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[YesAuto Smart Car Link Evaluation] Many brands will apply the Smart Link system to the higher configuration version, and the main low-cost version can only be equipped with a traditional car machine with a touch screen or even a more ordinary radio. However, for some users, the radio and local broadcast can not meet their needs, so they choose to buy a car before buying. So, do low-end cars really don’t have the intelligent connection system? Not necessarily, the Skoda brand will install a simplified version of the Zebra Zhilian system on the entry models of its Octavia, Supai and other brands. Is such a system useful? Only after testing it.

At present, the 2019 Skoda Supa has 5 configuration versions. The lower-priced TSI280 standard version and the comfortable version are equipped with the simplified version of the Zebra system. The other models with higher configurations are the CNS 2.0 multimedia system developed for the Chinese market. In addition to Supai, the entry version of other models including Octavia will also be equipped with this system. It is said that the purchase cost of this system is about 600 yuan, which is more attractive than traditional radios in terms of function and cost performance.

The simplified version of the Zebra system has rich built-in functions, and the necessary networking functions are quite complete, and even a payment function has been added. However, in terms of interactivity and service ecology, there is still a certain gap between this system and the Zebra 3.0 system carried by brands such as Roewe and MG. Next, let's take a look at its single subject performance.

Human-vehicle interaction

The human-vehicle interaction system is the first impression of a car machine. The screen size, button feel and other hardware facilities are the first elements to enhance the sense of grade and favorability, and the interface resolution, touch screen feedback sensitivity, and UI interface design And so on also affect the user's evaluation of the entire system, the above will affect the user's final car purchase enthusiasm to a certain extent.

First, let's talk about the performance of human-vehicle interaction. Supa is equipped with a 9-inch touch screen, which is slightly larger than the high-end version (8-inch). The entire screen is directly embedded in the original radio area of the center console, giving it a strong overall sense. There are touch buttons on the left and right sides of the whole screen. When the user touches the screen, the buttons on both sides will light up to display the key positions. However, if you touch it frequently, fingerprints will be left on the button area, and the image will be beautiful.

The main interface is based on dark blue, and you can view or switch frequently used information by swiping left and right. Swipe to the far right and press the “Apply” button to view more functions. It is not much different from the mobile app and is easy to use. In terms of instrumentation, the standard configuration of the Supai entry model is a traditional pointer instrument. The functions in the multimedia system will not be projected on the instrument display. The interconnection capability needs to be improved.

In terms of voice control, the natural voice recognition function is a major strength of the Zebra system. The voice control system can be awakened by the physical buttons on the steering wheel or the voice command of “Hello, Skoda”. The voice control system can control multimedia playback, navigation, and Bluetooth phones. It has a good understanding of natural voice, but because the intelligent connection system is not connected to the air conditioner or car windows, the voice command cannot adjust the temperature and the opening and closing of the car windows.

Other hardware and software equipment

The configuration of the Super Comfort Edition is pretty good. It provides front-seat heating, automatic air-conditioning with purification function and other functions, but the air-conditioning can only be controlled through an independent touch panel. In terms of charging, Supai provides a large number of ports in the front and rear seats, so that the charging needs of front and rear passengers can be met.

Function realization

In terms of functions, let's start with the entertainment system. Basic radio and local music playback must be standard functions. In terms of network resources, the online audio source of the Zebra system comes from platforms such as Kuwo Music and Tingban FM. The content covers music, radio stations, audiobooks, etc. Users can also preset preferences in the car in advance, so that the system can send users more feelings. Interested content, local weather and other information can also be inquired through the car and machine.

The use of AutoNavi Navigation is basically the same as that of the mobile app. The navigation has built-in functions such as circumvention of traffic restrictions, real-time road condition monitoring, and group travel. It is exactly the same as other intelligent connection systems that are used in AutoNavi. The navigation destination can be set through voice commands or mobile apps, with rich searchable content and a certain degree of practicability.

After installing the Zebra system, the low-profile version of the Speedpad also has the function of reversing image. The screen is basically the same as the high-profile version, but the definition is not high. In addition, the parking speed pie has front and rear radars as an auxiliary, and the convenience is still guaranteed.

Supai does not have the remote control function, and mobile phone interconnection can only be achieved through the “Yilian” mobile phone application. In addition to the commonly used functions, the application supports dragging other apps in the mobile phone into it for users to view through the car. If the user feels that his hands are still inconvenient to leave the steering wheel while driving, the user can purchase another “Yilian Fang Control” panel to control the functions of the App.

Service ecology

In terms of service ecology, the simplified version of the system also has payment functions. After binding Taobao account, license plate and Alipay account, smart parking and smart refueling functions can be realized. In addition, Wi-Fi traffic can also be purchased through the car, according to previous news. Skoda provides car owners with 500MB of audio entertainment data per month for three years. In addition, the new car will also give away 3G car hotspot data for the first year. The excess data will need to be paid for.

Communication Favorability

In terms of communication favorability, due to the ability to recognize natural speech, its interactivity is relatively good. In addition to the male and female voices in Mandarin, the system also provides voice assistants in Sichuan dialect and Cantonese, which are interesting and grounded.

● Article summary:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score



106.4 95 62 40 90.72

Roewe RX5 PLUS

Zebra VENUS 4.0

91.3 89.2 83 70 87.94

Qi Chenxing

Kaichen Zhilian System 4.0

91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 85.95
4 Nezha U
Pivot system
99.0 94.9 26.0 60.0 84.05

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.05

Roewe RX5

Zebra 3.0

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.08

Star Way LX

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.86

Territory S

87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.70
AI-OS system
86.5 84.0 46.0 50.0 77.35

Changan CS75 PLUS

Wutong Auto Union

89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.15
67 Skoda Super Custom Zebra 65.4 62.0 20.0 30.0 55.12

This simplified version of the Zebra system can be regarded as a fairly good intelligent connection system. The rich multimedia and navigation online resources meet the daily travel needs of today's users. The more intelligent voice assistant also ensures the ease of use of the entire system. Of course, the system itself has some shortcomings. The lack of remote control, the inability of voice commands to control the air conditioner, and the inadequacy of the small screen are all important factors for its failure to achieve high scores. However, considering that it is mainly mounted on the Skoda entry model, relying on this system alone can greatly improve the cost-effectiveness of the entry model, and it is still very worthwhile.