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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] The recent demolition of the Guangzhou Chentian auto parts market has attracted the attention of many people in the auto industry. For car owners, consumers and many practitioners in the auto parts and maintenance industry, the demolition of the Chentian market will indeed bring With a clear impact, where is this market known as the “omnipotent miraculous market” going forward? We will present it to you through a series of reports. Today, let’s take a look at the Chentian market that has not yet been demolished and where the possible “new Chentian” is in the future.

● Chen Tian's background and past

The Chentian auto parts market is a second-hand auto parts trading market mainly dealing in scrap parts. The source of vehicles includes various domestic and overseas used cars, accident cars and scrapped cars. It is different from the scrap cars in other parts of the country. There will be more sources of overseas spare parts. Its upstream markets include Jintian in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Japan. Many of them are rare domestic old cars and sports cars and other spare parts, which are cheap and numerous, so they have been in the car scrapping circle. It is quite famous.

In the auto repair industry, the order of parts is as follows: new original parts>disassembled parts>new auxiliary parts, among which the original parts are the most expensive, and the dismantled parts are often cheaper than the new auxiliary parts. So many auto repair shops will come here to find suitable spare parts. We have had a lot of related reports before, and you can click here to view the details (Portal).

The market is located in Chentian Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. In recent years, due to urban development, this market has gradually become the core area of Baiyun District. Old city reconstruction has become a general trend. In March this year, Guangzhou R & F Properties acquired Chen Tian at a price of RMB 10.5 billion. Tiancun renovation project. According to official information: “Chentian Village will be fully transformed to create a demonstration area for the comprehensive development and transformation of Baiyun New City, and build a “high-quality urban area at the western foot of Yunshan” to form an “intensive, compact, dense and dense” urban space.” The point is that there is no room for planning the auto parts industry here, indicating that the demolition of the Chentian auto market has entered a countdown.

● Chen Tian's current situation

In terms of the specific demolition time, many previous reports were not perfect. In fact, the demolition was carried out in different regions and phases. The Chentian auto parts market can be divided into several areas in the southeast and northwest. The demolition started on June 1 is part of the area. Areas that have not been cleared can continue to operate until June 30. The current news is that it will only start on July 1. It is a real area-wide enclosure and demolition. According to the store’s response, the leases of some businesses do not expire until September, and the current compensation plan has not been determined, so the time of demolition may also be variable.

On June 11th, we came to the Chentian Auto Parts Market and found that there were still many shops still in business, and there were still people coming and going at noon. Although it was not as lively as before, the business was still going on normally.

For the surrounding auto repair shops, it is more convenient and quick to find accessories here. Cars running on the road can basically find accessories here. The auto repair brother who is familiar with the road can find the required accessories in only 10 minutes. The key is to compare them. It's cheap, and it's versatile.

Many shop assistants said that they will be open until June 30. Although the business here is less than before, but the new market has just started, the business is estimated to be worse, so many businesses have actually not decided where they will eventually move. Huadu and Jianggao are the most mentioned places, so let's go to these two places to take a look.

Where is “Xin Chen Tian”?

After years of development and accumulating reputation, “Chen Tian” has been upgraded from a place name to a brand, a brand that can refer to a large-scale car parts market. For car consumers and people in the auto repair industry, Chen Tian market Where to move after demolishing is the most concerned issue. In fact, everyone understands that the reason why Chen Tian can become bigger is not that a certain business is relatively strong, but that a large-scale and systematic aggregation market can attract users. Therefore, “New Chen Tian” must be gathered together. Prospects.

● Where to find the physical store

From the merchants we visited, we can understand that the current Chentian merchants will mainly move to three places: Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City, Baiyun Zhiyou Auto Parts City and Foshan Dadaotong Auto Parts City.

◆ Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City

We first visited the Xinchentian Auto Parts City in Huadu, which was originally a large-scale equipment parts city. The main products include excavators and some construction machinery parts. After the Chentian auto parts market announced the demolition, it became the most original Chentian merchants. New place. There are about 1,500 shops here, and it is understood that they have basically been rented out. More than 80% of the original Chentian merchants have settled here, and the remaining 20% are the original large-scale merchants. Merchants of mechanical parts are expected to move out in the future, so the name here is changed to “Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City”, which is worthy of the name.

