[YesAuto in-depth experience] Infiniti, this brand was born in North America in 1989, and it has only been 23 years since its birth. It officially came to China in 2006. For Chinese consumers, this brand is indeed still young. Today we will take you away. Entering this young brand, the topic revolves around the Infiniti EX series.

In our impressions and product classification, the EX series are considered SUV models, and Infiniti EX is defined as a crossover model in the official product sequence. The official price is set at 49.80-65.50 million, and I want to talk with you today. It is a two-wheel drive Zunya version priced at 530,000. This model should be regarded as an absolute main sales force.

In addition, Infiniti EX made a product line adjustment not long ago, adding the EX25 four-wheel drive model and the 3.7L displacement EX37. The details of our news are very clear “The sale of 498,000-65.5 million 2013 Infiniti EX is on the market.”

Since it has only been in the Chinese market for six years, the user base and product awareness are definitely not as good as the three giants of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, but Infiniti has indeed gradually increased its number of cars on the road in recent years. In terms of the senses, sporty, smooth, and youthful should be the deepest and most direct impression left by the Infiniti brand. Of course, except for the full-size SUV QX56.

The same is true for the Infiniti EX25. The curvaceous lines are extremely smooth across the body. Compared with the competing Audi Q5 and BMW X3, we think that the Infiniti EX is more suitable for women to drive. In terms of visual experience, it is more compact and compact, but if you are really serious Comparing the data, you will find that it is about the same length as the opponent's, and the width is one punch smaller than the opponent's. Since Infiniti has incorporated the concept of a sports car in its design, you will find that all its models have a lower center of gravity, so the size of the body height is naturally lower.

The introverted front face is not visually aggressive at all, and the lines on the body are smooth to the touch. This is an inadvertent sigh made by my colleague based on the hand feeling when wiping the car. This kind of delicate streamline is unprecedented on opponents. . The headlights are also irregularly curved, which is properly connected to the body sheet and has the same features as the G series and M series. Adaptive cruise relies on special radar probes at the bottom of the front surround to provide hardware support.

Going to the side, the lines of the sports car are presented intuitively. Both the overall shape and the detailed lines will run through the main line of movement. Smoothness is the best adjective. The metal luggage rack on the roof further enhances the sense of hierarchy and plays an important decorative role for most car owners. The 18-inch multi-spoke wheels are not exaggerated, but they are full of power. The maximum allowable speed of the 225/55 R18 98V Bridgestone Power Series tires is 240 km/h.

The rear of the car looks much stronger and more impactful than the front face. I don't want to emphasize too much about LED taillights and the like. The two large-diameter exhaust pipes that attract me the most are the entire rear. Its radical nature permeates from this, if you follow it, your eyes will be attracted.

The sturdy exhaust pipe serves the 2.5L V6 engine numbered VQ25HR. The VQ series is a very large engine series of Nissan. For example, Teana’s 2.5L model is also equipped with the VQ25 series engine number suffixed as DE, while Infiniti’s VQ25 engine number suffixed as HR, “HR” stands for High Revolution, which means high speed and fast response. Obviously this engine The adjustment is more straightforward.

This engine has a maximum power of 235 horsepower (173kW)/6400rpm and a maximum torque of 253 Nm/4800rpm. It is also equipped on the G series and M series. The gearbox matched with it is a 7-speed automated manual gearbox, but it is not equipped with paddle shifters.

Infiniti EX25 is developed for the Chinese market:

When you open the official website of Infiniti in other countries, you can't find the EX25 model at all, because the EX25 is mainly aimed at several markets such as China and Russia. For our market, the displacement of 3.5L and 3.7L is a bit large, especially for such a crossover model. In addition, reducing the displacement can effectively control the price.

In the 2013 models, the EX25 adds four-wheel drive models, but the lower-priced rear-wheel drive models will still be the main sales force. The suspension adopts the front double-wishbone rear multi-link structure. We see that the rear suspension uses an aluminum lower swing arm, which effectively reduces the unsprung mass and improves the dynamic response. This can also be regarded as Infiniti's understanding and interpretation of sports.

Interior: luxurious atmosphere, high seat comfort, but no USB port, low screen resolution

There are many ways to set off a luxurious atmosphere, among which color tone is an effective method. Inside the car, I saw the center console wrapped in brown-red leather and decorated with wood grain, which brought out the high-end sense of a high-end brand.

