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[YesAuto Interview with Owners] The Tiggo series is considered to be the pioneer of Chinese brand SUVs. Today's Tiggo 5 has been on sale for two years. In order to show the actual use of this car in more detail, we invited three owners of Tiggo 5 , And listen to their most real feelings in using the car.

Mr. Cao:

Mr. Cao is 44 years old this year. With the gradual growth of family members, there are more and more places to use cars in his family. Mr. Cao began to consider buying a car of his own. Since I did not pay special attention to cars before, the general demand in my heart is to have more space. I saw Tiggo 5 after a friend's recommendation, and came across this car by chance in a field. The first feeling was very good, so after returning to Beijing, I started to go to the 4S shop to see the car.

Mr. Cao can say that he fell in love with Tiggo 5 at first sight, and he did not consider other products. This car is currently Mr. Cao's daily scooter, and he often takes his family out on weekends.

When I first saw Tiggo 5, I felt that the appearance was very beautiful, especially the design of the front face was particularly coordinated, and there was no trace of imitation or plagiarism. Family members also praised the appearance of Tiggo 5, which looks younger than the neighbor's Haval H6, and the appearance is very attractive.

The advantage of SUV is the high ground clearance. You don’t have to worry too much about underpinning during weekend trips, but there are pros and cons. It is not very convenient for the elderly and children to get on and off the car. This is thought of when buying a car, so I want to install pedals. . The package price given in the 4S shop is: front and rear surround + pedal asking price 3000 yuan, Mr. Cao decisively chose to go to the auto parts city to install it himself, simply installing the pedal only needs 500 yuan, and the effect is particularly good, the work and style of the pedal Both are extremely satisfied. For this kind of decorative parts, we also recommend that you go to Auto Parts City to install them, because 4S shops are really too expensive.

The biggest feeling that Tiggo 5 brought to Mr. Cao is that it is very easy to drive, and it is very smooth in all aspects. He believes that the most important thing is that a family car is easy to use and easy to drive. It is true that we often have relatively high requirements on all aspects of the car, but as far as family cars are concerned, handy is the first element. After meeting this point, we will emphasize other performances.

The storage space in the car is practical and handy. The storage slot at the bottom of the center console can hold mobile phones, cigarettes, etc., making it easy to take items. Mr. Cao likes to plate walnut pieces, which can be placed in the cup holder at hand.

I drive most of the time in the car, and I often take my children to class at night, and I often make short trips on weekends or small holidays. The back row is the child's place. The original intention of buying a car is to have ample space. The reason why Tiggo 5 was selected is for this reason. The back row has a lot of space and is relatively spacious. Sometimes children can lie in the back row for lunch at noon.

The trunk space is large, and children's scooters and folding bicycles are generally kept in the car for a long time, and the remaining space is sufficient for daily use. There is a spare tire under the cover of the trunk, but the space utilization at the spare tire is very unreasonable. There is a lot of space around it, but the manufacturer has not designed a storage or the like. Now glass water and other items can only be placed in a mess. inside.

As for power, Mr. Cao’s daily driving style is not very intense. It belongs to the category that prefers smooth driving. The demand for power is not so strong. Therefore, the power reserve of this 2.0L engine is completely sufficient, but the start is a bit slow and low. The speed power is not too sufficient. Currently driving nearly 400 kilometers, the average fuel consumption is 9.3 liters/100 kilometers.

Owner's summary:

This is Mr. Cao’s first car. If it is scored by percent, Mr. Cao can give full marks. There is nothing dissatisfied or uncomfortable in daily use. The family has no complaints about the space. Cao Mr. is very satisfied with this car.

With the lady:

This Tiggo 5 is the second car of the lady. The first one is Chery QQ. It has been driving for many years without any problems, but after having a child, the husband suggested that it should be replaced with a car with a larger space. The plan to change the car. Ms. Sui is the organizer of Tiggo 5 Che Youhui. If you are interested, you can join the “Apple Pie”.