When the author came here, I saw that most of the shops here were not well decorated, most of them were in the shop renovation stage, and some of the shops were posted with the name of the original Chentian merchant.

In terms of price, a standard shop here is divided into upper and lower floors, a total of 100 square meters, the rent is about 35 yuan / square meter, and there is a management fee of 10 yuan / square meter. The total rent and management fee for a month is about 4500 yuan Compared with the rent of more than 10,000 yuan for any store in Chentian Market, it should be said to be much cheaper. In order to attract merchants to move in, some merchants revealed that there is a half-year rent-free period.

In terms of supporting facilities, the surrounding area is an industrial park planned by Huadu District. The road is wide and straight, and it is close to the highway entrance. Some logistics and industrial plants have been built in the surrounding area. It is an area with relatively convenient transportation and logistics. There are already many logistics companies in the park and the industrial zone opposite the park. In the future, businesses here will not need to worry about logistics and delivery.

◆ Baiyun District Jianggao Zhiyou International Auto Parts Creative Park

Next we visited the Baiyun Zhiyou Auto Parts Creative Park in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. There are no complete industrial zone supporting enterprises around here. The Auto Parts City is surrounded by farmland and there are high-voltage lines beside it. Although there are highways nearby, there are high-speed entrances and exits. The road to the Auto Parts City is not very convenient, and there are many road repair lots nearby.

Zhiyou Group is a well-known group in the operation of auto parts cities in the Guangzhou area. It operates auto cities of different sizes in Guangyuan Road and Yongfu Road, where the Guangzhou auto parts industry is relatively concentrated. It has more than 20 years of experience in auto parts city operation. As well as a complete service system and management system, we can better understand the needs of merchants, and at the same time can better publicize and promote Auto Parts City.

Similar to Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City, Baiyun Zhiyou Auto Parts City has just been completed. Its first phase total investment is about 300 million yuan. The project area is 51,000 square meters, the construction area is 26,000 square meters, and about 600 shops have been built. In the meantime, the overall scale is smaller than Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City. It should be said that even if it is fully rented, it will not be able to accept all Chentian merchants. At present, it looks more like a regional auto parts market.

In terms of surrounding facilities, you can see that there is a relatively open parking lot here, and at the same time, a storefront for logistics companies has been arranged, and a chain retail store has opened. However, there are not many bus stops in the surrounding area, and the roads are not very spacious. A small warehouse can be found within 3 kilometers.

In order to attract merchants to settle in, there is a relatively favorable rental price and a rent-free period of up to 2 and a half years, which is really attractive to tenants, especially for some businesses that are not very strong in capital. , Can be rent-free for more than two years, at least to ensure that they can “survive”. After visiting these two places, combined with the conversations with the merchants, these two places basically cover 90% of the original Chentian merchants. There are relatively few merchants that may actually move to Foshan Dadaotong, and there is relatively far from Guangzhou. We This time I didn't go to the field to interview again.

◆ Online virtual shop

Through on-site visits, it was discovered that in fact, some merchants had already demolished their original stores, but they did not immediately settle in the new physical stores. Instead, they chose to wait and see. Some merchants basically guarded their warehouses and switched to online operations. This part of the business is more waiting for a successful market to move over, but it is estimated that it is difficult to see where is more suitable within six months. In general, Huadu Xinchentian Auto Parts City is larger, with more convenient transportation, relatively complete supporting facilities, and more development prospects; while Zhiyou Auto Parts City is relatively small, and it is not easy to reach the original Chentian market in a short time. The influence of that scale.

Can Xin Chentian get rid of “scattered pollution” and usher in industrial upgrading?