We are quite familiar with the navigation and entertainment system integrated with a 7-inch display. It is not only reflected in Infiniti's various cars, but also very similar to the one on Teana, and the interface has been completely finished in Chinese, and the operation is basic There is no difficulty.

In addition, the cameras around the vehicle provide panoramic reversing images, which not only make reversing as easy as playing a game, but also can effectively avoid scratching the wheel hub when parking close to the side. However, the resolution of this screen is really not that good, it can only be said to be clear, and it is really far from the high picture quality.

In addition to showing the role of time, the watch is also often used as a decoration, especially for high-end models. Infiniti is the same, this is a commonly used method to improve the grade. Of course, only decoration is obviously not enough. We see that the stitches of the center console are fine and this level of workmanship is not a problem at all. I have not been worried about the humanized configuration of Japanese cars, but this car does not have USB. It is really possible to have this, otherwise it will be too inconvenient at the moment.

The steering wheel is a place worthy of praise. In order to hold it more firmly in the hand, the grip is strengthened at the three o'clock and nine o'clock positions to make it more comfortable. In addition, all Infiniti EX series are equipped with a four-way electric adjustable steering wheel as standard. Regarding the configuration, this is not included in the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. However, as a main sports model, there are reasons to add a paddle shifter.

We still appreciate the comfort of Japanese cars. The large and thick seats are also wrapped in brown leather. Infiniti's LOGO undoubtedly reflects the sense of exclusiveness. These are just psychological satisfaction, and I do feel a very good fit when sitting on it. The seat has good support for the legs and shoulders, and the side wings can also fix the body on the seat when turning. , The combination of comfort and sportiness is in place. In addition, the central armrest box extends forward to the handlebar to divide the main and co-pilot area, and the focus is on better support for the arms.

Riding experience: general seat comfort

There is also an important quantitative indicator of comfort, which is space. How does the compact Infiniti EX perform in terms of internal space?

Experiencers with a height of 180cm have about 4 fingers in the front head space, keeping the seat position unchanged, and the back head space can also maintain about 4 fingers, while the leg space is relatively tight, around 3 fingers. It is worth mentioning that the rear seats still maintain a high level of comfort, and the padding is also soft.

The storage space in the front row is sufficient for daily use, the cup holder space is reasonable, and the design of the cup holder is very clever. The bottom of the cup holder has two layers, which can be adapted to different sizes of water bottles. The storage space in the rear row is relatively simple, and there is no storage slot on the door panel. The hanger integrated behind the main driver's seat is quite practical for white-collar workers who need to wear a suit at work.

All Infiniti EX series do not have a panoramic sunroof, and the open area of the sunroof is not very large, which is somewhat disappointing in the starry suburbs.

The trunk space is average, and the trunk cover cannot be closed after the large suitcase of the editorial department is put in. If you choose to lay down the rear seats, this car will surprise you. You can manually tilt it down in the traditional way, or you can use a button to tilt or open it electrically in the trunk, and you can also operate the rear seats behind the front gear knob, but only the function of opening the backrest.

The trunk cover is not heavy, but the price of 500,000 yuan we think it can be equipped with an electric trunk. After all, the girl is still struggling to close the trunk cover on tiptoes, and the Audi Q5 has already achieved the standard configuration of the whole series.

Summary: The product itself is good, but facing the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 in an embarrassing situation

After a whole day of experience, I also talked about the whole feeling for a whole three pages. I think it is difficult for anyone to pick out the flaws of this product itself. It is indeed a good car, from the exterior to the interior, from the workmanship to the use. Material, from comfort to sportiness, it can satisfy each of us, but we all know the sales of Infiniti EX. Why is this so?

First of all, the appearance and feeling is one aspect. We have said that the EX series is defined as a sports crossover model, so it is far from the strong and imposing SUV models in our hearts, although it is viewed from the size. It is indeed very close to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, but due to the application of a sporty design, the EX series roof is too short, so that for a long time we like to compare it with the BMW X1. It is indeed very small and compact. Very restrained and delicate.

