[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Our protagonist Fengshen A60 (hereinafter referred to as A60) is the third product of Dongfeng Passenger Car. Its core technology is derived from Nissan Sylphy. It can be said that the starting point is not low, but it also has a high starting point. Here comes the problem of high cost and high expectations. A few months ago, the A60 2.0L model did not sell well. Now Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle has launched the A60 1.6L model, hoping to impress consumers with a lower price.

Appearance: same as 2.0L model

The first good news is that the 1.6L top-equipped test car we got is almost identical in appearance to the 2.0L model. The fog lights, wheels, and even the various chrome-plated decorative strips on the side have not been simplified. sign. In addition, the 1.6L model has begun to use the latest “round label” of Dongfeng passenger cars, and the future 2.0L model will also follow this design.

Fengshen A60 2012 1.6L AT Premium Type

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10.58 million

As for the shape of the A60, I can feel that the designer's idea is to show a sense of atmosphere and stability. This idea is very suitable for the A60. The design of the entire car is also made in this direction, but the details are not mature enough. , Especially the design of the headlights, which should be a bonus, but there is no sense of design, which affects the overall effect.

Some syllabary shadows can still be seen on the side of the body, but Dongfeng also has its own design, for example, the chrome-plated rear part of the door is also printed with the words “Dongfeng Fengshen”. The wheel style of the 1.6L model is more in line with the temperament of the vehicle, and the brand and size of the tires are also identical to those of the 2.0L model.

The rear of the car is more mature than the front design, and it is considered a more advanced design in the 100,000 yuan level. The red and white taillights are somewhat similar to Citroen’s C5. The light source of the reversing light also uses LED lights, which can illuminate the area behind the car very brightly at night or when reversing in a dim basement. If it can match the reversing The image should have a good effect. Another feature of the rear of the car is the exhaust pipe hidden in the rear enclosure, which is completely low-key and stable in design.

Central control and configuration experience: top students in autonomous vehicles

The A60's interior is similar in overall layout to Sylphy, but it has its own interpretation in style, giving people a more masculine feel. The materials used in the car are in the upper-middle level compared with the self-owned brands of the same price. The door armrests and the front side of the center console co-pilot are all made of soft-touch materials, and the workmanship is also very satisfying.

The most comfortable configuration for the whole car is the keyless entry and keyless start system. Especially in the winter, you only need to put the key in the bag, and you don’t need to shake your hands to find the key. However, the keyless start of the A60 is not one-button, and you need to screw the car in the traditional way. This is indeed something that needs to be improved.

As a 1.6L model, the configuration will naturally be reduced compared to the previous 2.0L model, such as the fixed-speed cruise on the steering wheel, and the panoramic reversing video system like playing games. Fortunately, the remaining configuration is not too shabby, at least it also has a mini USB interface and automatic air conditioning, which at least surpasses most of the joint-venture brand compact cars at the same price.

A small configuration that impressed me more is the fixed buckle of the carpet under the driver's feet. Although this configuration is not high in cost, it can reflect the intention of the manufacturer's designers. In addition, the pedal parking brake from Sylphy is not only more suitable for today's thin crushes, but also leaves more storage space for the aisles in the middle of the front seats.

Riding experience: small head space, large rear leg space

The headroom of the A60 is not ideal. When I am 175cm tall and the front seats are adjusted to the lowest, there is only two fingers space above my head when the sunroof is removed. Compared with the headroom, the rear legroom It's much more luxurious. After adjusting the front row to a suitable position, sit in the back row, and the large space in front of your legs allows you to stretch arbitrarily.

After driving the A60 for a few days, I feel that the comfort of the seat is good, and there is no feeling of backache after 1-2 hours of driving. Nissan has always had a good performance in the comfort of the seat. Dongfeng also learned a lot this time. The seat is wrapped in perforated leather for better breathability.

Storage space: the central armrest box is super strong, and the trunk is acceptable

The front center armrest box can provide at least five different solutions. Not only is the space flexible, the absolute volume of the storage space is also better than most models of the same level. The glove box is also divided into upper and lower layers. When opened, there is damping to help it fall slowly, giving a good texture.

The volume of the trunk 506L is above the middle level at the same level, and the space in the trunk is also fairly regular. There are two areas where performance is not good. One is that the opening of the trunk is a bit too high, and the other is the lack of the function of the rear seat to fall down, and the space flexibility is insufficient.

Powertrain introduction: Nissan’s fixed collocation

The powertrain of the A60 1.6-liter model is exactly the same as the previous generation Tiida. The engine is a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine code-named HR16DE, with a maximum power of 117 horsepower (86 kW)/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 153 N·m/4400rpm. From the perspective of 2013, its technology and parameters can only be regarded as medium-level, but reliability and economy have always been well-known among Nissan users, which is very important for economical family cars.

The engine partner is the F03A series 4-speed automatic transmission from Nissan’s transmission manufacturer JATCO, which is also a set of fixed collocations for Nissan and its own brands that use Nissan’s technology. For example, the Sylphy Classic version that is still in production, the Liwei that will be replaced soon, or the D50 and R50 of Kai Chen, all of their automatic models use a similar combination.

Driving experience: Excellent ride comfort at low and medium speeds

Taking out the A60 engine or gearbox alone is nothing bright, but their combination has produced a 1+1>2 effect. If the full score is 100 points, then the performance of the A60 in the city can be at least 80 points. One of the biggest feelings in driving is that this power system is very smooth. In a normal stop-and-go state in the city, you will hardly feel the frustration caused by the gear change.

