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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] On the evening of December 15, XEL, the second domestic Jaguar model, was officially launched, and the official guide price range was RMB 288,800 to 428,800. While meeting domestic consumers’ demand for rear space, it also brings a more affordable price. Maybe many friends are already unable to hold their wallets and are ready to make a move. But before that, let me help you. Sorting out the configuration of these cars may be helpful to your future car purchase.

● Listing price:

Jaguar XEL guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
200PS Elite Edition 28.88
200PS Deluxe Edition 32.28
200PS Premium Edition 34.98
200PS first limited edition 35.98
250PS Premium Edition 37.48
250PS Luxury Edition 42.88

● Introduction to the new car:

From the appearance point of view, the XEL is not much different from the imported version of the XE. The biggest difference between the two models in the front face is the front surround. The XEL model removes the chrome trim below and adds a small front shovel. The shape of the headlights is still very sharp, and the addition of strip-shaped LED daytime running lights also increases the fierceness of the front face.

Although it is an extended model, the side lines and proportions of the new car do not seem to be affected too much. The XEL with a wheelbase of 2935mm still maintains Jaguar's usual elegant posture. From the perspective of the rear of the new car, the overall shape of the rear is basically the same as the imported version of the XE model. Only a chrome-plated decoration is added to the rear surround and the “Chery Jaguar” LOGO is added to the right.

In the interior part, the new car is also consistent with the imported XE model. The design of the entire center console is unconventional, still the simple style of Jaguar, which makes people unable to fault.

The imported version of the large sunroof has been retained, and a small sunroof has been added above the heads of the rear passengers, and the double sunroof is standard for all systems, which is very good.

The purpose of increasing the wheelbase by 100mm is to increase the rear space. From the actual experience of my colleagues, the extended domestic XEL has been brought to the mainstream level of this level. Both the legs and the horizontal space are definitely enough. It’s just that the head space may be a bit small, but the two sunroofs at the front and rear solve this problem very well, so it doesn’t feel depressed, and the overall improvement is obvious.

The performance of the storage space is quite satisfactory, but it is more practical in luxury brand mid-size cars, mainly because the cup holder is large enough and there is a place to put things under the center console, and the front armrest is relatively deep. The disadvantage is that the door storage is relatively narrow, and larger water bottles can only be placed in the cup holder.

XEL will be equipped with a 2.0T engine, which is divided into high and low adjustments. The low-power version of the 200PS model has a maximum power of 200 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320 N·m, while the high-power 250PS has a maximum power of 250 horsepower and a maximum torque of 365 N. ·M, matched with the engine is a ZF 8-speed automated manual gearbox.

Anyone who knows Jaguar Land Rover knows that these two brands usually provide consumers with a wealth of options, so after introducing the basic information of the vehicle, let's take a look at the configuration and options of each model of XEL.

XEL provides a total of 6 body colors for everyone. In addition to the first limited edition, you can choose a color that suits you best from the 6 car paints. Those who buy the first limited edition can only choose Crystal Blue and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain White. There are three types of metallic paints and China Red, although there are three missing, but don’t regret it, because I think people who choose these three types of car paints will not be in the minority.

The rims available range from 17 inches to 19 inches. The first limited edition and 250PS luxury version have 18 inches and 19 inches for free, but I think most people will still choose 19 inches without hesitation. Right.

Not much to say about the colors of the interior, the interior colors are all affordable options, leaving a larger range for car owners to choose. After reading the pictures above, are you already picky? The advantage of doing so is that it can reduce the chance of “car crashing” and satisfy consumers' individual needs. Let's talk about which model is worth recommending through the specific configuration of the model.

● 200PS Elite Edition (Guide price: 288,800 yuan)

    The Elite version is the most entry-level version of the Jaguar XEL. Its configuration lays the foundation for the configuration of all models. Whether it can meet daily use or just to lower the price, we can see at a glance.