Secondly, price is a very important factor. We only use the official guide price as the criterion. The lowest price of EX25 is 498,000 yuan. At this price, you can buy a 2.5L naturally aspirated rear-wheel drive model. For Audi Q5 and For the BMW X3, mid-range models can be purchased at this price, and they are all four-wheel drive, panoramic sunroof, electronic handbrake and other configurations. Infiniti EX does not have an advantage in price. Domestic production may be an effective way to control the price, but The key is to look at sincerity and whether you can let go of the brand's shelf.

Speaking of branding, this is the last question. We do not deny that Infiniti is a high-end brand. In terms of product details, it has also achieved what a high-end brand should have. Since it has only been in China for 6 years, the user base is indeed not very solid. Compared with Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, there are still high and low differences in user psychology, or perhaps our consumers still don’t understand. The solution to the problem of branding is firstly time, which slowly penetrates through time; secondly, business, the brand also needs Business needs marketing. If you really value the Chinese market, you should strengthen brand promotion.

[YesAuto Evaluation] In the previous static experience article, we have introduced the Infiniti EX from the inside to the outside very clearly, and it has received unanimous praise from everyone. Today we are going to examine this product from another angle to see how this 530,000-worth crossover SUV can bring us in terms of dynamics.

Driving experience

    I have heard about the strength of Infiniti’s VQ series engines. This 2.5L naturally aspirated engine has a maximum power of 235 horsepower. The adjustment is significantly higher than that of products of the same level. The engine is equipped with a 7-speed automatic manual transmission. This combination makes me think about Infiniti. EX25's dynamic performance is very much looking forward to.

When I first started, I drove in a gentle manner. At this time, the engine did not show any abrupt performance. The 7-speed gearbox would also actively shift gears, keeping the speed below 2000 rpm as much as possible. Most of the time, the driver can ” “Curl up” in a comfortable seat, enjoy the comfortable driving style.

Of course, in the face of such a sporty car, I am not willing to be so comfortable and comfortable. I tried to step on the full throttle with the intention of awakening this 2.5L engine. At this time, the gearbox will be very cautious to lower the next gear first. If you still maintain full throttle, it will immediately lower 2 gears, and the engine speed will immediately rise to 5000 rpm, but only a while will follow. It's not just a strong push back feeling. The power explosion I have been looking forward to has not yet arrived. It seems that I still have too high expectations for the power of this 2.5L engine.

Just now we mentioned the EX25's very comfortable seat. It is necessary to talk carefully about it here. Just looking at the style will make you feel very comfortable. The fine leather and the large chair shape are like a high-end sofa. But when you sit on it, you will find that it is not as soft as you imagined, and it does not have the feeling of sinking you, but it fits and supports the whole body very well. Of course, if you can give a seat to ventilate It's even more perfect. Think about sitting in such a comfortable seat, I'm afraid no one wants to drive fast, right?

In addition, Infiniti also provides a more worry-free driving mode-adaptive cruise. It is bound to cruise control and can be turned on above 40km/h. After turning on, the speed and distance to the vehicle in front can be set (3 levels adjustable). At this time, the vehicle can brake and accelerate by itself, and the driver only needs to control the steering wheel. When the current car is too slow and the speed drops below 40km/h, the adaptive cruise will automatically exit and a buzzer will sound.

Earlier, we experienced that EX25 pursues comfort in terms of power, but has a clear sports orientation in terms of chassis and suspension. The suspension travel is short and the rebound is fast, and it can give the vehicle enough support when cornering. At this time, if the power performance is ignored, it gives me the same feeling as a sports car.

You may have questions: This kind of suspension should be very “upper”, right? So where does comfort come from? Don't worry, the suspension absorbs the small bumps on the road very cleanly in the early stage, and does not make the driver feel the fine vibrations, not to mention the comfortable seats to resolve these discomforts for you.

Of course, we have to talk about the steering system of EX25, it feels very “sticky”, this feeling is a bit like Mercedes-Benz, when turning or turning around, if you don't manually turn the steering wheel back to the right, then the vehicle will face The direction of the turn has been driven, and the force of automatic return to normal at low speed is almost zero.

Sports-oriented suspension and steering are based on the comfort of the vehicle. In one sentence, you can describe the driving experience of EX25: it is like looking for movement in comfort.

