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[YesAuto 车坛孟料] There are many impressive classic props in the “007” series. Among them, there is a car that can drive underwater in the “Underwater City” released in 1977. Since the film was released, many people have thought It was an Aston Martin, but that was not the case (it was a Lotus Esprit). But Martin fans don’t need to sigh, because Aston Martin has officially entered the submarine industry recently!

As a layman in the submarine industry, Aston Martin naturally can't work behind closed doors. The best way to enter an industry is of course to find someone to cooperate. The British finally chose to cooperate with Triton, a well-known American civilian submarine manufacturer.

If you ask someone, how do you play when you become a rich man? It is estimated that many people will answer, buy a private yacht to go to sea. So how do you play if you are richer than the rich? Triton specifically gave the answer to this question: Nearly 70% of the surface of the earth we live on is covered by the ocean, and 95% of the underwater world is in an unknown state waiting to be explored. Triton believes that with the advancement of technology, take a private submarine Exploring the colorful underwater world will surely become a new choice for the rich.

The name of Triton is derived from Greek mythology, in which Triton is the messenger of the sea and the son of Poseidon, the sea god. The project that Aston Martin cooperated with Triton is called “Neptune Project”, and Neptune is the name of Poseidon in Roman mythology. Wait, “Son” cooperates with others to produce “Laozi”, this generation seems a bit messy. So let's translate this project into another meaning of Neptune-“Project Neptune”.

Aston Martin's role in the “Neptune Project” is not only to provide a LOGO, its design team has upgraded the Triton Low Profile (LP) submarine platform. According to its official statement, the “Neptune Project” submarine continues Aston Martin's “unique design, engineering and aesthetic car-making concepts”, and exhibits “unique exquisite shape and hull like the flagship sports car Valkyrie.” proportion”.

Although I did not see what this submarine has in common with Valkyrie sports car in terms of styling and proportions, it is undeniable that it is much more beautiful than the original Triton submarine. Unlike the shuttle-type military submarine, the “Neptune Project” submarine adopts a U-shaped design. The large spherical glass cockpit in the center of the hull shows that it is born for sightseeing and exploration. Although not on the design drawings, according to the configuration of the prototype, there will be high-power searchlights on the front and top of the “Neptune Project” submarine for deep-sea exploration.

At present, Aston Martin did not give too many technical details, but it is certain that the new submarine will not be too different from the prototype boat. Let's take a look at the parameters of its prototype Triton 1650/3 LP: the length, width and height are 3.2m, 2.6m and 1.8m respectively. They are driven by electric power. The main battery capacity is 30kWh. The power of both main thrusters is 5 horsepower. , The cruising speed is 3 knots (5.56km/h), the endurance time is 12 hours, and the dive depth is 500m.

Neither Aston Martin nor Triton revealed the specific launch time of the new submarine, but if local tyrants are interested in this, start saving money now! According to reports, the manufacturing cost of this limited-edition submarine is about 3.3 million pounds (about 29.42 million yuan). In addition, you have to tow the submarine to the open sea with a large yacht first, so don't forget to add the cost of the yacht to your budget.

If you have any thoughts about this article and the follow-up “Car Tan Meng Materials” column, in addition to the comment section of this article, you can also communicate with me on my editorial blog and Weibo (@王勐先生). Alright, see you next time! (Wang Meng, the home of Wenqi; some pictures come from the Internet)