Jaguar XEL 200PS Elite Edition basic configuration
External configuration

17-inch wheels, black air intake grille with chrome-plated frame, heated exterior mirrors, xenon headlights,

LED daytime running lights, rear radar

Internal configuration

Panoramic sunroof, paddle shifter, 8-inch central control touch screen, automatic engine start and stop, electronic parking,

Leather steering wheel, Luxtec seat, front seat 10-way electric adjustment,

The rear seats are down in 4/2/4 ratio, the inner rearview mirror is automatically anti-glare, the rear side window manual sunshade,

Mechanical dashboard + 5-inch screen

Security configuration

All road conditions adaptive control system, ramp start assist, non-full-size spare tire,

Front side airbags, front/rear head air curtains, tire pressure monitoring, active braking

Comfortable configuration

Dual-zone automatic air conditioning, fatigue monitoring, cruise control, induction wipers, four-window one-key lift,

Automatic headlights, headlight cleaning, air quality sensor

As an entry-level model, I think many potential buyers of Jaguar XEL will pay more attention to it, because in the Chinese market, this is the Jaguar brand model with the lowest official guide price. You must know the cheapest standard axle XE guide price before. At 398,000 yuan, the minimum Jaguar XEL dropped the threshold by nearly 110,000. It can be said that Jaguar XEL still has great sincerity to win over consumers. In addition to having more spacious rear leg space, it is also satisfactory from the basic configuration. Not only the panoramic sunroof, the 8-inch central control touch screen and other tangible configurations are all unveiled, but the active and passive safety configurations are also available. Without shrinking, the overall price/performance ratio is quite high.

◆ About optional

If you want further configuration, you can also choose some optional accessories as needed, such as keyless entry function (5000 yuan), privacy glass (3500 yuan), front seat lumbar support adjustment (3000 yuan), front seat Seat heating (2000 yuan), parking assist kit (4000 yuan, including reversing image and front radar), and like Meridian audio + 10-inch central control touch screen + 12.3-inch full LCD instrument package (total price 25000 yuan) and contrast color The roof (3000 yuan) is not the difference between “have” and “no”, so I don't recommend you to choose it.

● 200PS Deluxe Edition (Guide Price : 322,800 yuan )

Coming to the second-low-end luxury version, there is no change in power and other hardware, and the price is 34,000 yuan more expensive than the lowest-equipped model. Let's see what kind of configuration upgrades can be exchanged for.

Jaguar XEL 200PS Elite Edition/200PS Deluxe Edition Configuration Comparison
Project/model 200PS Elite Edition 200PS Deluxe Edition
Price (ten thousand yuan) 28.88 32.28
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 3.4
Sports steering wheel
Luxtec seat with stitching
Metal Welcome Trim
Ambient lights in the car

From the above table, it is not difficult to see that the configuration of the 34,000 yuan in exchange is only a handful, and they are basically decorative configurations that have nothing to do with driving experience and driving safety. Therefore, the price-performance ratio of the luxury version is difficult to satisfy, and I do not recommend it to everyone. To buy a model with this configuration, I'll look at a model with a higher configuration. (The optional configuration of the luxury version is the same as the minimum configuration of the elite version)

● 200PS exclusive edition ( guide price: 349,800 yuan )

There are two power adjustments for the Premium Edition, but the configuration of the two cars is exactly the same, so we put them together. First, let's take a look at the configuration of the 200PS Premium Edition.

Jaguar XEL 200PS Deluxe Edition/200PS Exclusive Edition Configuration Comparison
Model 200PS Deluxe Edition 200PS Premium Edition
Price (ten thousand yuan) 32.28 34.98
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 2.7
Heated front seats
Electric rear window sunshade
Meridian sound system
12.3 inch TFT all-digital instrument

InControl intelligent control leader enjoys navigation,

Advanced remote control, application,

Exclusive services and Wi-Fi hotspots

Front parking radar
Reverse image
18-inch wheels

The 200PS premium version is 27,000 yuan more expensive than the luxury version. Among them, the first includes a set of 18-inch wheels. For such a medium-sized car that pursues sports and styling, it is good to have a set of 18-inch wheels. of. In addition, the front seat heating is a more practical configuration for friends in the north. Front parking radar and reversing image, I believe novice drivers will like it better. Coupled with a better sound system, full LCD instrumentation and other configurations, 27,000 yuan is more worthwhile, but considering that the deluxe version was already 34,000 yuan more expensive than the elite version before, looking back, I can only say that the premium version is worth it. More value than the deluxe version, but the overall cost performance is not as good as the elite version.

