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[YesAuto Design Decoding] From the design director of Great Wall Motor’s Naxian Land Rover, the former design director of Hongqi and Rolls-Royce, and the former design director of SAIC Motor in Zotye. I finally figured out one thing. Compared with Chinese brands setting up design centers overseas to absorb design talents, this direct method of recruiting talents seems to be faster. Not just a few days ago, another foreign designer joined a Chinese brand car company. Designer Kevin Rice (Kevin Rice), who previously worked for Mazda, BMW and other well-known auto companies, has confirmed that he will join Chery Automobile on October 1 to be responsible for the design of Chery's global passenger car products. Do foreign monks really know how to recite scriptures like this? Is the job of a Chinese brand designer really so good?

After graduating from Coventry, Kevin Rice also studied at the Royal College of Art in London, and then worked at I.de.A and Ital Design Institute in Italy, as well as Opel, Saab, Ford, BMW, and Mazda.

It’s not the first time Chery has done this to extend an olive branch to overseas designers. As early as 2013, Chery returned to a parent brand press conference. Former Opel, Ford, Daimler senior designer James Hope and former Porsche designer Hakan Saracoglu, former BMW, PSA, and GM designer Sergio Loureiro have been on stage together.

At this time, Kevin Rice came into Chery’s sight. His position at Chery was Vice President of Chery Automobile’s styling and global chief designer. Does this mean: Chery’s fancy to him is not only because of the design concept, but also the overall The control of the design direction allows Chery to find its own family characteristics faster, and the help of Kevin Rice will enhance Chery's soft power in design.

In addition to family design factors, this is also closely related to Chery's own development strategy. At present, Chery has established a research and development center in North America. Not long ago, Chery also announced the news of its own research and development center in Europe. For this reason, how to make its products better conform to the world trend and satisfy different markets has become an urgent problem for Chery.

Editor's summary: It can be seen from Kevin Rice's experience that he is still an extremely creative designer. His design experience at BMW and Mazda basically has no inheritance or similarities. The work experience of these two large companies gave him different dimensions, giving him the experience of breaking the rules and designing and producing. Next, let us look forward to Chery's new car! (Photo: Cao Lei, Leng Xiaoyang, Home of Cars)