EX25 has beautiful engine parameters, but the actual driving experience is comfortable and comfortable, so what is its performance? The next test session will show everyone one by one.

Accelerated testing

Turn off the electronic stability system VDC, and step on the brake and accelerator pedal at the same time to prepare for ejection and start. At this time, the maximum allowable starting speed of the engine is about 2600 rpm. When the brake pedal was released, the rear wheels slipped slightly at the moment of starting, and the feeling of pushing back was very short when starting, after which the speed-up process became very flat.

When the speed of the first gear is close to the red line, the gearbox will have a lag of nearly half a second, and then it will be switched to the second gear, and the power can be clearly felt in the car. The two gear shifts were very smooth. The entire acceleration process was very smooth but lacking passion. The final result of 9.54 seconds was a bit lower than expected. If the gearbox is a little firmer when shifting from 1 to 2 gears, the result should be around 9 seconds. not a problem.

Brake test

When braking at full capacity, the forward tilt of the vehicle is effectively suppressed by the short-stroke and hard suspension. The 4 Bridgestone DUELER H/P SPORT tires have excellent grip performance, the ABS intervention is not abrupt, and the foot surface is less discomfort. . After 10 tests, the braking performance was stable without attenuation, and the average performance of 40.01 meters was at the excellent level recognized by the car home.

Fuel consumption test

On the day of the fuel consumption test, the temperature was about 30℃ and the air-conditioning was turned on for a total of 134.7km, of which about 20% were congested road sections with speeds below 30km/h, about 60% were urban roads with speeds of 40-70km/h, and the rest were highway sections with speeds above 80km/h. , And finally measured the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Infiniti EX25 two-wheel drive version is 11.89L/100km. For an SUV with a displacement of 2.5L and a weight of nearly 1.8 tons, this result is completely acceptable to us.

Full text summary

    Before driving the Infiniti EX25, I had expectations for its performance, but its actual performance did not meet our expectations. The high-litre 2.5L V6 engine did not bring it good power performance. The overall performance is It is biased towards a comfortable style, which seems to deviate somewhat from its own positioning.

In fact, as a luxury crossover, the comfortable and luxurious driving experience seems to be a problem that everyone is more concerned about. I don't think anyone will drive it on the road. Therefore, EX25 emphasizes comfort, and it is understandable to pursue sportiness on the basis of comfort.

Of course, when users choose a product, they will never only care about the characteristics of the product itself. They will make detailed comparisons among models of the same level. For the EX25 we tested today, the opponents have strong strengths, such as the “German top three” Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK, and the same Japanese Lexus RX.

Among these four models, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK have been the first to achieve domestic production, so the starting price has also been reduced to 383,600 and 408,000. In contrast, the starting price of nearly 500,000 for Infiniti EX25 is not competitive enough. Another BMW X3 has just gone through a new generation, with a new power combination of 2.0T+8AT. Finally, when it comes to Lexus RX270, this is probably the best match for the EX25, and it is very similar in terms of price to product positioning and product performance.

In terms of configuration, EX25 is not very eye-catching in addition to its unique panoramic camera. The more popular configurations such as panoramic sunroof and electric trunk are not equipped in all EX series. For the rest of the configuration, several cars have their own merits, mainly depending on the personal needs of consumers.

In fact, we said at the beginning that the EX25 has no obvious defects from the product point of view. It can basically meet your needs, but if you compare it with competitors, you will find that its shortcoming lies in the high price. And brand recognition. You can buy mid-range models of X3 or Q5 at the entry-level price of EX25. The configuration, power, etc. are not inferior to EX25. Although it provides the world's top car-making craftsmanship and quality, it also has an excellent service system, but The things that everyone sees are there, and everyone is willing to buy better products at the same price.

In addition, the issue of brand recognition cannot be improved overnight. It takes time to settle. After all, compared to several rivals, Infiniti's entry into China is too short. Not everyone is familiar with this high-end Japanese brand, and some people often confuse it with a domestic brand.

Therefore, if Infiniti wants to enhance its competitiveness, the product level has been done enough, and the price should be more reasonable. Fortunately, dealers all over the world have different degrees of discounts. If you are interested in Infiniti’s EX25, you can click here to check the contact information of local dealers and call to inquire about the discount rate and current car status.

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