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[YesAuto Design] Changan CS75 is Changan’s flagship product, and it is also an indispensable one of the most outstanding models of Chinese car companies in recent years. In the current Shanghai Auto Show, the replacement car Changan CS75 PLUS was officially released, and its earth-shaking styling changes have attracted praise and controversy from many people. Reminiscent of the former Mazda chief designer Atsuhiko Yamada who joined Changan in May last year, many people couldn't help but wonder-did the addition of Atsuhiko Yamada make Changan CS75 PLUS such a big change? Let's talk to Chen Zheng, the global design director of Changan Automobile, and reveal the design inspiration of Changan CS75 PLUS.

Starting from Ruicheng CC, then Yidong, CS95 and CS85 COUPE, we saw that the styling of Changan Automobile began to change, and it also ushered in controversy. But it is undeniable that Changan Automobile has indeed begun to look good, and Changan CS75 PLUS has even improved the appearance of Changan to a new level.

Chen Zheng is the global design director of Changan Automobile. He joined Changan Automobile in 2002 and came to the office of Changan in Turin, Italy in 2006. Under his leadership, Changan Automobile is waving OFFER and limited banknotes in this global automobile design capital. , Cultivated and developed Changan's own design team, and designed Yidong, Zhishang XT, Ruicheng, CS35, Changan CS75 and other models. In 2012, the Changan European Design Center was officially completed.

Yamada Atsuhiko joined Changan in May 2018 and became the design director of Changan Passenger Cars. Changan CS75 PLUS has just been released. Friends who understand the automotive development process should know that, generally in this period of time, the styling design work of Changan CS75 PLUS has been basically completed, and it has entered the mass production engineering development link. Yamada Atsuhiko also confirmed this, but Chen Zheng still invited Yamada Atsuhiko to optimize the design of Changan CS75 PLUS.

The old CS75 has a deep reputation. It is difficult for the new car design to break through and continue its brilliance. The team used to be divided into radical and conservative groups. The process of discussion was very painful, until a stag in the Alps brought inspiration.

Changan CS75 PLUS provides 1.5T and 2.0T, and the two versions are actually provided for different groups of people, so two styling versions are provided, including appearance and interior.

to sum up:

In fact, for Changan people, Changan CS75 PLUS is a brand new model, not a successor to CS75. The changes of Changan CS75 PLUS are completely reborn. We can see that both the styling and the workmanship have changed drastically from the past models. The growth of Chinese car companies is gratifying, but if you want to truly gain the status of an international brand, There is still a long way to go before Chang'an. Chinese counterparts are also chasing. International big car companies have not stopped, but are moving faster.