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[YesAuto Power Modification] With the launch of the new AMG C 63 S, Brabus has also recently launched a high-performance version. What does this Brabus C 63 S 600 represent?

Brabus used clear-coated carbon fiber body parts for this car. The designer went into the wind tunnel laboratory to develop product parts. The front of the body is equipped with a carbon fiber front spoiler, and even the air intakes on both sides are Replaced with carbon fiber material, highlighting the sporty beauty.

600, as the name suggests, represents its horsepower output. This BRABUS C 63 S has increased from 375 kilowatts of the original V8 twin-turbocharged engine to 441 kilowatts, with a torque of up to 800 N·m, and a 7-speed sports gearbox. , It only takes 3.8 seconds for this car to accelerate from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour

Brabus engineers assembled different sizes of wheels for the front and rear of the vehicle to optimize its performance. The front 8.5J is matched with 20-inch wheels and the rear 9.5J is matched with 20-inch wheels. The tires are high-performance sports tires provided by Continental. The front wheels are 255/30 R20 and the rear wheels are 275/30 R20. Such a ratio can improve the control performance and greatly increase the aesthetics.

The rear diffuser and rear spoiler can optimize more aerodynamic effects at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle exhaust system with independent valves can listen to the wonderful notes of the V8 engine. You can also turn on the “go home” mode to highlight Home.

In the interior, Brabus uses the combination of Mastik leather and Alcantara fabric. This car is a combination of all black leather and orange. The logo on the headrest can clearly identify it as a high-performance vehicle. Of course, the interior style can also be tailored according to customer needs, so let these car owners who are willing to pursue individuality to have an interior leather competition date.