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[YesAuto News] At the just-opened 77th Geneva International Motor Show, BMW brought the BMW M3 Concept (BMW M3 Concept), giving us a taste of the new generation of BMW M3 in advance.

Although the BMW M3 Concept developed on the basis of the E92 model is called a concept car, judging from the actual car on display, it is already very close to mass production. Its appearance inherits the design of BMW's new 3 Series Coupe. In addition to adding aerodynamic body kits, it also uses lighter materials, such as carbon fiber roofs, and the shark gill vents characteristic of the M family are also affirmative. It is indispensable.

In fact, the biggest upgrade point of the E92 M3 Concept is that the power system it carries is changed from an in-line six-cylinder engine to a V8 engine, which gives a lot of shock. This brand new V8 gasoline engine is modified from the 5.0-liter V10 engine that has won numerous awards on the M5/M6. After the reduction of the number of cylinders, the use of Vanos technology and the use of aluminum-magnesium alloys, it is smoothly hidden in the engine cover. under. Although it has not announced its power at present, it is estimated that the maximum power will be between 400 and 450 horsepower.

At present, BMW has not announced the detailed information of the M3 Concept and the new-generation M3 production version. We will pay close attention to it and bring it to you as soon as possible!

More beautiful pictures of BMW M3 Concept: