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[YesAuto Owner Interview] XTS is a medium and large luxury sedan owned by Cadillac. Unlike competitors such as the A6L, 5-series Li and E-class extended version, Cadillac XTS adheres to the original flavor and introduces domestic production with a standard wheelbase. This non-following personality behavior has been recognized by many consumers, including of course the three car owners we interviewed this time.

●Mr. Nie

Mr. Nie is a returnee from the United States and now works in the domestic education industry. He once owned a Saab 93 in the United States. His experience in the United States gave him a deep passion for American luxury cars, which to a certain extent prompted him to finally choose Cadillac. His XTS was purchased in April 2013, and it has traveled 11,500km.

Cadillac XTS 2013 28T Comfortable

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Mr. Nie loves to laugh, talkative, and speaks quickly. During the chat, we learned that he is applying to become the XTS moderator of the Autohome Forum. During the article production process, Mr. Nie told me excitedly that after the review, he has been promoted to the XTS moderator. It can be seen that he is a very enthusiastic person, loves to make friends, and loves to be open. He will definitely organize a lot of activities in the future. Please remember his forum ID: Director Xiaobei.

Choose a car

Mr. Nie’s car selection process is not complicated. After returning to China, he watched the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class. However, the former was passed off due to its small space and the latter because it was unsightly. Because of his love for the Saab 93, he also saw the BAIC Saab D70 that uses the Saab platform. It is conceivable that this car is still far from his expected value.

When choosing a car, XTS went on the market. Mr. Nie had already paid attention to this car. He needed an atmospheric luxury car to meet business needs during his work. At the same time, he thought that many luxury cars with a longer wheelbase had a different taste compared with the standard wheelbase version. So XTS just meets his requirements. At the time of listing, the starting price of 349,900 yuan was also very reasonable, so he immediately placed an order and finally offered the car at the original price.

I like a tough look/XTS has a low front lip, which looks dynamic but not practical

Mr. Nie’s XTS has undergone a series of modifications and added some configurations. The black ceiling film is the most obvious change in appearance, which makes his XTS look more dynamic. Mr. Nie reflected that the XTS's body design is more dynamic, with low front and high rear. This is its advantage, but it also brings the trouble of low front lip and easy scratching.

Luxurious interior, strong sense of design, large trunk/small glove box

The luxurious interior is also an important part of attracting Mr. Nie, and the all-leather center control panel is rare in the same level. The storage space in the XTS car is very rich and practical, but the glove box is really small. The main reason is that the CD drive is designed here, which takes up a lot of space.

Ride space is enough, I like the original flavor without lengthening

Many consumers regard the space in the rear of the vehicle as very important, but Mr. Nie does not think so. He thinks that the space is enough. The wheelbase of the original vehicle and what is the best in China are the best. I personally agree with his point of view. As long as people don't sit in the back often, there is really no need to pursue space blindly.

Strong speed increase in middle and late stages, satisfactory fuel consumption

Mr. Nie feels that the start of XTS is relatively fleshy. XTS emphasizes more on the comfort of driving and the throttle adjustment method is conservative, so as to avoid the phenomenon of car fleeing during the start or midway fuel supply. He believes that the vehicle's mid-to-rear speed acceleration capability is still great, and he is also satisfied with the comprehensive fuel consumption of more than 10,000 kilometers.

Service is great

Cadillac provides free pick-up service, and the attitude and professionalism in communication are very good. The maintenance efficiency is also very high. It takes only 2 hours from picking up the car to repairing and sending it back. This makes Mr. Nie completely ignore the unpleasantness caused by the breakdown of the car.

Mr. Nie said that since the car was picked up, the service staff of the 4S shop will call from time to time to inquire about the use of the vehicle and provide suggestions on how to use it. Once he went to the store, the staff also asked him if he could find a girlfriend, saying that there are single sales staff in the 4S store who can introduce him to him… We heard that the laughter has become a ball here, whether it is serious or a joke, anyway The 4S shop also manages to introduce a girlfriend, which is really funny. In the subsequent chat, we learned that not only the Beiyuan store where Mr. Nie bought the car had this quality service, but the other two car owners also received good service.

●Mr. Ho

Mr. He is a clerk in the construction industry. His car is the 2013 XTS 36S Platinum Edition, which is the top model of the whole series. This is Mr. He’s second car. He drove a Nissan Sylphy before. This XTS was purchased in December 2013 and has already traveled 12,000km.

Cadillac XTS 2013 36S Platinum Edition

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Mr. He has a cold appearance and a sense of maturity and stability. In fact, he is also quite talkative and joking. He has a deep understanding of his car. The reason for buying a top-fitting model is not “top-fitting for top-fitting”, but the V6 engine and many high-end configurations.

Choose a car

Mr. He has driven many luxury cars for a long time, and he has a better understanding of the characteristics of various models, which also reduces the difficulty of his purchase. He thinks that the BMW 5 Series Li drives like a boat, the Audi A6L is too long, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also lengthened, so I don't like it. In the end, he chose the latter between Jaguar XF and Cadillac XTS. He was very satisfied with his choice. At the same time, he also mentioned that the price of XTS in China is quite generous. “The price of a car with the same configuration is similar to that in the United States.”