● 250PS exclusive edition ( guide price: 374,800 yuan )

The configuration of the 250PS premium version is exactly the same as that of the 200PS premium version. The extra 25,000 yuan is exchanged for an increase of 50 horsepower and 45 N·m. According to official data, the 200PS model’s 0-100km/h The acceleration time is 8.3 seconds, while the 250PS is 7.3 seconds. The acceleration is only increased by 1 second, which costs an extra 25,000, which is not very worthwhile.

◆ About optional

With this configuration, more options are provided. First of all, from the premium version and above models, adjustable dynamic mode (driving mode, 6000 yuan) and adaptive dynamic mode (6000 yuan) can be selected, but it should be noted that the conditions for optional adaptive dynamic mode are already Optional adjustable dynamic mode. In other words, if you want to choose the adaptive dynamic mode, it will cost 12,000 yuan, not just 6,000 yuan. In addition, the exterior rear-view mirror folding, automatic anti-glare, floor lighting (a total of 3,000 yuan), lane keeping, and wide-angle detection of reversing (a total of 5,000 yuan) must be selected together. Jaguar also provides a “driver memory kit with foldable exterior mirror” package (8,000 yuan), which in addition to a series of functions of the above-mentioned rearview mirror, it also has a rearview mirror, driver seat memory and electric steering wheel adjustment.

There are also some optional accessories like this “bundled”, for example: bright black grille with chrome frame (0 yuan) and adaptive cruise system (8000 yuan) must be optional at the same time; choose the head-up display system (13000 yuan) , You must first choose the insulated front windshield (2000 yuan); choose the induction tailgate (2000 yuan), first choose the keyless entry (5000 yuan); choose the parallel assist and reversing blind spot monitoring (4000 yuan), you need to choose first “Driver memory kit with foldable exterior mirror” set (8000 yuan); before selecting the rear door opening warning (4000 yuan), you must also choose the “driver memory kit with foldable exterior mirror” set (8000 yuan) Yuan) and parallel assist and reversing blind spot monitoring (4000 yuan); choose the advanced parking assist with panoramic image (20,000 yuan), you also need to choose the driver memory kit with foldable outside mirror “set.”

Privilege version other optional configuration table
project Price (yuan)
Headlight follow-up steering and automatic high and low beams 7000
Front illuminated welcome pedal and rear metal welcome pedal 2000
18-way adjustable front seat 5000
Heated rear seats 4000
air purifier 3000
Electric tailgate 3000
Meridian Premium Audio 8000
10-inch dual-view touch screen 6000
TV function 6500

Advanced parking aid kit

(360° radar and automatic parking and driving away)


Environmentally suitable kit

(Front windshield heating, nozzle heating, steering wheel heating)


These configurations are optional configurations for the premium version and above. You can take a closer look and choose the most suitable set of options.

200PS first limited edition ( guide price: 359,800 yuan )

Jaguar XEL 200PS Premium Edition/200PS First Release Limited Edition Configuration Comparison
Model 200PS Premium Edition 200PS first limited edition
Price (ten thousand yuan) 34.98 35.98
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 1.0
Contrasting color roof-black
Rear privacy glass
Headlight follow-up steering

Automatic far and near beam

Welcome door sill panel with First Edition logo

The first limited edition is the top part of the current 200PS model. There is a difference of 10,000 yuan between it and the 200PS premium version, but what we have exchanged is the two configurations related to the headlights and the rear privacy glass, the remaining two They are all decorative configurations, which don't have much practical significance. The 10,000 yuan is not too worthwhile.

