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[YesAuto Technology] In recent years, brand cooperation and cross-border co-branding are not uncommon. This time Mercedes-Benz announced the artistic concept car Geländewagen in cooperation with luxury brand LOUIS VUITTON.

Because it is a collaborative project, Mercedes-Benz's design director Gorden Wagener (left) and LOUIS VUITTON's menswear art director Virgil Abloh (right) are jointly responsible for its design work.

This time the project does not start from scratch, but is based on Mercedes-Benz's hardcore off-road vehicle G-Class. Although in this era, the design of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been very simple, the team decided to further simplify it.

The shape resembling a square box is the genes of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class for many years, so the development team focused on the appearance of removing redundant parts. Since it is a concept car, there is no need to consider practicality and regulatory requirements.

After removing part of the exterior mirrors, turn signals, and bumpers, they also applied a matte finish to the paint. At the same time, they reduced the height of the suspension to reflect the sense of movement.

The tires of the mass-produced car are printed with words and numbers marking the model, production date and other information. The tires of this concept car are the name of Mercedes-Benz. Although it is a masterpiece, I personally find it difficult to accept the effect of this lacquer treatment.

After the changes, the original hard-core off-road vehicle shape becomes sporty. This method of lowering the height of the car and reducing unnecessary details is also very common in racing cars.

The development work is not limited to the appearance. All the trim panels and the center console of the interior have been removed. Bucket seats and steering wheels for Mercedes-Benz F1 and DTM events have been moved into this concept car.

The designer created this concept car with the concept of traditional track racing and touring car racing with a strong sense of tribute. Today, Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Lewis Hamilton are creating their own F1 myths.

In it, you can find many interesting details, such as the names of two design directors printed on the red seat belt. You can say it is selfish, or it can be seen as a childlike innocence.

Outsiders always say that the Germans are rigid, and the concept car created in cooperation with the French luxury brand neutralizes the coldness of the racing car through color matching. Of course, you can also say that red, blue and white are French flag eggs buried by designers.