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[YesAuto concept car real shot] In today's fast-developing era, no one knows what the next decade will be like. For car design, each brand is exploring its own future design ideas. Although no one is sure what will happen in the future, technological progress and young aesthetics are quietly advancing the design process, and Buick also intends to adapt to the changes of the times. A bold exploration for their future design. So what will the Buick brand's new models look like in the future? Let's find out.

Edit comment:

Through the Buick Electra concept car, we can see some of the design features of the Buick brand in the future. First of all, the Buick brand still has to retain some heritage elements, such as “flying wing” headlights, double waistline design, and embracing cockpit feel, which are all existing design elements of Buick brand models. For the future, Buick hopes to realize some possibilities through the blessing of new technologies, but it does not fully emphasize the so-called sense of science and technology. For Buick, it is more suitable for future car design trends to use life scenes for technological upgrades.