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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] Appearance modification is actually a trend, tens of thousands of friends in China are following this eye-catching modification style, domineering appearance, exaggerated wheels, gorgeous colors, and accessories for competition Etc., the mix and match style is the focus of these small partners who are willing to spend a lot of money to build. Street car culture is a beautiful landscape in the modification circle, but these are not only open to performance cars, not only golf, Civic and other economic cars. Model, today's protagonist is also pursuing personality and showing beauty, and it is a supercar, Lamborghini Gallardo.

This supercar has been painted in a very beautiful bright red, which is very eye-catching no matter whether it is day or night. The front bumper has also been replaced with a sports style made of carbon fiber. This style is the same as the Lamborghini-Blanker Cup competition. The same as the racing car. Not only that, the carbon fiber spoiler at the back is also derived from racing components, which improves the aesthetics while also increasing the aerodynamic performance.

The interior part is replaced with an OMP three-spoke racing steering wheel, and the seat is replaced with a very expensive TILLETT brand carbon fiber integrated barrel racing seat, with a five-point racing seat belt, which allows the driver and occupants to fit tightly on the seat Chair, experience the realm of the unity of man and vehicle.

The brake system is replaced with a brembo kit. The rim is a 20-inch Rotiform brand with a very mainstream wide-side style. According to the style, the tire must be flush with the rim.

Through the controller in the interior, it is certain that the suspension system of this car has been replaced with the most mainstream air suspension, which can achieve a low-profile modification style and attract more attention. Many times this kind of high-performance sports car pursues performance and handling. Today's supercar is moving towards street car culture. The use of air suspension needs to be cautious. The gradual cold weather also reminds everyone who uses air suspension to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of rubber airbags.