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[YesAuto Design Decoding] “If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” I have to admit that before, we didn’t care about car design so much. Here, “we” includes both Chinese brands. Including consumers. What car companies should “grate” is that sloppy designs didn't need to pay much in the past. But it doesn't work now, consumers are becoming more and more critical. Of course, nowadays Chinese car companies are paying more and more attention to design. BYD is undoubtedly one of the representatives. The design team composed of international big names is full of expectations. Recently, the BYD design team brought you a brand new product, which is Song Pro.

In recent years, the image of BYD's models has been completely renewed, and the brand-new family design language is indeed very recognizable. Iger’s design philosophy is fully reflected in BYD’s models: “I have always hoped that the vehicle can be placed 100 meters away, so that everyone can recognize that this is a BYD model.” Obviously, BYD now has done it. As the latest product adopting the Dragon Face 2.0 design language, what are the details of Song Pro worthy of everyone's taste? Perhaps before talking about the new car, we should first get to know BYD, the design team with its own halo.

■ Reshape the image of a brand with the power of design
◆ What has Iger brought to BYD over the years?

There was a time when BYD’s design broke many Di Fans' hearts, but all of this was changed by the arrival of one person, who was Wolfgang Iger. Nowadays, the deeply rooted Dragon Face family design can't help but give people an illusion: Iger has been joining BYD for a long time. In fact, this is only the third year of the Germans in BYD. Some people describe the sensational nature of Iger's arrival in this way, just as the world coach Lippi announced the coaching of the Guangzhou Evergrande football team.

As the industry's top big coffee, Iger was rated as one of the top ten most influential car designers in the world today, and his strength is beyond doubt. He has a very glamorous resume. Before joining BYD, he served as the design director of SEAT and Lancia, and later became the design director of Audi, responsible for the design of Audi and Lamborghini brand models. So, when Iger announced to join the young Chinese brand BYD, how could the industry not make a sensation?

Lian Yubo laughed and said that when he went to dinner with Iger, he often chose Chinese restaurants specifically for the purpose of letting Iger understand and be familiar with Chinese culture. Obviously, Iger soon adapted and fell in love with China and Shenzhen. Now he can talk about Chinese culture and European culture with team members, as Iger himself said: “I learn to drink tea, and they start to drink coffee. This is also a kind of team spirit and atmosphere.”

Why is the “Dragon Face” design adopted? This is a question that Iger will be asked almost every time he is active, and his answer has hardly changed. “Dragon” is one of the strongest elements of Chinese culture. It is full of stories and symbolizes strength. Consumers nowadays need a strong identity. If they can combine the “feeling” and “emotions” of the “dragon” It is undoubtedly a good combination to be integrated into the design of the car.

The brand-new front face of the family not only subverts people’s previous impressions of BYD, but more importantly, it strengthens consumers’ recognition of the brand. Now everyone can easily identify BYD models even if they are 100 meters away. It can be said that Iger has used the power of design to reshape the image of a brand. In addition to the family design language, Iger has also done another very important thing over the years: building BYD's design system.

◆ International design masters have joined one after another, BYD’s ambitions

The BYD design system mainly includes three aspects: the first is the construction of design talents, the second is the construction of design processes, and the last is the construction of design tools. The most important thing is naturally the construction of design talents. It is the job of design director Iger to build an expert team while cultivating young designers and shaping the team culture. And just at the beginning of this year, BYD announced another exciting news: former Ferrari exterior design director Juanma Lopez and former Mercedes-Benz interior design director Michele Paganetti officially joined the team. Such a luxurious design team can definitely be called the top “configuration” among Chinese brands.

Juanma Lopez got acquainted with Iger in the Volkswagen Group very early. After Iger came to BYD, the two kept in touch. Through Iger's introduction, he learned that BYD has an amazing growth curve, and the company's culture is very open and tolerant, which makes him interested in this Chinese car company. At the same time, the efficient decision-making mechanism and BYD's mastery of a large number of key technologies and a complete industrial chain layout are hugely attractive to Juanma Lopez.

Unlike Juanma Lopez, Michele Paganetti did not know Iger before. However, in the design circle, everyone knows that Iger joined BYD. It was through understanding Iger's story that he became interested in BYD. For example, he personally admired Tang's design very much, and he was very surprised that Iger presented such a work soon after joining BYD.

