”. As for the L3 and L5 produced by Lotus, there is a technical cooperation with the Lotus Engineering Department in the United Kingdom in the research and development, except that the two companies have essentially no relationship.

Want to know what the real Lotus is, please click on the link to view the test drive article:

This is like buying a golf. It cannot be said to have Lamborghini blood, even though they belong to the Volkswagen Group. However, Young Lotus seems to live in its own world, firmly believing that he is a descendant of the British aristocratic sports car and possesses strong sports potential. Obviously, it has given itself too many psychological hints, so that it can't distinguish between ideal and reality. We should treat this rationally, after all, its price of 100,000 yuan should not be placed too high on expectations.

The most important indicator of sports is motivation, and Lotus will definitely work harder in this area. L5 is equipped with an engine called Campro 1.6L CPS, which adds CPS variable valve lift technology and VIM variable intake manifold system to the original Lotus L3 1.6L engine. The concept of variable valve lift technology is similar to Honda's VTEC, which changes the valve lift by switching the cam profile. The variable intake manifold is equivalent to having two intake ports. At low speeds, a longer intake port is used to increase the air flow rate, and at high speeds, it is switched to a short intake port to increase the intake air volume. These two technologies have long been popularized in many joint venture cars, and the Lotus L5 has kept up with the times well. It is matched with a 4-speed automatic transmission, which is normal in the same class.

Compared with the L3, the power parameters of the L5 are slightly improved, from 111 horsepower to 123 horsepower, and the torque is 149 Nm. This is relatively normal data. Driving a 1.2-ton car body does not see anything new. Our actual test results also prove this point. Its 0-100km/h acceleration time is 11.28 seconds, which is still far from the standard of “sports” in mind.

The desire is beautiful, the reality is cruel, the Lotus L5 cannot break the constraints of objective physical conditions, but it is still a little unwilling. In order to strengthen the sense of power to the greatest extent, the L5 has been extremely aggressively tuned. Its accelerator pedal is very light and the response is super sensitive. When starting with a little effort on the accelerator, the vehicle will suddenly jump out. In the past, Korean cars favored this kind of sensitive tuning. Another clear example is the Guangzhou Honda Fengfan, and Lotus's throttle response is even more exaggerated than them.

This kind of training method can indeed provide a certain amount of driving pleasure, and life needs such excitement, but it is a bit tired to be so excited, especially in traffic jams, the constant rough start will make passengers who love motion sickness feel uncomfortable. If you want to drive smoothly, you must carefully control the accelerator pedal, which is no less difficult than the legendary “micro-manipulation”.

The throttle is always sensitive, but the power reserve is limited. With the increase in speed, the desperate energy quickly weakened. After reaching 60km/h, it quickly restored the nature of an ordinary 1.6L family car, and began to rely more on the positiveness of the gearbox. Downshift in exchange for power. This 4AT gearbox matches the power very tacitly, it can downshift decisively when necessary, move quickly, and never procrastinate. It feels good to cruise at a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, and a good balance is achieved between the smoothness and responsiveness of the power. At this time, it has nothing to do with the sports car, leaving the impression of being relaxed and easygoing.

The chassis has been tuned by the Lotus Engineering Department in the United Kingdom. Of course, this is not worth showing off. At present, many domestically-produced cars within 150,000 have this experience, such as some models of Chery. In the case of Lotus L5, the front and rear Macpherson multi-link suspension is adopted, and the overall feeling of the chassis is not bad. When you press over bumpy roads, you can feel that the suspension is more refined, not hard, and tends to be comfortable after all.

On the whole, the performance of the L5 chassis is at a normal level. However, since the manufacturer strictly requires the coupe standards and claims that the handling is “extremely precise”, then I have to say that the L5 is not as good as that, and the steering is still slightly obvious. Fuzzy, the dynamic feedback of the car body should be faster, and the stability needs to be improved.

The chassis noise suppression ability is not strong. The primary source of noise is the engine. In order to obtain sufficient torque, the gearbox gear ratio is large and the engine speed is generally high. In addition, the noise from the road is not small, and it feels a bit thin.

Finally, let us take a look at the brake and fuel consumption test results of the Lotus L5.

The average brake score is 41.27 meters, which is stable and reliable. It is only about 0.5 meters longer than the previously tested Ford Mustang GT500 that also advertises sports performance. This is a half-joking sentence, but the part that says it is stable and reliable is true.

The engine's control of fuel consumption is also worthy of recognition. We drove it through various road conditions and drove a total of 106.5 kilometers, consumed 8.56 liters of fuel, and average fuel consumption was 8.04 liters per 100 kilometers. We thought that its neurotic throttle would cause fuel consumption to increase. Now It seems better than imagined.


As the saying goes, there is no meat car, only meat people. The power is like water in a sponge. As long as you want to step on it, there will always be something. Although only equipped with a 1.6L engine, the L5 still strives to pursue its own sporty style, simply and persistently emphasizing the sense of power, and through radical throttle tuning, the phenomenon of “meat” at the start is basically eliminated. . It's a pity that the driving pleasure it can provide is limited, and it can't better interpret the sports characteristics in terms of handling, unfortunately.

In addition, there are also some controversies about the blind “fighting father” of the Lotus brand. As a brand new brand, it is necessary to properly display its brand origins, which is a normal marketing method. I am willing to put things in perspective. I hope that Young Lotus can really absorb foreign technology, improve the details while carrying forward its advantages, and strive to become the first brand in the domestic automobile industry that focuses on sports style. Otherwise, if you just want to fool people by taking advantage of Lianhua's reputation, I am afraid it is impossible to succeed. Who is three minutes stupid these years?