Due to the demand for space, the two focused their attention on the SUV, and did not want to spend too much money, and driving a Chery car before was considered emotional, so the first choice is Tiggo 3. After I went to the store for a test drive, I felt that the space was not quite satisfactory. At the same time, Tiggo 5 was launched. The lady and her husband agreed that Tiggo 5 was very suitable. At that time, there was no test drive in the store. They simply looked at the static exhibition. The car was ordered immediately.

When choosing a car, the lady and his wife also favored the Haval H6, but because the car was too popular, the 4S store had no car at all, and the lady felt that the appearance and interior of the Haval H6 was old, and finally chose Tiggo 5 directly. . The Tiggo 5 that just went on the market also has no current car. The subsidy policy given by the manufacturer is that the subsidy policy is 50 yuan per day from the date of ordering the car. Finally, after waiting for the car for a month, the lady received a subsidy of 1,500 yuan without other discounts.

Ms. Sui likes the front face of Tiggo 5 very much, especially the headlights, which are simple and have daytime running lights. The rear design is not very good, it looks thin and tall from the back, and it does not look big enough. The details of some exterior parts are not very well made. The lady's car is okay. Many car friends in the car club have blisters on the door frame stickers, and many new cars blistered soon, which is ugly.

As a female driver, the lady feels that this Tiggo 5 is very easy to drive, the clutch and steering are very light, and it will not feel difficult even in narrow alleys. As a woman, she is more concerned about some small details. She likes the small storage slot on the top of the center console. At the same time, she also complained about the problem that the main driver does not have a makeup mirror. Usually, she can only use the inner rearview mirror to look in the mirror.

Ladies use navigation very frequently. Basically, the car drives navigation, but the navigation of Tiggo 5 is not easy to use. Based on the woman’s experience, she reflects that the navigation planning route is blue, and the loop is also blue. It looks very messy after the overlap, especially when the blue line is on the bridge, it is difficult to distinguish the planned road and the route of the bridge area.

The rear space of Tiggo 5 is indeed very large. Children and the elderly have a lot of room for activities in the rear. The whole family is very satisfied with the space of this car.

This Tiggo 5 is used for transportation every day, and sometimes goes out for self-driving with the whole family. The average fuel consumption of 884 kilometers subtotal is 10 liters/100 kilometers, which is not too fuel-efficient, but it is acceptable.

During the interview, Ms. Sui expressed serious dissatisfaction with the Beijing Chengxinda 4S store. Once she went to repair the car there and needed to remove the interior of the right door, but the problem was solved after the repair, and she went home and found that the interior panel of the door was pryed into bumps Unfair, questioning their professionalism very much.

Owner's summary:

The lady has a lot of contact with car friends, so I can often hear some affirmations and complaints about the car. As far as her car is concerned, the lady gave a score of 80 points. The overall situation is more in line with her own mind, but the details of the workmanship are not as satisfactory. There is also a part of the deduction for the service and technology of the 4S shop. Thinking of a repair point approved by a professional manufacturer would pry the door handle like this.

Mr. Zhang:

Mr. Zhang was also the owner of Chery. The first car in his life was a Chery A3. The purpose of changing the car was also to add to the family. He needed an SUV with more space, so he started the process of choosing a car with his family.

Mr. Zhang's car selection process is relatively clear and he is very clear about his needs. Wandering between Tiggo 5, Changan CS75 and Haval H6, because I was the owner of Chery A3, I have a certain impression of the brand and products, and the failure rate of my Chery A3 is very low. There is a legend: Chery, Chery is waiting in line for car repairs. This sentence does not hold true for Mr. Zhang, and no rumors are so exaggerated. Therefore, Chery's products have always been very concerned. Starting from the Tiggo 5 spy photos, Mr. Zhang always follows up at any time, and he prefers Tiggo 5 at the beginning of the car selection.

In the process of selecting a car, Changan CS75 was still optimistic, but the problem of emulsification of Changan engine oil was posted on the Internet, and the price of this car was too high, so Mr. Zhang chose to give up. The sales of Haval H6 are very hot. Mr. Zhang doesn't really like this car. He subjectively thinks that the design is too old and he has driven a real car. The design and feelings in some places are not very satisfactory.