From building a team of top international designers to setting up its own design center with a lot of money, it shows that BYD attaches great importance to design. Lian Yubo said that design is now a crucial part of BYD's vehicle development process, and designers have a very high right to speak. We can't imagine what BYD's future car will look like, but with such a luxurious team, how can we not look forward to it!

■ Appearance of Song Pro: Dragon Face re-evolves

Iger believes that the car is not a tool, but a friend. And good design is not to overthrow everything, but to bring the greatest satisfaction with the most precise changes. Perhaps understanding this sentence can help us better understand the changes Dragon Face 2.0 brings to Song Pro.

It can be seen that the main changes of Dragon Face 2.0 are in the details. Obviously, even in the face of new generation models, the design team does not want to overthrow everything and rebuild, but wants to use the dragon element in the whole car through meticulous attention to details. , Really have both form and spirit.

In Iger's design philosophy, no matter how good the design is, it cannot be copied from one car to another. It is like a family, father, mother and child, each family member has his own personality. The same is true for car families. Therefore, whether it is Song Pro, Tang Pro, or Qin Pro, the front faces of different versions are slightly different.

When you come to the side of the body, you can see that the Song Pro has not many lines, which are completely concise design techniques. From the overall shape, it looks like a swimming dragon, while the lines are more like an elegant dragon's whiskers. After Song Pro goes on the market in the future, its D-pillar decorations will provide customized options, which is a new attempt.

There are two main design highlights of the tail. The first is the use of dragon claw elements on the integrated through-type taillights to enhance recognition. Secondly, it adopts the brand new logo of “Build Your Dreams” on the upper edge of the taillight. What's interesting is that when visiting BYD related forums, I found that everyone loves the new car logo on the Song Pro, and the discussion is much hotter than other designs.

■ Song Pro interior: sub-cabin design and BYD Heart

In Iger’s design concept, a good car should understand the driver’s needs and satisfy the passengers’ desire for quality. For BYD's designers, it is necessary to find ways to integrate technology and design aesthetics to create an exclusive and humanized cockpit.

Compared with the appearance, Song Pro's interior changes are more intuitive, especially the sub-cabin design with a stronger sense of exclusiveness. At the same time, the center console is tilted 7° to the main driver's side, highlighting the concept of dual space. In addition, the provision of a variety of different interior color matching also makes the cabin atmosphere more diversified. On the whole, Song Pro's interior style tends to be younger.

To put it simply, Song Pro’s central control consists of an adaptive rotating floating Pad and “BYD Heart”, while the adaptive rotating floating Pad integrates a large number of functional controls, replacing physical buttons with a central control touch screen, making the central control more concise . Therefore, the concise style can be said to run through the interior and exterior design of Song Pro.

In the choice of interior materials and materials, Song Pro pays attention to the improvement of texture and high-level sense, through the matching of accessories to reflect the overall visual perception, and the details are also exquisite. To give a simple example, in some areas that do not need to be touched, Song Pro uses plastic material, which can be treated like a leather surface, at least not cheap in terms of visual effects.

When Iger was asked how he evaluates BYD’s use of Chinese fonts in interior design, he expressed his appreciation for BYD’s design innovation: “In my opinion, Chinese characters are very beautiful texts. They are not only communication symbols, but also It is the carrier of the splendid Chinese culture. After coming to BYD, I have been learning Chinese because I know that the design of Chinese brands should include such excellent elements. This reflects the self-confidence of Chinese brands and also reflects the responsibility of Chinese brands— -Inherit and carry forward Chinese culture.”

As Iger said, a good car is like a close friend who understands the needs of passengers. This aspect of Song Pro can be reflected in the two details of the rear row. First, the wheelbase is lengthened to further increase the rear space; secondly, it provides adjustable rear seats that are rare in the same level of models to meet the different needs of customers , Reflects intimate care.

Full text summary:

As a blockbuster new car of BYD's 2019 Dynasty series, Song Pro adopts the Dragon Face 2.0 design language to shape the “Long Yan” form more. The newly built cockpit also directly improves the sensory quality. Of course, another big surprise of this design meeting is undoubtedly the appearance of two top international designers. We also expect them to bring more amazing works to BYD and everyone. Finally, it should be noted that the content of this article is mainly for design. For other information of Song Pro, please click to view our news report. At the Shanghai Auto Show, which will open soon, Song Pro will also make its real debut, so don't miss it.