The appearance is “men's man”, the top is equipped with many exclusive features / once again mentioned the front lip is too low

XTS has the atmospheric appearance of an American luxury car. Mr. He uses the word “men” to describe it. His 36S platinum version is the top model of the whole series, and there are many differences in appearance.

Luxurious interior, cool dashboard/interior optional colors are too few

The 36S platinum model has a cool full LCD instrument panel, and Mr. He is satisfied with it. He also thinks that the CUE system, which is not favored by many people, is actually quite easy to use. In addition, Mr. He once again mentioned the large trunk of XTS. Did you buy a car with a large trunk? Everyone will fall in love with moving…

The V6 engine is powerful, and Cadillac’s quality service is praised again

As a dual-use car for home and business, “giving noodles” is a very important task for XTS. Its appearance, interior, power and other aspects are enough to give face to face, but the 6AT gearbox makes Mr. He feel that he can't handle it.

For Cadillac's service, Mr. He is also full of praise. Since I have not personally experienced it, I dare not judge its service level in the domestic car dealers. According to the descriptions of several car owners, I think it is a match for Lexus.

Ms. Wang

Ms. Wang bought this XTS 28T luxury model in November 2013, and currently has a driving range of 12,700km. As the only female car owner we interviewed this time, she has many views from the perspective of women, which are worthy of reference.

Cadillac XTS 2013 28T luxury

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Ms. Wang fits my impression of Beijingers: atmospheric, easy-going, and love to talk about the mountains. When she talked about her XTS, she talked a lot about her dissatisfaction with the car, but when asked how many points she felt could be scored overall, she gave a very high score. Maybe this is what people feel about their car. It can’t be perfect, but it’s okay if it feels right.

Choose a car

Before purchasing XTS, Ms. Wang took over the old Xiali from her father and directly replaced it with Xiali after the selection. In fact, many people will have this experience: the hard-earned money of their parents, they bought a car and drove for many years. Even if living conditions are better in the future, many people will still drive the original “broken car”. Either because of feelings, or feeling “very good, why do you want to change”… As a new generation born in the 1980s, Ms. Wang's understanding of cars is naturally different from that of her parents. So there is the story of Xiali changing XTS.

Cadillac SRX, BMW 3 Series, Buick LaCrosse and other cars were also the targets of Ms. Wang, but they were eventually dropped by PASS due to various factors.

Appearance/Interior: The first two have said so much, Ms. Wang mainly talks about the interior

The evaluations of the three car owners about the appearance are similar. The appearance of XTS is atmospheric and dynamic. This masculine atmosphere is of greater significance to female car owners. Ms. Wang said that this kind of temperament of XTS can give her a sense of security. Without exception, she still mentioned the XTS's long front overhang, low chassis, and easy bumping.

Since everyone gave praise to the appearance of the XTS and similar opinions, Ms. Wang focused on the interior of the car. Her point of view is somewhat different. She feels that XTS has insufficient storage space in the car, and there is no place for garbage, especially no glasses case, which is really inconvenient.

Regarding storage, Ms. Wang has a special say. It can be seen that she loves to clean, open the door, her car is like new, there is no trash and debris on the surface. I secretly praised it in my heart. It is worthy of the lady's car. It is well managed, not as sloppy as I am. Later, she discovered that she had a lot of things, a bunch of bottles and jars, which should be hand cream or something, and two glasses cases. These things are put into the storage space in the XTS car, and are covered by lids, so they look neat on the surface, and this design is really good.

Regarding the use of in-car functions, Ms. Wang found many minor problems

Regarding humanized design, Americans still have to learn from the Germans and Japanese. But to be honest, judging from the evaluation of the XTS by the three car owners, it has done a good job on this point.

Ride/power and fuel consumption

As mentioned earlier, although Ms. Wang found that there are many inconveniences in the use of XTS, she finally gave this car a high evaluation. As for fuel consumption, I think the road conditions she drives are relatively smooth, so the overall fuel consumption is relatively low. At present, the average fuel consumption of XTS 2.0T models in the car home is 11.8L/100km.

Summary: love is far greater than hate

First of all, simply take a look at the places that the three car owners have shared: first, the front lip is low, which is easy to rub the road teeth; second, the glove box space is small (this problem does not exist on the lowest model of the 2014 XTS without CD) ; Finally, the handle is not good-looking. As for the “sagging butt” problem mentioned by netizens in the forum, neither Mr. Nie nor Ms. Wang have encountered it, let alone Mr. He. His car has an air suspension with automatic leveling function.

Let's look at the advantages again. The appearance is magnificent, the interior is luxurious, the trunk is large, the acceleration power is strong in the middle, and the after-sales service is in place. These are the common praises of several car owners. In fact, a lot of appreciation comes from the strong sense of recognition that car owners have for Cadillac, a luxury brand that is not yet mainstream in China. This sense of identity comes from many places, including the family design, the courage to introduce standard wheelbase models, and the high-quality service. It can be seen that they are very satisfied with their original choice.