As for the design, Mr. Zhang has the same expression as the first two owners, we will not repeat the description, and will talk more about the experience of use. The first is the feeling of the car door. Tiggo 5 uses this three-stage stopper, which usually appears on German cars. The door opening and closing gear is very clear and the sense of grade is also stronger. It is widely praised by friends.

In terms of humanity, Mr. Zhang expressed his satisfaction. Previously, his Chery A3 had a low profile and did not have a multi-function steering wheel. Now the Tiggo 5 has this configuration, which is very convenient to operate while driving. There is also a trip computer with a reminder that the door is not closed, and it can be specific to which door is not closed, which is a very practical function.

In addition to playing Bluetooth music, the audio-visual system can also play video files. It is a good pastime to watch cartoons when there are children in the car. Many people complain that navigation is not easy to use. Mr. Zhang doesn't feel it deeply because he always uses mobile phone software when he needs to navigate. In our daily tests, we also found that the ease of use of mobile phone software far exceeds that of car navigation. On the one hand, it is easy to operate. On the other hand, the update frequency of mobile phone navigation is unmatched by car navigation.

In terms of driving, Mr. Zhang is very satisfied with Tiggo 5, which has a comprehensive improvement compared to Chery A3 in all aspects. Clutch, gear and steering resistance are very small. In the words of Mr. Zhang, the dissatisfaction of Chery A3 is completely resolved in Tiggo 5. The power is sufficient, and I usually drive in downtown Beijing. Because it can stagger the peak tides, the road conditions are not very congested. The fuel consumption is 8-9 liters/100 kilometers, but the fuel tank is only 55 liters, which Mr. Zhang thinks is too small.

According to Mr. Zhang’s personal needs, he himself added a thermometer and pointer to the car. The driving recorder is not a traditional wiring, but is directly powered from the sunroof switch. The recorder is well hidden and does not block the line of sight. .

The engine compartment cover is equipped with a pneumatic strut, which saves effort when wiping the engine compartment daily. There are not many cars with this design in the same class. The problem of unreasonable use of the space at the spare tire under the trunk cover has also been raised by Mr. Zhang. His own solution is to put in a lot of sponge pieces, and then put the items in the car, which solves the problem of random collision of items in the car. Of course, I hope manufacturers can optimize and install storage compartments. In terms of maintenance, Mr. Zhang is all carried out in the 4S shop, using fully synthetic engine oil, the price of the oil filter is about 600 yuan, if you use ordinary engine oil, the price is about 500 yuan.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Zhang scored 90 points for his Tiggo 5, which is better than the Chery A3. The space, power and driving experience have reached his expectations and goals of changing cars. If the fuel tank volume can be larger, the spare tire in the trunk Adding storage compartments can also give higher scores.

Unified complaint about 4S shop services:

The three car owners had contacted Beijing Chengxinda 4S store whether they bought or repaired a car, but they all expressed great dissatisfaction with the service and professionalism of this store. When I went to the store to see the car for a long time, no one took care of it. I asked for a sales consultation about the car. Some salesmen did not understand the product and showed a state of indifferent answer. When I came to the shop to fix the car, no one paid any attention to the customers at lunch time. The other is that when the lady repaired the car in the shop, the door trim panel was pryed and the bumps were uneven. I hope that manufacturers can pay attention to it and remind consumers that buying a car also requires shopping around.

to sum up:

From the chats of three car owners, they all expressed their satisfaction with this product. Especially the spacious space is very suitable for home use. The very relaxing driving experience is also one of the advantages of Tiggo 5. Even female drivers will not have any difficulty. a feeling of. As a family urban SUV, Tiggo 5 can be regarded as doing its job well, and it is not easy to gain consumer recognition. In some small details of humanized design, we hope that they can be upgraded in the change. As for the service problems of dealers, we will also inform the manufacturers and urge them to strictly manage them.

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