In terms of options, the optional configuration of the first limited edition is exactly the same as that of the exclusive version, so you can refer to the configuration of the exclusive version above.

250PS luxury version ( guide price: 428,800 yuan )

The guide price of the top-fitting Jaguar XEL reached 428,800. Maybe you don’t feel much about this price. Let’s compare it. The top-fitting long-axis C-class and long-axis 3-series guide price is about 490,000 yuan, and the top-fitting Audi A4L price It is 409,800 yuan. Next, let's take a look at the situation of this top-equipped XEL and see how cost-effective it is.

Jaguar XEL 250PS Premium Edition/250PS Luxury Edition Configuration Comparison
Project/model 250PS Premium Edition 250PS Luxury Edition
Price (ten thousand yuan) 37.48 42.88
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 5.4
Chrome grille with chrome frame

The exterior rearview mirror is electrically adjusted, folded, heated,

Automatic anti-glare and integrated floor light

Headlight follow-up steering
Automatic far and near beam
Windsor perforated leather seats
Luxtec Covered Dashboard Top Cover
The color of the ambient light is adjustable
Front seat lumbar support
Keyless entry
Blind spot detection and wide-angle detection for reversing

The 250PS Jaguar XEL has two models in the whole series. Compared with the other 250PS premium version, this top is more expensive by 54,000. The standard configuration has also been improved accordingly, except for the air intake grille and the exterior rearview mirror. In addition to some decorative configurations such as ground, lights and atmosphere lights, other configurations are still quite practical, but this expensive 54,000 makes the price ratio relatively average. If you have higher requirements for power and want to buy a 250PS model, it is more recommended 250PS exclusive type.

● Recommended models

Jaguar XEL 2018 2.0T 200PS Elite Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


As the most entry-level model in the entire series, the Jaguar XEL 200PS Elite Edition does not lack some of the panoramic sunroof, dual-zone air conditioning, cruise control and other functions that our consumers love to see, and the safety configuration is not missing, and the friendliness is very high. The most important thing is that after the wheelbase has been lengthened, the rear legroom has been significantly improved. Combined with the official guide price of 288,800, it is indeed tempting. It is a 5-star recommendation. Regarding the options, first of all, I suggest you consider the 18-inch wheels (5000 yuan),front seat heating (2000 yuan) and parking assist kit (4000 yuan, including reversing image and front radar). The price is right. For novices and It is still necessary for users in the north.

Jaguar XEL 2018 2.0T 200PS Premium Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The 200PS Premium Edition is the mid-range model of the whole series, and its configuration is fully enough for daily use. Such as full LCD instrument, 10-inch large screen, Meridian audio, front seat heating, rear electric sunshade, reversing image, etc. are all standard, and all aspects of the configuration are relatively complete. Compared to the 200PS Deluxe Edition, it is only 25,000 yuan more expensive. Although it is not as cost-effective as the lowest-equipped elite version, if your budget is relatively loose, you will not lose money when you buy this. The optional keyless entry (5,000 yuan) And adaptive cruise (8000 yuan) are both more practical configurations, and the price is more appropriate, there is no problem of bundling options, it is recommended to consider.

● Summary

Jaguar XE’s veteran German rivals have long-axis models on sale, perhaps because of the pressure, or the emphasis on Chinese consumers. From our first report on Jaguar XEL’s domestic road test camouflage spy photos, to It officially went on the market and came to our side. It took only half a year before and after, and the action was really fast. From the actual effect, first of all, the body proportion of Jaguar XEL has not changed much, and it looks very coordinated. On this basis, the ride space has been improved to a certain extent. Consumers who previously minded the performance of Jaguar XE can now reconsider. Up. In terms of configuration, Jaguar XEL can also satisfy us, especially the entry-level model. The configuration can basically meet daily use. In addition, all models of the model are more optional, and you can add them as needed. And how acceptable our consumers are, the sales will be Give the clearest answer. (Text/Picture Auto Home Wang Zeshi, Hong Bingqing)

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