This power system reminds me of the “Haidilao” waiters. Although they are not so outstanding in appearance and figure, they can still feel at home through their warm and meticulous service. The initial stage of the accelerator pedal is very sensitive, and it is called upon, absolutely enthusiastic and positive; the gearbox carefully takes care of every point of power generated by the engine. Although there are only four forward gears, it is not inferior to many five in terms of smoothness. The performance of front-speed and even six-speed gearboxes.

After talking about the advantages, let me talk about where the 20 points are deducted. The first 10 points are dissatisfaction with the performance of the vehicle's suspension. The springs do not support the vehicle body during high-speed merging, which causes the vehicle to roll more seriously. When passing through the speed bump at low speed, the shock absorber cannot filter these well. Vibration, the feeling in the car is jumping, like participating in the “Dakar”.

The second 10 points are dissatisfaction with the high-speed performance of the vehicle. After the speed exceeds 100km/h, the vehicle starts to feel fluttering, and the engine noise and wind noise also increase significantly. The laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of driving at low and medium speeds is gone, replaced by a trace of tension and louder noise.

Fuel consumption test:

We conducted a 106.3 km fuel consumption test on the A60 1.6 AT model, and the whole journey was driven by an adult male. The driving time is about 3 and a half hours, including 20 kilometers of congested loops during working hours, 30 kilometers of urban road conditions with signal lights, and 50 kilometers of high speed. The average speed displayed on the car's instrument is 31km/h.

The final vehicle consumes 7.64 liters of fuel, and the measured overall fuel consumption is 7.19 liters/100 kilometers. Our 100-kilometer distance is relatively smooth. If you travel to and from get off work every day, the actual fuel consumption may increase slightly.

We give reasonable fuel consumption reference values for various levels of models (non-rigid indicators)

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

Performance test:

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration test

Not long ago, the Qichen R50 1.6L Automatic Comfort Edition with the same powertrain achieved 10.94 seconds in the 0-100km/h acceleration test. Its curb weight was 1150 kg and the tire size was 185/65 R15. In contrast, the curb weight of our A60 1.6 AT premium model is 1245 kg, and the tire size is also upgraded to 195/60 R16. From the main data analysis, its acceleration performance may be slightly slower than 10.94 seconds.

The start of the A60 is not fast, even if the tire width is only 195mm, it only produces a slight slip, and the acceleration G value starts to drop after an instantaneous reach of 0.5G. The performance of the 4AT gearbox is competent, the shifting process is very smooth, and the G value in the later stage is always maintained at about 0.2G. The 11.11 second acceleration result is in line with the expectation that it will be slightly slower than 10.94 seconds. For the automatic transmission model equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, this result is at a moderately high level.

◆ 100-0km/h brake test

Due to the poor support of the suspension, the braking posture of the A60 is not elegant, and the “nodding” phenomenon is more serious, which affects the full grip to a certain extent. However, because the curb weight is lighter, only 1245 kg, and the tire width is increased by 10mm compared to the Kaichen R50's 185mm, the final result is quite satisfactory. The average score of the brake test is 41.62 meters, which belongs to the excellent range and is in continuous The stability was very high in 10 tests, and the difference in braking distance never exceeded 1 meter.

Competitive product analysis

From the comparison statistics of the backstage of Autohome, the top three with the highest comparison with A60 are Sylphy Classic, New Santana and Changan Yidong. Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the three cars and the A60 respectively.

The 1.6L model of the A60 and the Sylphy Classic version have almost the same power, chassis and suspension. The main differences between the two vehicles are more reflected in the brand, appearance and configuration. Let’s take the Sylphy 1.6 Classic Automatic Deluxe Edition as an example. Its price is about 15,000 yuan more expensive than the A60 1.6 AT premium model, but the configuration lacks keyless start, engine electronic anti-theft, child safety seat interface, and leather multi-function steering wheel. And many other configurations. The advantage of Sylphy Classic is nothing more than Nissan's brand and classic design. As for whether to configure or brand, this varies from person to person.

Let's talk about the new Santana. This quasi-compact car derived from the sedan POLO platform is a lap smaller than the A60 in size, but the transmission uses a 6-speed automatic transmission. In terms of configuration, we take the 113,800 1.6 automatic comfort version as an example. Its market price is about 10,000 yuan more expensive than the A60. It has an extra front side airbag in the safety configuration, but it lacks the leather multi-function in the comfort configuration. Steering wheel, reversing radar, leather seats and many other configurations. It can be said that in addition to the brand and the Volkswagen family shell, the new Santana can come up with not much capital.

The last EADO actually poses a great threat to the A60. They belong to the independent brand camp, so EADO does not lose to the A60 in terms of cost performance. At present, you can buy the top equipment of Yidong for more than 90,000 yuan, which is equipped with side airbags, air curtains, electronic stability programs and other safety configurations, which just hit the A60's weakness. In addition, Yidong is also more fashionable in terms of appearance. Of course, the A60 also has its own advantages, such as fuel economy and large rear space, these two points are also very attractive to consumers.


After a few days of use, A60 left a good impression on me. It is not the kind of car that attracts you at first glance, but it is indeed a car that is comfortable to drive and sit on. It is very similar to the “economical man” I understand. It is not amazing in appearance and can not provide too much passion, but it will serve you very hard and meticulously and make you feel very comfortable. The workmanship in the car is meticulous enough for this price. Some basic things, such as sunroofs and automatic air-conditioning, are also equipped. You won't worry about having nowhere to put your wallet and water glass. You can also sit in the back row for three adults. People, for a family car, I think this is enough.

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