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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] I was really caught off guard by the arrival of the Lingpai. You must know that it took only about a year from the exposure of the production line to the Concept C concept car, and finally to the launch of the production car Lingpai, and there was no spy in the middle. Photo, no news is revealed. Such “can't wait” to go on the market, it can also be seen that manufacturers now need it very much. In my opinion, this seems to be a trump card of Guangqi Honda, similar to skills such as big moves. As for whether you can have such strength, I hope that today's article will give you a better understanding of it.

In recent years, almost all manufacturers have known that Chinese consumers like to have a “big” family car, even if it is not really big, at least the aura and the whole car must match the taste.

Lingpai 2013 1.8L Automatic Flagship Edition

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Obviously Hiromoto understood this matter very well. In fact, for this car, Japanese engineers were sent to China to collect data three years ago, and then frequently traveled between China and Japan, and finally decided to use “China “Dragon” element to render Lingpai. I don’t know how much manpower and financial resources they have invested in the past three years. At present, judging from the popularity of this car, the money is quite worth it. The listing news, shopping guide, and test drive have all received more than one million clicks. .

I am a layman and don’t understand art. At least I don’t see what this car has to do with the “dragon”, but it’s not important. I think the appearance is too subjective, as long as someone likes it, but the car is specifically used to drive it. Yes, performance has to be justified.

In terms of power, it adopts Honda's classic 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, which is slightly lower than the Civic adjustment, model R18Z5, with Honda's i-VTEC variable valve lift technology, maximum power 139 horsepower/6500rpm, peak torque 172 Niu·m/4300rpm; the gearbox is a classic 5-speed parallel-shaft automatic gearbox, which is widely used in many Honda models, and has a good reputation for shifting smoothness and economy.

Driving experience

The Lingpai is equipped with almost the same powertrain as the Civic, which makes me start to think of laziness. Is it enough to just copy the conclusions of the Civic? As a result, there is still a gap between reality and ideal, because the overall feeling of driving is completely different.

The Lingpai's appearance is very combative. For this reason, I can easily classify it as a sports car, but the actual feeling is not the case. Although it is the same powertrain, it does not show the relaxed and pleasant driving style like the Civic. It is linear and calm, non-naughty, and very comfortable. Accelerating overtaking is always done inadvertently. However, I think that given the radical design of Lingpai, the dynamic response is still somewhat conservative. In fact, more vitality is not a problem.

It gives people such a gentle feeling “thanks” to this gearbox. It is very active in accelerating and upshifting, and the smoothness is extremely high; it is relatively difficult to just want it to downshift, and it does not like it if the throttle is not stepped on halfway. Regardless of you, even if you downshift, you are very careful to lower a gear. At this time, if the throttle is slightly loosened, it will immediately rise back up, as if you have made some mistake.

The “introverted” character of the gearbox is sometimes really anxious. This design will make a great contribution to fuel saving, and this ECON mode can also be considered not to be turned on, because it is estimated that it will make the car behind Crazy.

The suspension part is the same as the Fengfan. It uses the front Macpherson torsion rear beam type non-independent suspension. I said earlier that its dynamic performance is very stable, but the suspension and steering are another kind of character, and the road feel is very feedback. , The handling of ditch ridges and ridges is quite simple; in the circumnavigation test, the small steering wheel is easy to use, the force is very light but the directivity is accurate, the rear of the car is happy to keep up with the rhythm of the front, the whole vehicle is willing to communicate with you, but the side tilt is a bit big , It should be due to the long suspension stroke. In terms of comfort, there is not much feeling on ordinary roads. If the road conditions are not very good, the rear row can obviously feel bumps.

Test results section

0-100km/h acceleration

Lingpai’s gearbox allows starting at 2500rpm, the acceleration throughout the period is not strong, and the degree of acceleration is relatively high. Shifting into 2nd gear at 60km/h, it can be seen from the figure that the gearbox performed very well, and the ride comfort and shift speed are very good. In the end, Lingpai broke through 100km/h with 2nd gear, which took 11.04 seconds, which was quite average. Compared with compact cars of the same level, it has little advantage.

100-0km/h brake

At 41.79 meters, this is the final brake report submitted by Ling Pai. The suspension system with a long stroke will bring some negative effects when braking at full force. When braking to the 10th meter, the deceleration G value will fluctuate to a certain extent. After 10 times of braking, there will be a small degree of thermal attenuation, which is quite satisfactory in the same class of models.

Noise test

In general, Lingpai’s ability to control noise is very good, especially the tire noise is very small, there will be some wind noise after 120km/h, but it will not affect the normal conversation of the people in the car.

Fuel consumption test

It rained heavily on the day of the fuel consumption test, so I turned on the air conditioner all the way and loaded one person with no other equipment. The total driving mileage is 102.5 kilometers, of which a small part is the more congested loops during the evening rush hour, and the remaining sections are high-speed or mixed roads with signal lights and loops in the urban area. The average speed is about 30 km/h. In the end, the actual overall fuel consumption measured is 7.79 liters/100 kilometers, which is similar to the results of the previous Civic and Siming. It belongs to the top students in the same class and is more fuel-efficient.


As a model that specializes in the Chinese market, Lingpai has two sharp weapons. The first is the large rear longitudinal space compared to the same level of models. The second: the price is lower than that of the Fengfan 1.8L model, so it will It will make Fengfan concentrate on attacking the 1.5L small car market and form a perfect upper-lower relationship with Lingpai.

In this view, Lingpai has made up for the gap in the compact car market for Guangqi Honda for many years. Although it is a little late, the manufacturer understands the psychology of domestic consumers and handles the surface part quite well. In terms of performance, Just right, coupled with attractive prices, this should be the most favorable condition for future competition. I believe that many consumers have no resistance to this.

Lingpai’s positioning is obviously those young consumers who pay attention to family life, such as Honda Civic, Shanghai GM's Hideo, Volkswagen Sagitar, etc., so I think Lingpai’s personality can be brighter, with a soft and comfortable power performance. The design with rich lines always feels weird. As for the price, our 1.8L model is already equipped with LED headlights, front and rear side airbags, head airbags, keyless entry/start, ESC, etc. The price of 149,800 is also reasonable. At present, since the new car has just been launched, the 4S store has no discounts. It is recommended that friends who like it can wait more time.

Recommended models to buy: 1.8L AT Deluxe Edition

Commonly used configurations in daily life, 1.8L AT luxury version is already equipped, including body stabilization system, keyless entrystart, sunroof, central control color large screen, etc., this is enough, like the top configuration I think the automatic air conditioning and LED headlights on the model are optional; the low-profile 1.8L comfort version is not too competitive in terms of safety system and configuration compared to competitors, and the price is 124,800. Not too cheap.

If you are already fascinated by Lingpai, you can click here to provide your information, make an inquiry or make a reservation, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know the availability and discounts of local dealers, please click here to view their contact information.