The demolition of the Chentian auto parts market is not only an external demand for the urban development of Guangzhou, but also an internal demand for the industry to be upgraded and renewed. In the official demolition notice, the description of Chentian Market was an illegal building and a “scattered and dirty” area. Indeed, in the era of unintentionally planting willows and willows, no one could have expected that the barbaric growth of the Chentian market would develop to such a large scale and reach the nationally renowned influence. But at the same time, there is no plan and no standard car scrapping market. It is also a mixture of dragons and snakes. The product quality is uneven. There are good goods but also bad goods and fakes. This is the place to find treasure from the “junk”. To put it simply, “the water is deep”, it is not for professionals to enter carefully.

I did a simple investigation in the editorial department of Guangzhou. Only 3 of the 8 people have been to Chen Tian. Only me and the remodeling expert Jia Rong have really bought the parts here. I bought the water tank connected to the water pipe on the old Excelle. The interface is perfectly matched with my car, and it has been used for many years without any problems. Jiarong bought the brake calipers, and they returned them after using them. They were not easy to use at all. I think this also reflects the situation in the Chentian market from the side: 1. Most car owners usually go to repair shops to repair their cars and buy parts. They will not go to Chentian to buy parts by themselves. This is more suitable for auto repair shops and parts logistics merchants. 2. The accessories here are uneven, it is difficult to have uniform standards and quality assurance, it really depends on luck to buy good things.

The demolition has given Chentian merchants a good opportunity for industrial upgrading. First, the problem of “illegal construction” can be solved. The new market is at least a serious commercial land, with clear property rights for 30 years, and a relatively good architectural plan. It is suitable for the development of the auto parts market, making the image of the car scrapping industry better in terms of hardware, and also has the guarantee of sustainable and stable development.

In my opinion, my country's car scrapping industry should not only be a sunset industry, but an environmental protection industry with bright prospects. From the perspective of car dismantling, it is itself a matter of turning waste into treasure. Recycling useful spare parts for old cars, scrapped cars and accident handlebars can not only save resources, but also meet market demand.

Speaking of the market, let’s take a look at how big this market is. According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, 31.72 million newly registered motor vehicles nationwide in 2018, the number of motor vehicles has reached 327 million, of which 240 million are cars, the first time for small passenger cars. Break through 200 million vehicles. Among them, the car ownership in Guangdong Province is about 20 million, and the Guangzhou market is close to 3 million. Such a large number of cars will involve the links of elimination, scrapping and recycling. This leaves a lot of market space for the car scrapping industry. As for the recycling and reuse of scrap parts, it is indeed necessary for markets like Chentian Auto to digest.

The next step to solve the problem of “scattered, messy and dirty” is to rely on the merchants to do it themselves. More than 1,000 merchants have different purchase channels, and the sales of spare parts are also varied. How to make it scattered and not chaotic, orderly into a system It is a problem. In the past, Chen Tianren relied on “many people, great power” to grow bigger with scale effects. Now the industry upgrades should have reached the stage where it can form industry standards and establish its own brand.

In addition to forming a good sales system, a good after-sales guarantee is needed to solve the pain points of users. Many users are not very accepting of scrapped parts, mainly because they are worried about what to do if they can’t be used or are not durable. Basically, it is difficult to obtain after-sales maintenance. They can only buy another one and try their luck. If the Xinchentian market can form a unified after-sales standard and give different warranty periods for different parts, it should be very helpful for the development of this industry.

● Summary

No matter where the market moves, the people are still the same group of people, and things are still doing the original things. The story of walking around in a market and installing a car will continue in the new market. The real “New Chen Tian” requires innovative industrial upgrades. The two markets we visited have the hardware potential to become “New Chen Tian”. However, what can eventually become bigger and stronger should still be innovative. Make industry standards and provide better products and services to the market. If you just want to find a large-scale scrapped parts market, go directly to Xinchentian Market in Huadu. If you are hoping to find a product with a good source of guarantee, you should not know where to develop better at the moment. After these markets have developed for a period of time, we will follow up and report again, and we should be able to tell you where the market is. It's more worth going. (Photo/text/photograph by Liang Haiwen, the home of the car)